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    Lei Lu finally put down his hand, holding Wu Xiaoyin with one hand and the giant chili pepper in the other. Wu Xiaoyin saw that if Lei Lu continued to pick, he would not be able to hold much in his hands, and he himself could be considered burden.

    So he looked around and saw a huge willow tree in front of them. He asked Lei Lu to walk towards it. Lei Lu put down the giant chili pepper and followed the little female’s instructions to break off branches from the giant willow tree and hand them to Wu Xiaoyin.

    Wu Xiaoyin took the branches and slowly stripped the leaves off them. The size of each leaf was as big as his palm, showing how towering the giant willow tree was.

    Seeing Xiaoxiao busily plucking off the leaves, Lei Lu hugged the little female and sat down under the giant willow tree, waiting for him to finish what he wanted to do.

    At this time, Wu Xiaoyin wanted to use the willow branches to make a rattan basket to hold the harvested fruits and vegetables. After removing all the leaves, the branches slowly took shape in Wu Xiaoyin’s hands.

    Of course, for Wu Xiaoyin, who had a background in architecture, manual skills were a must, otherwise how could he build architectural models? Making rattan baskets was a skill he had seen the locals use to make a living during his travels in the south. After seeing it several times, it was not difficult for Wu Xiaoyin who has excellent manual skills.

    At first, Lei Lu was just focused on watching the cute little female’s serious expression. But when he saw the willow basket taking shape, his expression gradually became solemn, because the benefits of this for females who like to gather things and males who like to hunt were obvious.

    Lei Lu saw Xiaoxiao’s happy face after completing the willow basket and said, “Xiaoxiao, this thing is unique to your place, isn’t it? Because I haven’t seen such a convenient tool for picking and collecting prey on the beastman continent.”

    Wu Xiaoyin thought about it and understood. The current living standard of the beastman continent was still equivalent to the primitive era. After all, the beastmen still lived in caves and the food was not abundant. This was inseparable from the invention of tools.

    Therefore, Wu Xiaoyin looked into Lei Lu’s eyes and said, “Lei Lu, this is one of the commonly used tools in the place where I live. It’s very common, not unique. The place where I live is much more convenient and comfortable than here.”

    Hearing this, the darkness in Lei Lu’s eyes was clearly visible to Wu Xiaoyin. Wu Xiaoyin stared at Lei Lu and said, “But Lei Lu, I really like it here. It’s not because of the law you told me that the people from outside world who come here can’t go back, but because I truly love the mountains and rivers here, love the simplicity and kindness, and most importantly, you, Dad, Father, Bin, and Xiaokai’s love and care for me. This is something I never had in my life there. I’m grateful that I came here, really.”

    After listening, Lei Lu put the willow basket aside and hugged the little female tightly, without saying a word, only silently telling him in his heart, “Fom now on, you are no longer alone.”

    After calming down, Lei Lu said to Xiaoxiao, “Shall we keep looking?”

    Wu Xiaoyin said excitedly, “Of course, let’s go quickly.” Saying so, he tried to jump out of Lei Lu’s arms, but was quickly embraced by Lei Lu tightly. Then Lei Lu placed the giant chili pepper in the willow basket and carried it on his back as they slowly walked.

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