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    Suddenly, Wu Xiaoyin heard the sound of flowing water and asked, “Is there a river up ahead?”

    Lei Lu looked ahead and said, “This is the water flowing down from the northern snow plains. In addition to the river up ahead, there are three other rivers converging here, before flowing through the tribe and eastward ocean.”

    As they chatted, they arrived at the river, where they found Feng, Bin, Kos, and Xiaokai having a meal together. Xiaokai immediately spotted Lei Lu and Wu Xiaoyin. He ran over and spoke, “Xiaoxiao, how come you’re here? I was actually planning to call you over to the river for a barbecue, but I thought you haven’t fully recovered yet, so I was going to invite you next time.”

    Feng, Bin, and Kos also came over. Bin opened his mouth, “Xiaoxiao, come join us. We’re just about to start eating. Would you like to join us?”

    Wu Xiaoyin looked at the four of them and replied, “We’ve already had our lunch, you all go ahead and eat. But what are you planning to do after lunch?”

    The eager Xiaokai answered, “Today we mainly came to the river to enjoy the scenery and do some barbecue. We also want to pick some wild vegetables and fruits, as this is the best time for it.”

    Bin chimed in, “Although the hot season is long and the food is plentiful, it’s still very difficult to preserve them for the cold season. So we need to stock up on energy and fruits during the hot season, so we can better endure the harsh cold season.”

    Hearing Bin’s words, Xiaokai couldn’t help but recall how he spent the difficult cold season in the previous years. His cheerful tone lowered unconsciously as he said, “Yes, the weather is so cold. Even with thick animal hides, we can still feel the wind blowing through, and our bodies were freezing. During the entire cold season, my father would transform into his beast form to keep my dad and I warm. And the food supply was quite scarce too. After a long time without fruits and wild vegetables, the female’s bodies become very weak. Some of the sickly females may even die.”

    Lei Lu, Feng, and Kos listened to the females’ conversation and instinctively held their females tighter. Wu Xiaoyin had never really understood how the beastmen endured the cold seasons because Lei Lu never really talked about it in detail before. But from Bin’s words, it seemed to be the case.

    Wu Xiaoyin’s understanding of the beastmen continent was that a day was 48 hours, a month was 30 days, and a season was 5 months, with 4 seasons in a year—growth season, hot season, harvest season, and cold season.

    So after hearing Bin’s words, Wu Xiaoyin realized that with their previous diet habits and storage methods, it would indeed be very difficult to survive the cold season. It was also because keeping warm in the caves was a major challenge.

    This was something Wu Xiaoyin had never really considered before. In the month since arriving in the beastmen continent, Wu Xiaoyin had mostly focused on learning the language and recovering health. He seemed to have never really worry about food. Even when going out to find more food, it was mainly to satisfy personal appetite. Lei Lu had always protected Wu Xiaoyin well.

    On Earth, Wu Xiaoyin never worried about food or money because the money from his parents and his part-time job was enough to let him eat and live comfortably.

    It was at this moment that Wu Xiaoyin truly began to understand the harsh realities of life in the beastmen continent.

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