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    And so Wu Xiaoyin gathered his spirits and said, “It will get better little by little. Just take the giant spicy fruit we just picked for example, it can keep us warm and prevent colds. We will definitely find other plants to fill our bellies. Alright, you guys eat first.”

    The focus of the group was on the plant Wu Xiaoyin had mentioned that could treat and prevent colds, because during the cold season, herbs were always in short supply. If the females only had a slight cold, they could not get herbs to treat it and could only rely on themselves to resist, but the females’ resistance was relatively weak in the cold season, so there was a possibility that they would end up falling into the arms of Beast God due to catching a cold.

    Therefore, Xiaokai anxiously asked at Wu Xiaoyin’s words, “Where is it? Where is the plant you mentioned?”

    Wu Xiaoyin saw the eagerness on Feng, Bin, and Kos’s faces and replied, “It’s in the willow basket on Lei Lu’s back.”

    After hearing this, Xiaokai was no longer afraid of Lei Lu’s indifference and ran towards his back. But due to his height, he couldn’t see what was inside and started jumping up and down. He kept muttering, “I can’t see it, it’s all the males’ fault for being too tall!”

    Wu Xiaoyin fully agreed with this. Males were mostly around 2.2 meters tall, and Lei Lu was the best among them with a height of over 2.3 meters. This height is indeed too high for the females to see!

    Wu Xiaoyin put his hand around Lei Lu’s neck and patted his back, saying, “Put down the willow basket. Xiaokai can’t see it.”

    Lei Lu listened to his voice and gently put down the willow basket. This was something made by Xiaoxiao and couldn’t be damaged. He decided to have Xiaoxiao teach him how to make it later and then carefully keep this one made by Xiaoxiao as a treasure.

    The Lei Lu who was still thinking moved quickly. He put down the basket on the ground and stepped aside so the others could see it.

    When Xiaokai saw the giant spicy fruit, he exclaimed, “I know this! I accidentally ate one when I was little and had to drink a lot of water to recover. This fruit has a really weird taste.”

    Bin ignored Xiaokai and asked Wu Xiaoyin, “Xiaoxiao, does this fruit really have that effect?”

    Wu Xiaoyin was not annoyed that they didn’t believe him. After all, it was hard to believe without seeing the actual effects. He opened his mouth to speak, “Yes, we use this as a seasoning in our cooking, not as a fruit. But this super spicy fruit can also be used to prevent colds and keep warm. Xiaokai, didn’t you sweat a lot after eating one?”

    Everyone’s eyes turned to Xiaokai. Xiaokai scratched his head and thought again and again before saying, “Yeah, I did. After I took a big bite, my whole body turned red and got all sticky, so it must have worked.”

    Hearing his baby Xiaokai’s words, Kos quickly said, “Then let’s go pick some! The more the better, the males won’t be affected by the heat of the season. Let’s go quickly!”

    Indeed, the noisy Kos and Xiaokai were a couple, while the steady Feng and Bin were another couple. Birds of a feather flock together, it seems.

    Feng, being the more composed one, said, “Let’s eat first, Bin is hungry.” He then ignored the eager Xiaokai and Kos, and took Bin to the campfire to feed his female Bin.

    So Xiaokai, Kos, Wu Xiaoyin, and Lei Lu followed along.

    While they were eating, Wu Xiaoyin looked around and saw the fish swimming in the water. He realized that in the month since they arrived, they hadn’t eaten any delicious fish dish or had any rich fish soup.

    Turning to Lei Lu, he asked, “There are so many fish here, why haven’t I seen you all eat any?”

    Before Lei Lu could answer, Xiaokai, his mouth full of barbecue, blurted out: “Because the fish in the water are really fishy and bitter and hard to eat!” He still wanted to say more, but when he saw Lei Lu’s darkening expression, he quickly stopped talking.

    Wu Xiaoyin pondered this. It seems that the previous visitor of the Beastman Continent Wu Xiaonuo, had only unlocked the herbal skill, and was clueless when it came to food!

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