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    Wu Xiaoyin regained his senses and found that Lei Lu’s face seemed a bit gloomy. He quickly hugged Lei Lu’s neck and said, “Lei Lu, take me closer to the river bank. There are often edible plants growing by the river.”

    Hearing his words, Lei Lu’s expression gradually improved. He no longer felt unhappy because of Xiaokai’s interruption. He picked up Xiaoxiao and slowly approached the river bank.

    At the river bank, Wu Xiaoyin indeed discovered edible aquatic plants such as water bamboo shoots and taro. The water bamboo shoots require a watery environment and have high growth demands. But as a vegetable, it can be cooked in various ways–eaten raw in a salad it is refreshing, and stir-fried with meat it has a rich meaty flavor, so it can be paired with different ingredients to create different flavors. Taro, like potatoes and sweet potatoes, is high in starch content and can ease hunger easily. However, it requires more water and heat than potatoes and sweet potatoes, but less than water bamboo shoots.

    Therefore, it is suitable for growth in areas with high temperatures and abundant water. Most importantly is that taro can be sliced and dried. It can served as a food source in the cold season, making it even more valuable in the Beastman Continent.

    Wu Xiaoyin told Lei Lu about his findings. Lei Lu looked at Wu Xiaoyin for a long time, then tightly hugged him until Wu Xiaoyin felt his bones screaming in pain. Lei Lu let go of his arms. After gently placing Wu Xiaoyin by the river bank, Lei Lu went to pick some water bamboo shoots and taro. After making sure Wu Xiaoyin nodded in approval, he repeated the process a few more times, until Wu Xiaoyin signaled him to stop. Then he cleaned his hands and feet and returned to the river bank.

    Meanwhile, Xiaokai, Bin, Kos, and Feng had finished their lunch. Seeing the additional water bamboo shoots and taro in Lei Lu’s hands, Xiaokai asked, “Xiaoxiao, what are these? Can we eat them?”

    The eager foodies Xiaokai and Kos stared at Wu Xiaoyin, waiting for his answer. Wu Xiaoyin did not disappoint them and nodded before explaining, “The greenish-white ones are water bamboo shoots, a type of wild vegetable. The brown-skinned ones are taro, which are often eaten as a staple food like potatoes and sweet potatoes. Sliced and dried, taro can be stored throughout the cold season, adding more hope for survival at that time.”

    Hearing this, Xiaokai immediately jumped up. Taking advantage of Lei Lu’s still wet hands and unable to hold Xiaoxiao tightly, Xiaokai rushed over and hugged him tightly and then quickly retreated behind Kos. However, Lei Lu’s expression had already turned gloomy. But it couldn’t stop Xiaokai and the other three from feeling excited.

    Now they were more able to trust Wu Xiaoyin’s words not only because of the previous giant spicy fruit, but also because they desperately needed this hope to survive better. Most importantly, these were foods that existed in the place where Wu Xiaoyin previously lived. They believed that as the darling of the Beast God, Wu Xiaoyin would not stoop to lying, nor did he have any reason to.

    Just like this, Xiaokai skipped and jumped in front while pulling Kos, urging Bin and Wu Xiaoyin to walk faster, hoping that they could find more food!

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