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    On the outskirts of the forest north of the tribe, the females often go to the area near the river that flows through the snow plains, which is located on the central axis of the forest. To the left of the river, that is in the northwest direction, there are more evergreen giant trees, while to the right of the river, in the southwest direction, there are more giant fruit trees and giant vegetables.

    However, on the left side of the river where Wu Xiaoyin and the others are walking, there are still some vegetables and fruit trees. But the left side of the river is more suitable for small-scale or even two-and-three invidual collection, while the right side of the river with more abundant sunlight and more vegetables and fruits, making it more suitable for large-scale collection days.

    Since there are females and they are walking in the forest, the males dare not be careless even it was only the outskirts of the forest So they could only walk back while looking around. Wu Xiaoyin slowly walked beside Lei Lu while looking around for familiar plants. As for Lei Lu, he was responsible for carefully watching Wu Xiaoyin in order to protect Wu Xiaoyin from getting scratched by branches or tripped by roots while focusing on the surroundings.

    Suddenly, Bin shouted. It turned out that a giant phoenix bird had dropped a yellow fruit from the sky, which exploded at Bin’s feet. Bin accidentally stepped on it and almost slipped. Fortunately, Feng promptly supported him. Seeing this, Lei Lu directly picked up the still startled Xiaoxiao and held him tightly in his arms. Xiaoxiao instinctively hugged Lei Lu’s neck, which delighted Lei Lu.

    On the other side, seeing that Bin was fine, Xiaokai couldn’t help but laugh while opening his mouth to chatter, “Bin, you are really useless, actually getting tripped by a fruit, haha!”

    Hearing Xiaokai’s words, Bin raised his startled face from Feng’s embrace and said, “What’s so funny? It’s not that I was tripped by the fruit, but the juice in the fruit was so slippery that I almost slipped when I stepped on it.”

    After hearing this, Wu Xiaoyin patted Lei Lu’s back. Lei Lu already knew what it meant. He carried Xiaoxiao to the place where the fruit was and said, “Xiaoxiao, this is a giant yellow fruit similar to the giant honey fruit that the giant phoenix birds love to eat. It seems the giant phoenix bird found that it picked the wrong fruit and dropped it directly from the sky.”

    Wu Xiaoyin saw the splattered fruit juice on the ground, as well as Bin’s footprints and scratches. He then turned to Lei Lu and spoke, “Can you take me to see where the giant yellow fruit trees are?”

    Xiaokai quickly recommended himself and said, “Xiaoxiao, I’ll take you all there. I’ve eaten this fruit before, but I only took one bite and didn’t eat it anymore because the taste is as greasy as roasted meat.”

    When Xiaokai said this, Wu Xiaoyin was already sure that this giant yellow fruit was a natural edible oil. So he said to Xiaokai, “Xiaokai, take us to see it. This fruit may be more suitable for use as edible oil rather than as a fruit.”

    After Lei Lu and Xiaoxiao finished listening, they directly led the way to the place where the giant yellow fruits grew. On the way, Xiaokai was still chattering, “I should have taken you to the other side of the river first. The fruits on the trees there are bigger and sweeter, and the number of giant yellow fruits is even more greater. But it’s already afternoon now, let’s check this side first and next time we’ll go to the other side. By the way, we usually have a collection day every 10 days. Let’s go together then. You’ll be amazed at how many different fruits are growing on the other side of the river. There are giant red fruits, giant yellow fruits, purple fruits, black fruits…”

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