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    Wu Xiaoyin heard this and agreed, “Yes, the willow basket is indeed suitable for carrying some light fruits or wild vegetables, but you can also use a wooden board cart or pushcart, which are very good tools for reducing the burden. I think perhaps you need them.”

    Lei Lu did not pay attention to Feng’s question and only said to Wu Xiaoyin, “Xiaoxiao, are you hungry? Shall we go back? It’s already dark now.”

    Wu Xiaoyin did not respond to Lelu’s words. Because a day on the Beastman Continent is 48 hours long, so Wu Xiaoyin has not adjusted yet. The normal routine is three meals a day, but with additional meals, namely breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and midnight snack. So since coming to the Beastman Continent, Wu Xioyin has not been very hungry. Especially after Lei Lu learned about Wu Xiaoyin’s physical condition, he is always concerned about Wu Xiaoyin’s situation, afraid that he cannot take good care of Xiaoxiao.

    Lei Lu finished speaking and did not wait for Wu Xiaoyin’s response, but directly picked up Wu Xiaoyin and walked towards the tribe. Feng saw that his question would not be answered for the time being, so he simply took Bin along and left.

    The last to react were Xiaokai and Kos, who chased after them. Xiaokai chased while complaining, “Xiaoxiao, you said that the giant yellow fruit can be used for cooking. What is it? Is it just roasting meat and boiling meat soup? What is stir-frying?” Kos then said, “Xiaoxiao, what are the wooden board cart and the cart? I know how to make the wooden boards, but how to make the cart and pushcart?”

    With these questions along the way, Wu Xiaoyin returned to the tribe. As Lei Lu carried him home without stopping, Wu Xiaoyin said to the group of four behind them, “Do you want to come to my house for dinner? I can try the giant spicy fruit, water bamboo shoots, taro, and giant yellow fruit I found today.”

    Hearing this, Xiaokai pulled Kos and said, “Okay, let’s go to your house together?”

    Feng took Bin’s hand and said to Wu Xiaoyin and Lei Lu, “We’ll go back home first to get the prey, and then go to your house.” After saying that, he took Bin away.

    Xiaokai then realized and added, “We’ll do the same, we’ll go back home first and then go to your house.”

    After exchanging greetings, Wu Xiaoyin and Lei Lu walked towards their own home, because Lei Lu heard them tying him and Xiaoxiao together, and now they referred them as “they” and “you guys”, and their intention to come for a free meal, especially Xiaoxiao’s first self-cooked meal, although he had to share it and still felt a little unwilling, but it was no longer completely unacceptable.

    Thinking about it, they soon arrived at their cave.

    Wu Xiaoyin asked Lei Lu to put him down, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to make dinner. So Lei Lu reluctantly put Wu Xiaoyin down.

    Wu Xiaoyin directed Lei Lu to use a stone knife to cut off a portion of the fat and lean meat they hunted in the morning. Then he sliced the meat into strips and put fruit oil in the pot. When the pot was hot, he put the sliced meat in and stir-fried it briefly before taking it out. He then added fruit oil again, put the sliced water bamboo shoots the pot, and stir-fried it until soft. He poured the meat strips back in, added a little salt and sliced giant spicy fruit, added water and simmered until the water was fully absorbed, forming a thick gravy. The stir-fried water bamboo shoots with pork strips was thus completed.

    He then washed the stone pot clean, added fruit oil, put the sliced lean giant pig meat in, and took it out when the meat turned white. Next, he added water, put the peeled and cubed taro in, together with the salt and sliced giant spicy fruit, and slowly simmered it into a rich taro meat soup.

    Meanwhile, Lei Lu was casually roasting the giant bull meat, keeping a close eye on Xiaoxiao squatting on the ground, being very careful not to let Xiaoxiao get distracted and get burned. Seeing that Xiaoxiao had finished cooking the stir-fried water bamboo shoots with pork strips and the rich taro meat soup, he immediately picked up the Xiaoxiao and put him on his lap, pulling the plate of stir-fried water bamboo shoots with pork strips and the stone pot of rich taro meat soup close, ready to feed Xiaoxiao.

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