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    Wu Xiaoyin saw Lei Lu’s movements and couldn’t help but wonder, “Don’t we have to wait for Xiaokai and Bin and the others? We agreed to have dinner together.”

    Lei Lu stopped and said, “It’s fine, I’m worried you might get hungry. I can just eat with them.”

    Wu Xiaoyin answered Lei Lu with his actions. He leaned his head quietly on Lei Lu’s shoulder and waited for Xiaokai, Bin, Kos and Feng.

    To be honest, Wu Xiaoyin was hungry right now, but the thought of eating with everyone supported him as he rested quietly on Lei Lu’s shoulder. He sighed that he had spent more time resting than being active in the beastman continent, which was completely different from his time on Earth. As a result, he get tired from even a little physical work.

    This won’t do. He can’t just be a freeloader who only eats and plays. Well, even though that would also be quite happy. But Wu Xiaoyin still wants to contribute his own strength. Especially after knowing how difficult the cold season is in the beastman continent, Wu Xiaoyin feels that there is still a lot he can do. Wanting Lei Lu and his father and dad to live more comfortably and happily, this may be Wu Xiaoyin’s most important goal now, and he doesn’t regret this goal that has accompanied him for life in the future.

    At this time, Lei Lu was very happy, Xiaoxiao’s was so close to him that he wished they could just stay like this forever without separation.

    But ideals are full and reality is skinny. Xiaokai and Kos’s voices from outside the cave also awakened the contemplating Wu Xiaoyin. Wu Xiaoyin looked up to see Xiaokai and Kos rushing in first, followed closely by Bin and Feng.

    Because the four of them could smell the roasted meat and meat soup outside the cave, which was different from the usual, that’s why they hurried in.

    Xiaokai and Kos were running and shouting loudly, “What’s that? Smells so good! Lei Lu, Xiaoxiao, we’re here.”

    Without waiting for Wu Xiaoyin and Lei Lu’s consent, they just barged in directly. Although they were good friends, but this was something Xiaokai and Kos had never done before–entering someone else’s cave so directly.

    However, the aroma tonight forced them to break their own principles, afraid that Lei Lu and Xiaoxiao wouldn’t wait for them and finish all the good stuff.

    Feng and Bin followed Xiaokai and Kos into the cave. Before they could ask, Wu Xiaoyin opened his mouth first, “You’re all here, just in time. I made stir-fried water bamboo shoots with pork strips and rich taro meat soup. The taro meat soup is not much different from the giant potato meat soup and giant radish meat soup we usually eat, just a bit thicker in consistency. And the stir-fried water bamboo shoots with pork strips is a type of stir-fried dish. It uses the fruit oil of the giant yellow fruit, with some giant spicy fruit added. Everyone should try it.”

    As soon as Wu Xiaoyin finished speaking, the few who had just sat down were dumbfounded, because although the tribe had chopsticks and spoons passed down from the female, for the male who liked to eat heartily, using the two thin chopsticks was a difficult task. Because the chopsticks were not even as thick as half a male’s finger, and you had to be very careful to pick up the thin bamboo shoots and meat strips.

    Seeing the male’s movements, Xiaokai skillfully used the chopsticks with his right hand, then turned around in front of Kos and mocked him, “Kos, you’re really so clumsy. Didn’t I teach you how to use chopsticks before?”

    Kos looked at the few strands of meat strips left on the chopsticks and spoke helplessly, “It’s just too much trouble. Who knew there would be a day to use them? We didn’t use them for thirty or forty years before, and now we have to use them.”

    He then gave up resisting and used a spoon to eat, also eating it very heartily. But when he turned his head and saw Wu Xiaoyin and Bin both picking up the bamboo shoots and meat and putting them on their own male’s plates, letting the male use the spoon to eat. He eagerly said to Xiaokai, “Xiaokai, can you pick some for me too?”

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