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    After Xiaokai tried the stir-fried bamboo shoots with pork strips, he took another sip of the taro meat soup and found that the soup was really as thick as described by Xiaoxiao, and also had a slight spicy taste from the giant spicy fruit, which was very appetizing. So he drank sip after sip and had no time to pay attention to Kos.

    Xiaokai swallowed the meat soup in his mouth and said, “You serve yourself. But you should try this meat soup. It’s thicker than the previous potato meat soup, saltier and more fragrant, and the taro even has a strong meat flavor. It’s really delicious!”

    Hearing the first sentence, Kos was almost about to faint in anger, especially when compared to the other two couples affectionately serving each other. He felt very sad. But after hearing the second half, he didn’t have time to get angry anymore and quickly picked up a spoon to drink the soup. He found it really delicious.

    But the soup was made by Wu Xiaoyin, and the portion was not large. So the soup and stir-fried bamboo shoots with pork strips were soon gone, leaving everyone unsatisfied. Xiaokai and Kos even used spoons to scrape up the last drops of the taro meat soup and the remaining meat juice of stir-fried bamboo shoots.

    After finishing the meal, Xiaokai licked his lips and spoke, “Why did it get finished so quickly? I’m still not full, it’s really delicious!”

    Wu Xiaoyin had already withdrawn from this scramble for food long ago. A bowl of meat soup and a few chopsticks of stir-fried bamboo shoots, plus the small piece of roast meat Lei Lu had forcefully given to Wu Xiaoyin, had already filled him up. After that, he just kept putting the stir-fried bamboo shoots with pork strips into Lei Lu’s bowl and watched the others fight over it.

    When Xiaokai said he was still not full, he replied, “There’s still roast meat if you’re not full. Go ahead and eat more.”

    So Xiaokai and Kos decisively attacked the roast meat. The delicious food just now could not make their stomachs full and the portions were too small. However, the roasted meat now was no longer as delicious as they imagined. How could they live like this!

    Bin politely asked Wu Xiaoyin, “Xiaoxiao, can you teach me how to cook the dishes you made today?”

    Xiaokai teased him at his words, “Oh! I know, you want to cook for Feng, right!”

    Bin blushed and retorted, “Don’t you want to cook for Kos? Kos would be so heartbroken!”

    Xiaokai unconsciously glanced at Kos and found that he was looking at him with hopeful eyes after hearing Bin’s words. Xiaokai said somewhat nervously, “Of course I want to learn, but you know I’m really bad at this. I can only roast the meat, I don’t dare try anything else.”

    He then turned his gaze to Wu Xiaoyin. Wu Xiaoyin saw the look in Bin and Xiaokai’s eyes and smiled before saying, “It’s no problem. I’m happy to teach you. To tell the truth, the method for making taro meat soup isn’t much different from potato meat soup. The key is the technique for the stir-fried bamboo shoots with pork strips. If we have time, we can learn together how to cook. After all, there are some plants on the Beastman Continent that I don’t recognize either. Let’s explore and improve together.”

    Finally, after everyone had eaten their fill and cleaned up the leftovers, Wu Xiaoyin and Lei Lu escorted the four out of the cave. Wu Xiaoyin was already exhausted and directly fell asleep in Lei Lu’s arms.

    Lei Lu carefully settled the little female down, helped him with a simple wash, then quickly took a shower and cuddled the little female to sleep.

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