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    The next day, when Wu Xiaoyin woke up, it was already bright outside. Before Wu Xiaoyin had even fully opened his eyes, he heard Xiaokai’s voice, “Xiaoxiao, would you like to come with us to collect things today?”

    Wu Xiaoyin called out drowsily to the outside of the cave, “Xiaokai, didn’t we just go yesterday? Why are we going again today?”

    Xiaokai pulled Bin into the cave and saw Wu Xiaoyin still lying in bed unwilling to get up. He was surprised and said, “Xiaoxiao, the sun is already high, and you haven’t got up yet. You are really so lazy!”

    But Bin also expressed concern for Wu Xiaoyin’s physical condition, because he knew that compared to the females of the Beast Continent, Wu Xiaoyin’s health was a bit worse. It was obvious by just how Lei Lu was constantly carrying Wu Xiaoyin in his arms. So he asked, “Xiaoxiao, were you tired from the collecting yesterday?”

    Xiaokai was frightened by Bin’s question. He didn’t care about mocking Wu Xiaoyin anymore and quickly grabbed his hands before asking, “Xiaoxiao, are you alright?”

    As he spoke, he lifted Wu Xiaoyin’s hands and looked at his face from left to right. He noticed that although Wu Xiaoyin’s face was a bit tired, it still had a reddish glow. He breathed a sigh of relief and opened his mouth, “It’s okay, it’s okay, your complexion doesn’t seem too bad.”

    After being swayed back and forth like this, Wu Xiaoyin finally opened his eyes. Squinting at Xiao Kai, and trying to focus his eyesight, he said to Xiaokai, “Xiaokai, I’m fine. Just a little tired, that’s all.” He then let out a big yawn.

    Wu Xiaoyin lifted the thin rabbit-beast fur blanket, stood up, stretched his neck, and tidied up his bedding. As he was doing this, he thought that he must have really degenerated because just walking a bit more and cooking a meal yesterday made him so tired that he slept so soundly today.

    This would have been impossible back on Earth, because although Wu Xiaoyin wasn’t an extremely experienced travel enthusiast, he wasn’t a novice either. During university breaks, he had been to at least ten scenic spots, during which he did hiking, crossing rivers, and trekking long distances. He was very energetic and lively. But after just one month on the Beastman Continent, his physical strength and energy had degraded to this state. It’s not making sense!

    Regarding Wu Xiaoyin’s doubts, Lei Lu had actually explained to him earlier. It’s just that Wu Xiaoyin had just thought it was due to catching a cold and being a bit startled at first, believing that he would recover after resting. But in reality, Wu Xiaoyin’s body was not originally from the Beastman Continent. The special environment, such as air pressure, temperature, and humidity, placed a significant burden on his body. So even though Wu Xiaoyin had mostly been eating and sleeping over the past month, his weight continued to decline.

    After tidying up, Wu Xiaoyin said to Bin and Xiaokai, “You two wait for me. I’ll finish up and have breakfast, then go collecting with you.”

    Seeing that Wu Xiaoyin was indeed fine, Bin explained to him, “Xiaoxiao, take your time, no need to rush. We agreed to go collect fruits and wild vegetables on the right bank of the river today.”

    Hearing this, Wu Xiaoyin looked puzzled and asked, “What do you mean we agreed? Are there other people going with us?”

    Xiaokai then told Wu Xiaoyin, “I mentioned before that we have big collection days, and today is one of them. Bin and I saw that you’ve mostly recovered, so we wanted to take you along to collect and see if we can find more edible fruits and vegetables.”

    Wu Xiaoyin listened to this and silently stirred the meat soup in his stone bowl. What didn’t he pick it up to drink? Wu Xiaoyin would never admit that he lacked the strength to pick it up. That would be too embarrassing as a man.

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