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    After Wu Xiaoyin finished his breakfast, he put on the wicker basket he had woven yesterday. Although the basket was made according to Lei Lu’s body shape and was a bit large for Wu Xiaoyin, it could hold more things than an animal skin bag and was more convenient. So even though it was a bit inconvenient to carry, Wu Xiaoyin still carried the wicker basket with Xiaokai and Bin and went to the tribe’s entrance to gather.

    When they arrived at the tribe’s entrance, they found that there were already about 100 female tribe members gathered there. They were chatting in small groups with those they were familiar with. When Wu Xiaoyin’s group appeared, the chattering suddenly paused, and after a while, the chatter resumed at a higher frequency.

    Among them, Wu Xiaoyin also heard his name “Xiaoxiao” that he was given after arriving in the Beastman Continent, as well as words like “petite”, “fair-skinned”, “cub”, “underage”, and so on. Wu Xiaoyin secretly rolled his eyes, thinking to himself that back on Earth, he was a normal-height male. Well, even if he wasn’t too tall, he couldn’t be labeled as a “little dwarf” right? But here, after looking around, Wu Xiaoyin found that he was the shortest one. Xiaokai was relatively petite among the female members of the Giant Tiger Tribe, being just over 1.8 meters tall. The average height of the females was around 1.9 meters. Well, being tall is amazing!

    After Wu Xiaoyin was done grumbling, the tribe chief’s female Hen also arrived. Seeing the number of females, he said, “The priest has instructed me that if I see any giant grass, I should collect more of it. Now we are in the second month of the scorching season, which is July. Some females and cubs may fall ill from the heat, so everyone should collect more if they see any. After handing in 5 stalks, the rest can be kept for yourselves.”

    After saying that, he led the group out of the tribe before adding, “The males assigned to protect us will be back from hunting soon and gather outside the forest. Okay, let’s go.”

    Wu Xiaoyin, Bin, and Xiaokai followed the group slowly, not because Wu Xiaoyin didn’t want to speed up, but because his body couldn’t keep up. By the time they reached their destination, he was already panting heavily. It was only then that Wu Xiaoyin truly realized that something might be wrong with his body that he didn’t know about. He thought he would ask Lei Lu to take him to the priest’s cave later to see if there was any issue. Otherwise, how could he be so out of breath after just a 20-minute walk? He felt a little panicked.

    While Wu Xiaoyin was glancing around, he noticed about 50 males gathered ahead. He thought that they were probably sent to protect the females. Among them was Lei Lu.

    The males’ vision was much better than the females’. Lei Lu spotted the small figure of Xiaoxiao immediately and strode towards him. As he got closer and saw Xiaoxiao’s pale face and even slightly whitish lips, his expression darkened unconsciously. He wanted to quickly pull Xiaoxiao into his embrace and ask if he was feeling unwell.

    But just as he was about 10 steps away from Xiaoxiao, he was blocked by a female. Lei Lu looked down at the female’s beautiful face and recognized him as Xin, a female who was born by Qi from the Giant Snake Tribe and Mu from the Giant Tiger Tribe.

    Lei Lu saw Xin looking at him, but he didn’t speak. So he simply went around him and approached Xiaoxiao.

    He directly pulled Xiaoxiao into his embrace, caressed his face, his eyes brimming with worry as he asked, “Xiaoxiao, your complexion looks very poor. Are you tired?”

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