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    Wu Xiaoyin had already grown accustomed to Lei Lu constantly holding him in his embrace. So he obediently wrapped his arms around Lei Lu’s neck.

    After hearing Lei Lu’s question, Wu Xiaoyin did not try to deny it and spoke truthfully, “Lei Lu, I feel like there’s something off with me lately. At first, you told me that I had caught a cold, so I thought the reason for my recent physical discomfort was that. But it’s been a month already, and my body should have recovered by now according to reason. Yet, just walking from the tribe to the edge of the forest, I already feel very tired. My chest also feels stuffy. There’s just something strange about my body and I can’t seem to use any strength.”

    After listening to Xiaoxiao’s words, Lei Lu’s mouth tightened and he held him even tighter in his embrace. Gently resting Xiaoxiao’s head on his shoulder, he said, “Xiaoxiao, you didn’t grow up in the Beastman Continent, so your body still has a large gap compared to the female here. Bin and Xiaokai are the same age as you, and their bodies are much better off than yours.”

    Hearing this, Wu Xiaoyin refuted Lei Lu, “But even when I was living on Earth, my body wasn’t this bad. It’s impossible that just coming to the Beastman Continent and catching a cold would make my body this poor. What’s going on?”

    Lei Lu was silent for a while, patted Xiaoxiao’s back with one hand, and then said, “Xiaoxiao, it’s because you originally didn’t belong here. The Beast God brought you here, but the Beast God couldn’t change your body. Your body may have been healthy in the place you lived before, but it can’t adapt well to the Beastman Continent. This is something that even the Beast God cannot instantly change. So, Xiaoxiao, you have to accept this. Of course, it’s my fault for not waiting until you fully understood the common beastman language before explaining this to you, which led to your doubts.”

    Wu Xiaoyin listened to Lei Lu’s explanation and was dumbfounded for a long time, until Xiaokai’s loud shout, who had gone to gather food, brought him back to him senses: “Xiaoxiao, look, I found these giant spicy fruits here. I’m so amazing, there are so many of them here!”

    Wu Xiaoyin responded instinctively, “Okay, I’ll be there right away.”

    After saying that, he looked at Lei Lu. Wu Xiaoyin could clearly feel Lei Lu’s worry for him. “Lei Lu, I understand. My body still hasn’t fully adapted to the Beastman Continent, right? I still need to slowly recover. Is that right?”

    Lei Lu nodded firmly at his words and replied, “Yes, Xiaoxiao, you will slowly get better. It just requires a long process. And your height may not grow as tall as the average female here, but it should still increase a bit more, I think…”

    At this point, Lei Lu couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy, because normally females’ heights don’t change much after reaching 20 years old. They just become more physically strong after adapting to the adult mating life with their male partners.

    But Wu Xiaoyin didn’t notice the flicker in Lei Lu’s eyes. He was just truly excited, thinking he could still grow taller.

    Seeing Xiaoxiao so happy, Lei Lu didn’t want to destroy his joy, but still based on the principle of not deceiving the female, he said, “Xiaoxiao, the probability of that is now very small. Since you will mostly be focused on recuperating in the next 5 years, the possibility of growth in height is relatively low.”

    Wu Xiaoyin was immersed in joy and echoed Lei Lu, saying, “I know, it might be, right? That means it’s not impossible! In the future, I’ll exercise more and train my body hard, so that I can grow taller. You have no idea how envious I am seeing you all growing so tall!”

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