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    After getting excited, Wu Xiaoyin remembered that Xiao Kai had just called him over to see the giant spicy fruit. So he patted Lei Lu’s shoulder, and Lei Lu automatically walked towards Xiao Kai’s direction.

    When passing by Xin, Lei Lu didn’t even give Xin a glance, but kept staring at Xiao Xiao’s face to see if he was still feeling uncomfortable. He was even thinking about whether to go back to have the priest take a look.

    Xin saw that Lei Lu didn’t pay any attention to him and felt very unhappy about it. But when he saw the female in Lei Lu’s arms, just as his good friend Le had described–small stature, small face, fair skin, and red lips, simply delicate and beautiful, he couldn’t help but glare enviously at Wu Xiaoyin.

    Wu Xiaoyin glanced at Xin and found that he was an unfamiliar female. Although he felt that this female was not very friendly towards him, he didn’t think much of it. After all, there is no one in the world who can be loved by everyone. This is only human nature.

    When they reached Xiao Kai’s side, he found that not only Bin was there, but also the tribe chief’s female Hen and some older females. Hen saw Lei Lu carrying the little female and eagerly asked, “Xiao Xiao, although I know this is impolite, but I heard from Xiao Kai and Bin that it was you who found this fruit called the giant spicy fruit, and that it has the function of preventing fever and keeping warm, is that right?”

    Wu Xiaoyin instinctively glanced at Lei Lu and found that Lei Lu was following his own idea and did not force him to speak or not to speak. So responding to his own wish to contribute to the beastman continent, Wu Xiaoyin truthfully answered Hen’s question, “Yes, the name of the giant spicy fruit is mentioned, but this kind of fruit was not discovered by me, but already existed in the place where I lived before. The only difference is that the giant chili peppers here are 10 times bigger. And this vegetable does have the effect of preventing fever and keeping warm. This is for using it as a vegetable, that is, a wild vegetable, not a fruit. Eating it directly will make you spicy.”

    Hen held Xiao Xiao’s hand and said, “Xiao Xiao, I don’t know if you can share your discovery with the whole tribe?”

    After saying that, Hen looked at Lei Lu, and Lei Lu said, “My meaning is the same as Xiao Xiao’s. It depends on Xiao Xiao’s wishes.”

    Although Lei Lu wanted to popularize the giant spicy fruit to the entire tribe so that the whole tribe could benefit, Lei Lu still prioritized Xiao Xiao’s wishes. If Xiao Xiao disagreed, Lei Lu would not say much.

    Hearing Lei Lu’s words, Wu Xiaoyin tightened his arms around Lei Lu and then smiled at Hen before saying, “Of course, it’s no problem. The giant spicy fruit are mostly used for cooking for me. If it can be helpful to the whole tribe, that would be great.”

    Hearing this, Hen and Xiao Kai both breathed a sigh of relief. Hen was happy to have another plant that could help the females, while Xiao Kai was happy that Wu Xiaoyin did not blame him.

    After getting the answer, Hen told the nearby females to collect 10 more giant spicy fruits each, and then continue to look for giant root grass and other fruits they wanted to eat.

    However, Wu Xiaoyin thought he should teach Uncle Hen how to pickle the giant spicy fruit, otherwise it would be a shame if so many females collected so many giant spicy fruits and they rotted.

    Suddenly, Xiao Kai’s voice sounded, “Xiao Xiao, I didn’t mean it. You know, my voice is a bit loud, so it was overheard by Uncle Hen nearby. You won’t blame me, will you?”

    After hearing Xiao Kai’s words, Wu Xiaoyin realized that the Beastman Continent highly respects personal opinions, so even if he had disagreed just now, Uncle Hen would not have said much. So Xiao Kai’s apology was for his passive reaction without knowing whether he was willing to have others know about it. After understanding this, he replied, “It’s okay, I didn’t lose anything anyway. Since this is something that benefits the whole tribe, why wouldn’t I do it!”

    Saying that, he called out to Xiao Kai and Bin, “Let’s keep looking and see what other delicious fruits and wild vegetables we can find.”

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