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    Lei Lu was slowly carrying Xiao Xiao, while Xiao Xiao and Xiao Kai and Bin were searching and talking. Sure enough, it didn’t take long before Xiao Xiao pulled on Lei Lu’s short hair. Although it felt very comfortable and he wished Xiao Xiao could keep pulling it forever, but unfortunately it only lasted briefly.

    Wu Xiaoyin pulled on Lei Lu’s hair, wanting Lei Lu to put him down so that he could take a closer look to see if it was a familiar plant. However, the two of them had not yet reached the level of perfect understanding, so Wu Xiaoyin said, “Lei Lu, put me down, I want to see if the plant under that fruit tree is ginger.”

    Lei Lu reluctantly put Xiao Xiao down after hearing this and held his hand as they walked towards the giant black fruit tree.

    Xiao Kai heard Wu Xiaoyin’s words and immediately rushed to the giant black fruit tree and pointed all around. “Is this it?” He then pulled up one of the plants by the roots, exposing the rhizome underneath.

    Wu Xiaoyin was speechless and said, “Xiao Kai, could it be that you’ve eaten this before when you were young?”

    Xiao Kai laughed awkwardly and scratched his head, saying, “When I was young, I was very curious and would try to put anything that could fit in my mouth. This one isn’t good at all, it’s spicy. Eh? Could this be used for preventing fever and keeping warm?”

    After hearing this, Bin and Lei Lu also looked at Wu Xiaoyin. Wu Xiaoyin rubbed his nose and spoke, “Xiao Kai, your spirit of experimentation is really admirable. You’re not afraid of eating something that might harm you. But this is called ginger where I’m from, though it can be called giant ginger here. It does have the effect of preventing fever and keeping warm.”

    Bin summarized after listening to his words, “So plants that give a spicy sensation like giant spicy fruit and giant ginger can have a preventative effect against illness?”

    Wu Xiaoyin nodded and shook his head, and everyone was puzzled by the meaning. Wu Xiaoyin said awkwardly, “I’m not very clear on the specific effects of these plants because I’m not a medical expert. I only know the effects of these two plants because they are the basic common knowledge in where I’m from. I don’t have much professional knowledge.”

    Bin listened and said, “Forgive me, but I still want to know, since this is common knowledge, why does the female Wu Xiaonuo know so much about medicinal herbs and first aid, but…”

    When Xiao Kai heard Bin stopped talking halfway, he couldn’t help but ask, “But what? But what?”

    Wu Xiaoyin continued Bin’s sentence, “But he doesn’t know the most basic common knowledge, right? That’s because where we’re from, these two plants are mainly used as side dishes in cooking. The female must either be from a Giant Wolf Tribe that doesn’t have these plants, or he’s completely unable to cook. Otherwise, it’s hard to explain why the Beastman Continent still hasn’t discovered and made better use of these plants.” Wu Xiaoyin shrugged after he finished speaking, indicating that he also didn’t know for sure. But to some extent, Wu Xiaoyin’s words are right. The female Wu Xiaonuo was indeed good six out of seven when it comes medicinal herbs, but that remaining one at cooking ah!

    Xiao Kai’s divergent thinking emerged again, and he said, “Since that’s the case, the strange-tasting plants and fruits all have various uses. As long as they’re not poisonous, we can try to see if they can be used for other purposes, like…”

    Wu Xiaoyin felt Xiao Kai made a good point and asked, “Like what?”

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