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    “Yes, like what?” Bin echoed.

    Xiao Kai quickly climbed up the giant black fruit tree above his head, then casually picked two of the fruits and said, “Like these giant black fruits. Here, Xiao Xiao, Bin, catch.”

    He then tossed one fruit each of Giant Black Fruits towards Wu Xiaoyin and Bin. Bin caught it in panic as he had already grown wary of Xiao Kai’s sudden tricks. As soon as Xiao Kai finished speaking just now, his body moved like a conditioned reflex.

    But Wu Xiaoyin didn’t have experience about Xiao Kai’s surprises. He was dumbfounded and couldn’t react in time as the fruit came flying towards his head. Fortunately, although Lei Lu was not paying much attention to the conversation between the females, he was always closely watching after Xiao Xiao. So seeing Xiao Kai’s sudden “attack” and the fruit that was about to hit Xiao Xiao’s head, he immediately caught the fruit. But in his haste to protect Xiaoxiao from harm, he ended up crushing the fruit.

    Wu Xiaoyin only realized what had happened when he smelled the familiar soy sauce aroma in the air. Seeing that the flying fruit had been caught by Lei Lu, he asked, “Lei Lu, are you alright? Is your hand okay?”

    Lei Lu was very happy about his close relationship with Xiao Xiao, but his ability as a male was questioned. He wanted to let Xiao Xiao really see his ability one day. His mind was thinking many things, but he immediately answered Xiao Xiao’s question, “Xiao Xiao, I’m fine.”

    Wu Xiaoyin saw Lei Lu was indeed unharmed, and that Bin had also successfully caught the fruit. Although Bin glared at Xiao Kai, he knew that this was just Xiao Kai’s usual behavior that couldn’t be changed. Sometimes these actions were even quite cute, so he let it go. And Xiao Kai also knew where to draw the line.

    Wu Xiaoyin said to Lei Lu, “Lei Lu, let me take a look at the fruit.”

    Lei Lu looked at the crushed and broken fruit and said, “Xiao Xiao, let me pick another one for you. This one is already broken and the juice will drip on you.”

    Wu Xiaoyin replied at his words, “I don’t want to eat it, and the raw taste of this fruit is probably not very delicious. I just want to see if this fruit can be used as a seasoning. From now on, you can eat a different kind of meat and it will be delicious too.”

    Hearing that Xiao Xiao still wanted to cook more meat for him, Lei Lu was very happy. But remembering that Xiao Xiao’s complexion looked poor after just picking and cooking one meal yesterday, he opened his mouth to speak, “When the time comes, you just tell me and I’ll do it.”

    Wu Xiaoyin tightened his grip on Lei Lu’s hand holding the crushed fruit, drew closer and sniffed it. It was indeed smell of the soy sauce. It seemed that the food on this Beastman Continent was all-natural and did not require processing. This was good news for him because he was still capable of using more seasonings, but not skilled at food processing.

    After confirming this, Wu Xiaoyin said to Lei Lu, “Lei Lu, pick some of these giant black fruits to take back. I’ll make stewed meat for you at noon.”

    Hearing this, Xiao Kai’s eyes lit up. He approached Wu Xiaoyin and asked, “Xiao Xiao, can I come too? I really want to eat the stewed meat you mentioned. It must be delicious!”

    Seeing Xiao Kai’s eager expression, Wu Xiaoyin said, “Okay, more people eating together will make it more lively. Let’s invite Kos and Feng as well.” He then glanced at Bin, who glared back at him in embarrassment.

    As for Lei Lu, he was immersed in the idea of more people joining Xiao Xiao for meals. Although Xiao Xiao was still not an adult, and Lei Lu could not fully satisfy Xiao Xiao’s wishes yet, the last time Xiao Xiao had eaten happily at his Father and Dad’s place, he should spend more time there. Xiao Xiao would likely not object to that.

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