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    Wu Xiaoyin felt that the sun was making him a little dizzy, so he said to Lei Lu, “Lei Lu, let’s go back. I’ll cook you a meal when we get back.”

    Lei Lu saw that Xiao Xiao’s complexion was even worse than before and knew that Xiao Xiao’s body might not be able to take it, so he carried Xiao Xiao to Uncle Hen’s place.

    When Hen saw Wu Xiaoyin and Lei Lu, he noticed that Wu Xiaoyin’s complexion was not good and asked, “What’s wrong with Xiao Xiao? Why does his complexion look so bad?”

    Lei Lu glanced at Xiao Xiao and said, “Uncle Hen, I’ll take Xiao Xiao to the priest’s cave first, we’ll be leaving now.”

    Hen hurriedly spoke, “Go quickly, I hope Xiao Xiao is alright.”

    Wu Xiaoyin saw the worry on Hen’s face and comforted him, “Uncle Hen, I’m fine. I’m just a little tired, so I just want to go back first. Oh, and we just discovered a plant called giant ginger, which can also prevent fever and keep warm. If you need it, you can ask Xiao Kai and Bin to show you. Then we’ll leave first.”

    After Xiao Xiao finished speaking, Lei Lu simply nodded at Hen and directly carried Xiao Xiao away. He didn’t forget to put the Xiao Xiao’s giant black fruits and giant ginger in the willow basket.

    Xiao Kai and Bin saw them leave, and Bin said to Hen, “Uncle Hen, don’t worry, Xiao Xiao’s body is just a bit weak. He caught a cold before, so he’s still in the recovery stage. Yesterday he went to the left bank of the river with us to collect things, and he must be tired. I hope Xiao Xiao can get better soon.”

    Xiao Kai echoed, “That’s right, that’s right, Uncle Hen, now let us take you to see the giant ginger and giant black fruit. Although I don’t know how delicious the giant black fruit Xiao Xiao said is when put in the dishes, but what Xiao Xiao says must be right.” That’s right, this kid has been won over by Wu Xiaoyin’s delicious food, and everything Wu Xiaoyin said when to comes to food must be right!

    Hen sighed and said, “Well, I hope so. After all, Xiao Xiao is so cute and kind. The Beast God will definitely bless Xiao Xiao. Alright, take me to see the giant ginger and giant spicy fruit.”

    On the other side, Wu Xiaoyin and Lei Lu had arrived at the priest’s cave. Lei Lu asked the priest, “Priest, how is Xiao Xiao’s body? Xiao Xiao’s complexion looks very poor today!”

    After examining, the priest said, “It’s nothing serious, it’s just that Xiao Xiao’s body is still rather weak and he can’t be overworked. Yesterday’s activities were a bit too much, so he’s uncomfortable today. He still needs to recuperate slowly, but he will always be a bit weaker than the average female.”

    Wu Xiaoyin was not too concerned about this, as long as it doesn’t affect his normal activities. But Lei Lu thought more about it, wondering if Xiao Xiao would be able to bear him in the future. Xiao Xiao was so delicate, and his body was already weak, so their married life might be very difficult for him. From now on, he must make Xiao Xiao eat more to strengthen his body.

    Wu Xiaoyin didn’t know Lei Lu’s inner thoughts and asked the priest, “Priest, do I not need to take any medicine then?”

    When the priest saw Lei Lu’s expression, he knew what he was thinking. He glanced at Wu Xiaoyin and replied, “No need, just recuperate slowly. Normal married life is still possible.” He then gave a meaningful look at Lei Lu.

    Lei Lu, whose thoughts had been seen through, remained calm on the surface. But in his heart he was rejoicing upon hearing the priest’s words. This showed that Xiao Xiao’s body was only a bit weaker than normal females and there were no other major issues. He could rest assured, and their married life would not be affected. This was what made him most relieved–that when Xiao Xiao grew up and they became pair, their intimate life would not be affected.

    Thinking about this, Lei Lu heaved a sigh of relief. As long as Xiao Xiao was by his side, he would be content, and now he could also satisfy himself in other aspects, then he really had nothing else to ask for.

    Meanwhile, Wu Xiaoyin’s forehead was full of black lines. Could it be the kind of husband-husband life he was thinking of? And Lei Lu even let out a big sigh of relief, what did that mean? He looked at Lei Lu, his eyes full of doubts.

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