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    Lei Lu saw the doubt in Xiao Xiao’s eyes, but he had always been very clear about his affection and possessiveness towards Xiao Xiao, and never intended to hide it. However, Lei Lu felt it was better to return to their cave first and then explain it clearly. So he said to the priest, “Priest, since Xiao Xiao is fine, we wll go back first. I’ll bring you the prey as a reward later.”

    The priest was very happy to see a new couple in the tribe and said, “There’s no hurry, you can go back first.”

    He then went back to focusing on the medicinal herbs in his hands. After all, many females and cubs had fallen ill since the start of the hot season. Although the herbs were relatively abundant now, he still couldn’t be careless.

    Lei Lu carried Xiao Xiao back to the cave, held him in his arms, and sat down by the fire pit. He adjusted Xiao Xiao’s body with his hands so Xiao Xiao could look directly at him. Lei Lu took a deep breath and said, “Xiao Xiao, during this period of time, I believe my actions have made my intentions very clear. I like you and want to live with you for the rest of my life. What about you?”

    Wu Xiaoyin had already known on the way back that Lei Lu probably liked him. Although he had never been in a relationship before, he had seen pigs run even though he had never eaten pork, right? Especially in the architecture department, there were still one or two of good “buddies”. Thinking about Lei Lu’s recent behavior, always caring for him and hugging him, Wu Xiaoyin initially thought it was just Lei Lu’s way of caring for the sick. But now that Lei Lu had expressed himself so clearly, Wu Xiaoyin had no intention of ignoring Lei Lu’s efforts and affection.

    Looking into Lei Lu’s eyes, Wu Xiaoyin saw the deep love and doting there. He realized that this was not just the affection for an immature young man. It seems that his IQ has dropped after coming to the Beastman Continent and is almost negative.

    However, Wu Xiaoyin did not want to keep Lei Lu hanging or deny him. He wanted to express his own thoughts clearly to let Lei Lu know what he was thinking. “Lei Lu, I didn’t actually understand your actions as those of someone who likes me. I’m sorry about that.”

    Hearing this, Lei Lu replied, “It’s not your fault, Xiao Xiao. I should have clarified this with you earlier, so you would understand my thoughts and love for you.”

    Wu Xiaoyin listened and said, “It’s probably because I’ve never liked anyone before, or been liked by anyone. So my perceptiveness in this area is rather poor. Now that I know your thoughts, even though I can’t respond right away, I see your efforts and sincerity and there’s no doubts about that. But I can’t say I like you now, because I’ve never, never experienced what it’s like to like someone…”

    Interrupting Wu Xiaoyin, Lei Lu said, “Xiao Xiao, I know you’re still young and have never liked anyone before. That makes me very happy because I will be your first and only person you like. You must believe in this and I will fulfill it. I will always be good to you, and help you understand what it’s like to be liked. I also believe that one day you will respond to my feelings.”

    Feeling a bit awkward and confused by Lei Lu’s words, Wu Xiaoyin could only lean on Lei Lu’s shoulder and ponder in silence. After a long while, he softly hummed in agreement.

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