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    It was a loving and heartwarming moment in the cave when an inopportune loud voice suddenly rang out, “Xiao Xiao, how are you doing? We went to the priest’s cave earlier, and the priest said you and Lei Lu have returned. I also brought back a lot of giant ginger and giant black fruits!”

    If Lei Lu’s anger could be materialized, it would have already permeated the entire cave, rushing out and instantly killing Xiao Kai. But Lei Lu couldn’t do that, so he just held Xiao Xiao tightly and allowed the four people to come in.

    Xiao Kai, Bin, Kos, and Feng brought their food supplies into Lei Lu and Wu Xiaoyin’s cave. Xiao Kai said to Wu Xiaoyin who was sitting in Lei Lu’s arms, “Xiao Xiao, shall we start cooking? I gathered a lot of fruits and wild vegetables today, so I’m really hungry!”

    Wu Xiaoyin signaled Lei Lu to put him down, but Lei Lu turned his head and pretended not to see it. Wu Xiaoyin had no choice but to instruct Xiao Kai and Bin to prepare today’s lunch.

    Wu Xiaoyin said to Bin and Xiao Kai, “You can also try the dishes from yesterday, the stir-fried bamboo shoot with pork strips and the taro meat soup. And today we have a new dish, which is braised pork with potatoes. Of course, if you like, you can also add taro to it next time and make it braised taro with meat. It’s also very delicious. The key ingredient is the giant black fruit.”

    Since Wu Xiaoyin was being held by Lei Lu, he couldn’t personally participate and could only instruct them. Bin had seen the process of making the stir-fried bamboo shoot with pork strips and the taro meat soup yesterday. Under Wu Xiaoyin’s guidance, he managed to make them with some difficulty. The taste was of course not as good as Wu Xiaoyin’s, after all, he had years of experience.

    Xiao Kai was mainly responsible for controlling the fire because it’s absolutely not a good idea to let him actually cook, or it would end up hurting both himself and others!

    The last new dish they focused on today was the braised pork with potatoes, featuring the giant black fruit. First, they poured the oil from the giant yellow fruit, added the chopped giant pig meat, and stir-fried it until it changed color. Then they added water and cubed giant potatoes, followed by the giant black fruit to dye the dish evenly. They then simmered it slowly and finally thickened the sauce. The simple version of braised pork with potatoes was thus completed.

    Of course Wu Xiaoyin kept a close eye on this pot of braised pork with potatoes, worried that Bin might make mistakes since he had never made it before, which would render the entire dish inedible and a waste.

    Finally, the lunch was ready to be eaten!

    Wu Xiaoyin took a sip of the taro meat soup and found the taste quite good. Especially after adding a bit of the giant black fruit, it made the flavor richer and more mellow. The stir-fried bamboo shoot with pork strips was a bit salty. Perhaps because they added too much coarse salt and giant black fruit, so it needed improvement. The braised pork with potatoes was the dish that everyone eagerly tried first. After all, no one had tasted it before. They found the braised meat to be more tender and soft than the roasted meat, making it more suitable for females and cubs.

    Of course, the males also loved it. It could be seen clearly by Kos, Feng, and Lei Lu’s fierce competition for the last piece of braised meat. Even the potatoes had absorbed the meat flavor. The males expressed that they could now eat some wild vegetables this way, and they no longer needed to be dragged by the ears by the females to eat more greens. How wonderful!

    Wu Xiaoyin also had a few more pieces of braised meat and a small piece of roasted meat before feeling his stomach getting full. But it doesn’t matter, the mighty Lei Lu had a solution for that.

    After finishing the lunch and cleaning up, the four people left first. Lei Lu slowly massaged Xiao Xiao’s belly, his eyes filled with his image. He cuddled him to take an afternoon nap and felt very satisfied. He really hoped that Xiao Xiao could grow up quickly!

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