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    The days passed by as Wu Xiaoyin spent most of his time slowly recovering. During this period, Wu Xiaoyin was frequently taken by Lei Lu to eat at his Dad and Father’s place. He also went on picnics with Xiao Kai, Bin, Kos, and Feng, searching for more fruits and wild vegetables that could be used as seasonings and food for the winter.

    After the joint effort of several people, they had found many plants that could be used as seasonings. In addition to the giant yellow fruit oil and giant black fruit soy sauce, the transparent fruit vinegar, cumin tree, Sichuan pepper tree, star anise tree, and bay laurel tree—common seasonings were all presented in giant forms on the Beastman Continent. Among them, the most worth mentioning was the transparent fruit vinegar.

    One day after eating at Dad Xi’s house, Xi brought out a transparent fruit that was as clear as crystal. Wu Xiaoyin was greatly surprised when he saw it and asked, “Dad, what kind of fruit is this? I’ve been on the Beastman Continent for almost 5 months, and I’ve never seen this kind of fruit before.”

    Xi picked up a piece of fruit and started eating it. After taking a bite, he smacked his lips and answered Wu Xiaoyin, “This is a fruit that grows deep in the tribe’s forest, an area that females are generally not allowed to enter. This is something I like to eat and Lei Yan specially went to pick it.”

    Although Xi’s words did not contain any pride or boastfulness, the reaction from the others was quite different. Lei Yan was very happy that his female liked it, but this kind of sour fruit that could make your teeth hurt after tasting it once, he never wanted to eat it again. However, as a husband who was under contol of his female, Lei Yan was forced to eat one of these fruits every time he went to pick them. It was really too much for even the strongest stomach!

    Lei Lu silently nodded, indicating that he would learn more from his father in the future to win the heart of his own female. Especially now that Lei Lu was still on the long journey of pursuing his wife, he didn’t know when he would be able to get married! So he had to work harder!

    After hearing this, Wu Xiaoyin realized that this fruit was not something that could be easily obtained. It has to be picked deep in the forest. So after taking a big bite, his teeth were immediately soured.

    Lei Yan and Lei Lu could empathize. Every time Xi forced them to eat it, they really wanted to flee.

    Lei Lu saw that Wu Xiaoyin couldn’t eat this fruit, so he said, “Xiao Xiao, spit it out quickly. This transparent fruit is only liked by Dad. We don’t really like to eat it because…”

    Wu Xiaoyin opened his mouth and said, “Because it’s too sour! How can it be so sour? But if diluted, it can be used as fruit vinegar. I’m so smart, haha!”

    Lei Lu saw Wu Xiaoyin’s excited expression, and he knew that this was his reaction after finding something good. He also felt happy and spoke, “Xiao Xiao, if you like it, I’ll often go and pick some for you in the future, okay?”

    Upon hearing Lei Lu’s words, Wu Xiaoyin’s first thought was, “Isn’t it dangerous in the deep forest? If it’s dangerous, it’s best not to go. I can use other fruits to make vinegar instead, just add a little more.”

    Seeing that Wu Xiaoyin’s main concern was for his safety, Lei Lu’s mouth raised unconsciously and he said, “Xiao Xiao, there’s no real danger. It’s just in the middle of the forest. But for females, it’s considered quite deep, so they’re not allowed to enter.”

    Wu Xiaoyin finally felt at ease at his words and said, “That’s good, but still be careful.”

    Lei Lu heard this and felt very sweet inside. He didn’t even care about his father’s disdainful gaze. After all, he was an old man. How could he still remember the happy feeling of a budding romance? How beautiful it was!

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