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    Wu Xiaoyin has been living on the Beastman Continent for five months. The priest has announced that Wu Xiaoyin’s body has recovered pretty well and that as long as he doesn’t overexert himself, a moderate amount of exercise will not have any impact on him. After that, Wu Xiaoyin started running around happily.

    The harvest season has arrived!

    However, Wu Xiaoyin was still frustrated by his lack of growth in height. He was only 1.7 meters tall, and next to the 2.3 meter tall Lei Lu, he only reached a little above Lei Lu’s waist. It is the same now, so Wu Xiaoyin was working hard to exercise. But before he could run around the house, he was quickly scooped up by Lei Lu and carried around, all under the guise of “exercise”.

    Wu Xiaoyin no longer even had the energy to roll his eyes. His feet didn’t even get to touch the ground, so how could this be considered exercise? Lei Lu’s ability to make up excuses is really getting more and more amazing!

    Since being declared free to move around by the priest, in addition to seeking more food, Wu Xiaoyin had been trying to improve his living standards. This included small things like the tables, chairs, benches, bowls, chopsticks, and cups he used regularly, as well as larger things like the house, doors, and kang. But because Lei Lu kept a close eye on him and didn’t let him do much, Wu Xiaoyin felt a bit frustrated. He knew that Lei Lu was doing it for his own good, so he reluctantly accepted Lei Lu’s forceful suggestions and formed a daily schedule.

    Every morning at 9 o’clock, he wakes up, washes up, and eats breakfast. From 10 o’clock, he goes with Xiao Kai and Bin to find some fruit or just chat. At 14 o’clock in the afternoon, he eats an early lunch and makes some simple models with materials provided by Lei Lu from the giant bamboo trees in the eastern part of the tribe. At 18 o’clock, he prepares lunch and wait for Lei Lu to come back to eat together. Then there’s afternoon tea at 12 o’clock, dinner at 30 o’clock, and a late-night snack at 36 o’clock, before going to sleep. This cycle repeats. (TL: There are 48 hours in a day in Beastman Continent.)

    Although he didn’t have much activity time and mostly the same as when he was recovering–sleeping, eating, eating, sleeping, but at least Wu Xiaoyin managed to carve out time to practice his skills by building models he likes. He used the cave where he and Lei Lu lived as a template and incorporated the modern principles and local conditions to meet their living needs. He invested a lot of effort in his model. It took him 4 months, and the result was excellent!

    Yes, Wu Xiaoyin gradually assembled and shaped his model, with every table, chair, bowl, and chopstick a product of his own effort. The most important things are the bed and the door, which Lei Lu quickly constructed to match Wu Xiaoyin’s model.

    When Kos and Feng, who came to help, saw the door taking shape, they exchanged glances for a while and understood its significance. Kos then went to the tribe chief and priest and asked their permission to spread this innovation throughout the tribe. Of course it was with Wu Xiaoyin’s consent.

    Tribe Chief Kun came and silently stared at the door for a while. He tried to turn it and found that it could be tightly closed. The expression in his eyes slowly became solemn as he asked Wu Xiaoyin who was in Lei Lu’s arms, “Xiao Xiao, the discovery of this door is of great significance to the entire tribe. Previously, we had always followed the methods of the female (Wu Xiaonuo) and blocked the cave entrance with large wooden or stone boards, but the cracks still let in a constant flow of cold wind. But this door can completely block the bitter wind and snowstorms, which is so good for the females and the cubs. Xiao Xiao, you are truly a treasure bestowed by the Beast God!”

    He then performed a deep bow to Wu Xiaoyin and placed his right hand over his heart, signifying the tribe chief’s gratitude and promise that he will never refuse Wu Xiaoyin if he needs anything in the future.

    Of course, Wu Xiaoyin didn’t know the meaning of this gesture, but Lei Lu understood. He did not avoid it because he knew that Xiao Xiao deserves it.

    Xiao Xiao didn’t not know the importance of this door to the entire tribe, but Lei Lu knew that it represented a great increase in the chances of survival for the tribe’s females and cubs during the cold season.

    Thinking of this, Lei Lu tightly embraced Xiao Xiao, not letting him move. Only then did Lei Lu felt somewhat at ease. This wonderful person will belong to him!

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