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    After leaving the tribal chief’s home, Lei Lu escorted the priest back to the priest’s house and then turned to return to his own cave. Wu Xiaoyin, who had just woken up from his nap in the cave, and Lei Lu’s father Xi, looked at each other in confusion. After hearing Lei Lu’s footsteps, both of them let out a sigh of relief.

    When Lei Lu returned to the cave, what he saw was the four eyes of the little female and his dad all looking at him. Lei Lu then explained to Xi, “Dad, the little female has just arrived here and doesn’t know how to speak our language yet.”

    As he spoke, he slowly approached the little female, picked him up from the giant rabbit skin, and gently said to him, “This is Dad, Dad.”

    Wu Xiaoyin knew that Lei Lu was teaching him to call the man in front of her “Dad”, so he opened her mouth and said “Dad”. Although it wasn’t very clearly, it was still that word. Xi was still very pleased and responded with a “Yes.”

    Lei Lu was also very happy. Although he knew that the little female might not even understand the meaning of the word, it didn’t matter. He would definitely let him understand it in the future and have the little female keep calling him that. Lei Lu then told Xi, “Dad, the little female’s body is not feeling well, so I won’t be coming to see you these two days.”

    Xi immediately responded, “No problem, is the little female’s body okay? The little female’s body is the priority.”

    Lei Lu tightened the arms holding the little female and said, “He just caught a slight chill. The priest said that as long as he drinks the medicine for three days and rests well, he’ll be fine.”

    Hearing this, Xi let out a sigh of relief. “That’s good. The female’s body is still so weak, he needs to be taken good care of. Alright then, I need to go back and check if your father is back. I’ll be leaving first.”

    Lei Lu carried the little female and escorted Xi to the entrance and said, “Dad, when the little female’s body is better, I’ll bring him to come see you.”

    After Xi left, Lei Lu carried the little female back to the giant rabbit skin, sat down, and placed him on his lap. Seeing that his complexion was not bad, he said, “My name is Lei Lu, Lei Lu.” After saying that, he even pointed at himself with his other hand to indicate “me”.

    Wu Xiaoyin understood that this was Lei Lu’s name, so he learned “Lei Lu.” Hearing the little female call his name in his soft and waxy voice made Lei Lu’s heart incredibly joyful. He repeated again, “Lei Lu, Lei Lu.”

    Wu Xiaoyin also followed and said “Lei Lu.” After saying Lei Lu’s name, he also pointed at himself and said, “My name is Wu Xiaoyin.”

    Lei Lu listened and found Wu Xiaoyin’s name a bit difficult to learn. But wanting to show his affection for the little female, he then said, “Xiaoxiao.”

    Upon hearing this, Wu Xiaoyin couldn’t help but puff out his cheeks. As a relatively small-framed boy who was the same height as a girl at 170cm, being called “Xiaoxiao (Little one)” was a sore point.

    However, in Lei Lu’s eyes, Wu Xiaoyin’s puffed up little face was so adorable. He really wanted to reach out and touch it. But knowing that this was a sign of Wu Xiaoyin being upset, Lei Lu didn’t dare to express his amusement and fondness. He simply asked, “Xiaoxiao, do you want to go outside and take a look?”

    After saying that and without waiting for Wu Xiaoyin to understand or respond, Lei Lu directly carried the little female and walked out of the cave and started strolling around the surrounding area.

    Having his attention diverted, Wu Xiaoyin looked at the plants and environment, which were vastly different from Earth. For a moment, he didn’t know where to look. At the same time, he silently lamented in his heart that he really have transmigrated to a primitive tribe…

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