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    Wu Xiaoyin looked around and found that even the thinnest men around here were over 1.8 meters tall, and the tallest ones were estimated to be over 2.2 meters. Wu Xiaoyin really suspected that he had traveled to a country of giants, or even plants. Well… was that a giant onion over there? Over 1 meter tall!

    Furthermore, this was clearly a mountain valley, surrounded by towering mountains, forming an easily defensible terrain. At the foot of the mountain was a dense cluster of caves, which served as the people’s resting place.

    Wu Xiaoyin was puzzled. Could it be that he have traveled to a primitive world? After all, he didn’t see any people aside from those wrapped in animal skins around! Most importantly, as far as the eye could see, it was all men, all men, which was the key point, showing that Wu Xiaoyin had traveled to a primitive male giant country!

    Ah! No, wait, he still remembered the big tiger holding him now. No mistake, it just performed a grand magic trick by transforming into a human in front of him, which means that he has traveled to a primitive male beastman giant country!

    Wu Xiaoyin was thus carried around in the vicinity of Lei Lu’s cave. Lei Lu demonstrated his ownership, and his mood couldn’t be any more good!

    And Wu Xiaoyin was now in a state of confusion now, and his IQ was already at zero. Even after being carried around in a circle, he still didn’t know that he had sold himself. He was just foolishly carried back and placed on the giant rabbit beast skin. Seeing that the little female still couldn’t get his head around the environment, Lei Lu knew that the little female’s previous living environment must have been much better than the current one, just like the previous female Wu Xiaonuo who came to the beastman continent. Otherwise, the female Wu Xiaonuo wouldn’t have had such amazing medical skills. Therefore, Lei Lu was somewhat worried that the little female would not be able to adapt to the current environment.

    However, the current inability to communicate smoothly was also troubling Lei Lu. So Lei Lu could only silently accompany the little female, hoping that the little female’s mood would calm down. Because the female Wu Xiaonuo eventually stayed in the giant wolf tribe until his death, so Lei Lu knew that since the beast god had bestowed the little female upon him, he would not easily take him away. As long as he tried his best to make the little female live happily and joyfully.

    Wu Xiaoyin was stuck in his own thoughts and couldn’t get himself out. It was only after the sky gradually darkened and Wu Xiaoyin could no longer see the things around him clearly that he finally realize that even though he had come to such a completely unfamiliar world, there was not a single thing that was repeated from his previous environment. But there was nothing in his previous world that he could be nostalgic about, right?

    Even if he was afraid, hesitant, and confused about this world, perhaps this world would also produce the bonds and reasons for his existence, who knows!

    But when Wu Xiaoyin was deeply nostalgic for the world, he wished he had never said that sentence. This damn horny old tiger kept dragging him into bed to have babies. Wu Xiaoyin wished he could slap his current self to death.

    In this long afternoon, no, it’s night now, Wu Xiaoyin opened his mouth and spoke the first sentence, which was the “growl~” of his stomach.

    Lei Lu, who had been sitting quietly beside him, heard the sound of the little female’s stomach and knew that he was hungry. He quickly made a fire and roasted meat, his movements fast and smooth.

    Finally, Wu Xiaoyin had his second meal of the day, roasted meat… Wu Xiaoyin silently thought, roasted meat is delicious, but it can’t be eaten every meal. He wondered what other things the people here eat, and most importantly, the diet needs to be improved!

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