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    The place where Liev was abruptly brought in was the conference room of the White Eagle Knights. In fact, the structure of the building was quite simple, used more for eating or holding strategic meetings on the second floor than for actually lodging and living here. Caught by Renard with his arm still covered in dirt and saliva, Liev, standing in front of others, was in a bad mood. It wasn’t just a matter of feeling bad, he wished he could hide anywhere if there was a mouse hole. 

    What the heck?

    He crouched his body as much as possible and lowered his head. At least this way, his face might not be too visible. Liev swallowed a sigh and stood in front of people. The man who seemed the oldest among those sitting in the meeting room opened his mouth with a perplexed expression. 

    “Ha, Renard, if you come here so suddenly…” 

    The man tilted his head and covered his forehead with his hand, and Renard shouted confidently. 

    “You told me that if I bring him, you will recognize it as mine! Keep your promise quickly!” 

    Renard’s overwhelmingly confident attitude made the other colleagues in the meeting room shake their heads. One, two, three, four… a total of six. Liev peeked at the notable figures in the meeting room through his messy hair. There was Rowena, who was a mage wearing a robe with long hair that used offensive magic, Katrice, who wore comfortable clothes with short hair, and Palvin, a man standing like a bear with a blunt impression. It was very strange to see people whom he had only seen in the novel now gathered, struggling over one person because of Renard alone. 

    “For now, it seems we need to talk to the person involved, so Renard, please leave for a moment. After the discussion is concluded, we will send someone to deliver the news again.” 

    The old man sighed deeply and gestured to Renard with his hand. Renard immediately protested. 

    “Why? What’s so complicated? You just told me to bring him.” 

    However, as if accustomed to such situations, another member stepped forward and skillfully kicked out Renard. 

    “Human affairs are not as simple as you think. You need to cooperate so that we can quickly go through the appropriate procedures. The longer it takes, the later you’ll get what you want. Is that okay?” 

    As the mage with long hair explained with her arms crossed, Renard seemed to have nothing more to say. He pouted his lips in dissatisfaction and left the room, slamming the door. Amidst the awkward silence, leaving Liev alone in the center while everyone watched. 

    I just want to go home. Liev didn’t know if he had the right to speak, so he stood waiting for the older man to speak again. After a while, following a collective sigh, the elderly man greeted Liev again formally. 

    “Well, first of all, let me apologize on behalf of Renard’s rudeness. Let me introduce myself. I am Reinhart Feldborn. I hold the position of commander of the White Eagle Knights, a direct special forces unit under His Majesty the King.” 


    Reinhart Feldborn. It was a name that Liev had known for a long time. Although there was a considerable age difference between him and the main characters, he didn’t appear very often. He played the role of a skilled assistant, helping the young protagonists, who were still inexperienced and unfamiliar with the rules of the palace, avoid mistakes in formal situations. He gave off the typical loyal knight commander vibe, having crossed his forties yet still giving the impression of being far from retiring from the battlefield. 

    “I didn’t expect to meet face-to-face like this… If you can bear with me for a moment, I’ll continue.” 

    Liev quietly listened without saying a word, and Reinhart continued his explanation. 

    “You must be very bewildered, but the reason you were summoned here so abruptly is none other than Renard’s request. As you know, our homeland, Airen, faces a powerful neighboring nation that dominates most of the continent. The Antium Empire is eagerly seeking opportunities to dominate our country, and we, as one of the few independent nations opposing the empire, are making constant efforts to survive.” 

    “I know that too.” Liev slightly nodded, he already knew the information from reading it countless times, which was not that exciting. Reinhart, realizing that Liev was listening, continued to speak. 

    “So, for us, having Renard join us as a member of the White Eagle Knights is an incredibly significant strength, beyond words. Even if we search the entire continent, there are no knights who can stand against dragons.” 

    No, there is one. If things had gone according to the original story, a 20-year-old young man who is now the main force of the knights you command would have become capable of subduing even dragons. It’s a pity that he couldn’t tell the truth.

    “Renard joining us as a colleague was purely a stroke of luck. Thanks to the benevolent divine dragon, who did not turn away from our predicament, he asked Renard to help suppress Count Vasil and his associates.” 

    I see. I expected it, but it’s a natural development. Mahatra, who helped the protagonists remove Kevades, would not have simply ignored their crisis. The way he sent a young dragon as their companion was also a natural course of action. So, the problem seems to be what happened afterward, Liev said, feeling an inexplicable sense of foreboding. And sure enough, an unwelcome story flowed from Reinhart’s mouth. 

    “Now, Renard’s actions are entirely at his discretion. We asked Renard to continue to support the Kingdom of Airen as its guardian dragon in the future. And what Renard asked for was…” 

    Is this revenge against me?

    Liev’s frightening prediction turned out to be wrong.

    “He asked me to make you his companion.”


    Liev reflexively cleared his throat at this absurd development. Why did the conversation turn out like this? Was that what he said about tormenting me earlier? For Liev, a commoner, there was a reason why the high-ranking noble, Reinhart, was being polite to Liev. Liev barely composed himself and asked with a stupid voice. 


    With a voice that seemed to crack at the end, Reinhart let out another sigh and answered. 

    “He said he has someone he wants to find. The news about that person was lost a long time ago, but he must find them. He said he wouldn’t settle with the knights if he couldn’t find that person. Based on the characteristics he mentioned, we dispatched a search party. Fortunately, one of the low-ranking knights reported seeing someone like you, so we were able to find you.” 

    Who could it be? Resentment welled up in Liev’s chest at the thought of who leaked information about him and brought him here. However, it was an unavoidable situation. The water had already been spilled, and blaming someone now wouldn’t change anything. 

    “Anyway, not only our fate but also the fate of the country depends on your cooperation. It might be surprising for a dragon’s companion, but… 

    The conclusion was obvious. It was a statement that he intended to hand himself over, as Renard demanded. Before Reinhart could finish speaking, Liev responded. 

    “No, thank you.” 

    Anyway, one way or another, I had already died and died again. Since then, there has been no significant attachment to life, which has become nothing more than an extension of experiences with death. Although he felt regret for not being able to take care of the children in the lab anymore, even if he were to be called a companion, as he said a moment ago, it would only be a formal means of keeping him by his word with the intention of tormenting him for a long time. Reinhart said with a puzzled expression at Liev’s resolute answer. 

    “No, it won’t be a bad condition for you either. Since we can’t create a duty called a companion, we plan to appoint you as a dragon knight. You will receive privileges greater than those of a senior knight, and as an honorable person performing the duty of who serves the guardian dragon, you will be treated well.” 

    Reinhart poured out various conditions to persuade Liev. However, it was not enough to Liev. Even though he looks to be just in his mid-20s, he has lived for a much longer time. Both Suhyuk and Liev had a far-from-shabby appearance. Instead, his judgment was remarkably better than others. Liev spoke, suppressing a laugh. 

    “Isn’t this just a good facade for the knight order? In reality, it’s just a trophy for the hero of public affairs. 

    A piercing sentence caused a chilling silence over the entire conference room that hit the nail on the head. 

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