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    After the brief cold war that followed his reunion with Renard ended, the relationship between the two stabilized surprisingly quickly. It was almost insignificant that they had been apart for ten years. Even though Renard got bigger, Renard was still Renard, and Liev, too, had not changed. If he had to point out something special, it was that other people felt a little uncomfortable at the fact that Liev often treated Renard as if he were a ten-year-old child. 

    “Wait a minute, if you’re going to steal what’s mine and eat it, don’t just keep picking up meat and eating it. You should eat vegetables together for balance. If you only eat meat, then I have to eat the remaining vegetables.” 

    “But carrots aren’t tasty. They’re mushy.” 

    “Still, only if the radio is right will the meat be delicious.” 

    The sight of the dragon, who saved the world from crisis, being picky about eating carrots, and getting scolded by an ordinary human being who was a knight assisting the dragon’s personal affair and had no extraordinary abilities, was anything but ordinary to those who witnessed it. However, the two continued their conversations without a hint of awkwardness, engaging in a natural conversation. 

    “Now, eat this too.”

    “Ewww. I don’t know what this tastes like.”

    It is not uncommon for a dragon, who is said to have no taste for anything other than fresh raw meat, to eat food cooked from human recipes with a human body. It was even more surprising to see him chewing and swallowing cooked vegetables rather than meat, with an expression on his face that it was some hardship. No matter what the others felt, the two just lived their daily lives. 

    A day or two has passed since they started their peaceful cohabitation in Renard’s mansion. A small but important question slowly appeared in Liev’s mind. 

    “This guy…. Is it okay to just play around like this?” 

    Considering he hadn’t returned for over a week before the ceremony, it wasn’t for emergency preparedness or reserve duty, either. From the perspective of someone who couldn’t survive without working, it was puzzling why he would play for so long. Eventually, Liev couldn’t hold back and was the first to raise the question. 

    “Renard, what do you usually do? What’s your job?” 

    Carrying a snack basket prepared by the steward today as well, Renard, standing in a meadow covered with blooming wildflowers, faced the sun. Without a hint of surprise, he responded to Liev’s unexpectedly serious question. 

    “Well, just this and that. If there’s something humans can’t handle, I go to take care of it.” 

    He really seemed like a reserve soldier. Liev nodded his head in agreement. Come to think of it, he had come back late before the ceremony because he had to carry the necessary materials to repair a broken bridge. The novel’s villain, although the course of events had changed a bit, had been defeated safely, and there didn’t seem to be any serious threats remaining. It truly seemed like an era of peace, and the tasks suitable for a dragon like him were probably limited to that extent.  

    “What about other colleagues? Do they do similar things?” 

    As soon as Liev mentioned other people rather than himself, Renard’s expression distorted strangely. 

    “Oh. But it’s not really something important. You don’t have to worry about Liev.” 

    Renard said casually, planting a kiss on Liev’s cheek, almost licking, without a hint of hesitation or discomfort, just like a dog or a cat. Liev didn’t even notice anything strange for a moment. 

    Renard’s love of skinship didn’t just happen for a day or two, he was the one who had developed the habit. When Renard was young, resembling a child, it was not unusual for him to cling to Renard all day. However, now that he has grown into a strong adult man, it could be somewhat awkward and inappropriate for others to see. 

    “Regardless, this guy doesn’t seem to have any intention of changing, so I can’t help it.” 

    Before he knew it, once again, with both arms firmly wrapped around himself, Liev found himself trapped in Renard’s embrace as if caught off guard, and Renard held him close as Liev wriggled to free himself. 

    “Stop. It’s uncomfortable, so don’t hug me with your size.” 

    The fact that Renard’s body temperature was warmer than a human’s, making the cool spring breeze feel pleasant, might have been the reason Liev couldn’t completely reject it. However, somehow, Renard’s hands felt a bit… weren’t they touching strange places? Startled, Liev pulled his body away, but Renard quickly grabbed him again. 

    “Okay. I won’t bother you too much. Just stay still.” 

    “Uh… I…” 

    Well, the cats that lived at the school that Suhyuk went to often tried to burrow into the lap of someone sitting on a bench, so it may be the instinct of all animals to seek out warmth from humans who won’t harm them. Whether it was appropriate to classify a dragon as an animal like a cat was uncertain, but Liev, reaching the conclusion that there was no better option, stopped running away, and Renard grinned with satisfaction. 

    “But why are you curious about what I do?” 

    In response to the question, mixed with a smile, Liev paused for a moment before answering. 

    “Just curious? We’ve been apart for quite a while, so I want to know what you’ve been up to.” 

    “Well, nothing much. If they wanted me to fight, I fought. If they wanted something destroyed, I destroyed it.”  

    While that might be the summary of all adventures, Liev, expecting a more detailed summary of where he had been, what was interesting, and what had happened, received a short response.   

    However, instead of the expected details, Renard burst into light laughter. 

    “Wasn’t there anything fun that happened? You’ve been traveling with your colleagues for several years.” 

    When Liev asked for more details, an even simpler answer came back. 

    “It wasn’t very fun. Whats fun without Liev.”  

    “Don’t say that. Everyone really cherishes you.” 

    “That’s because they need me. Those who treat me well are meaningless unless I’m useful.” 

    Liev couldn’t shake off a strange feeling. It seemed like Renard truly believed that he was only valued because he was necessary. It felt like Liev was the only one who truly cared for him. Though it was a selfish thought, as long as no one found out, it mattered. 

    “Anyway, is it okay to have this much time now?” 

    Hmm, as Liev asked, trying to shake off this unpleasant feeling of satisfaction by clearing his throat, Renard opened his mouth as if it were obvious. 

    “Yeah. After all, it’s our honeymoon. I heard it is customary to let the newlyweds relax a bit, isn’t it?” 

    And that short sentence had an enormous ripple effect on Liev, as expected.  

    “What? What…! Huh, cough, ughh.” 

    Liev pounded his chest as if to clear his throat at the absurd story, and Renard quickly got up, pouring me a cup of cold water. 

    “Are you okay? Drink this quickly.” 


    After Liev calmed his startled heart with the water Renard provided, he asked, treating the bizarre story as a strange joke.  

    “Stop saying weird things. Marriage? What marriage? You’re not doing anything other than hanging out with me, right?” 

    “No way! Do you see me as some jobless guy?” 

    The current situation was undeniably that of an unemployed person. However, because Renard strongly denied it, Liev could only nod. Well, he didn’t want to push him to work busy days again now that all the important tasks were finished. Maybe it was time to enjoy this peaceful period. As Liev lazily laid back, Renard quickly snuggled up next to him, resting his head on Liev’s shoulder. With a gentle breeze, peaceful sunlight, and a warm body temperature, there seemed to be nothing more to wish for in their daily lives. 


    It was about three days later that Renard left the mansion for a mission. Renard needed to transport several months worth of supplies that he had delivered previously. Even though it was expected to take about a week, there was no danger or combat involved, so Liev could wait with peace of mind.  

    “But why did the bridge collapse? Haven’t all the monsters been eradicated?” 

    Worried that there might be other threats, Liev asked, and Renard confidently replied. 

    “Of course. I’ve already taken care of all the creatures nesting near the Melik Gorge. They said that monsters from the mountain peaks around the Pierre Range are coming down. It shouldn’t be a problem since it doesn’t seem to be magical or related to my kin.” 

    His tone suggested there was nothing to worry about. If the creatures nesting in the Melik Gorge were mostly harpies, which laid eggs and lived on cliffs, Liev wondered if something strange had happened to them. Though it sounded ominous, it might not be a big deal if it wasn’t related to magic or dragons. Renard wondered if there was any point in asking for more questions. 

    “Okay then, be careful and come back safely.” 

    Liev, left alone in the mansion, had to endure the long period of boredom again.

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