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    However, the main problem was not solved. You bastard. I was just trying to lend you a hand and try to teach you how to satisfy your desires on your own, but you ended up biting, s*cking, and doing all sorts of things. When Liev’s expression became cold, Renard pressed his lips to his.  

    “Liev had nothing to worry about. I brought him here to rest and had a good talk with the commander, so everything’s fine.”  

    Liev responded while pressing his throbbing head with his fingers.  

    “Ha… My heart really can’t take it because of you.”  

    Regardless, Renard continued to cling to Liev with a face that seemed to be in a very good mood.  

    “You know, Liev. It felt good earlier. I want to keep doing this with Liev.”  

    Yes. It seemed so. However, the problem was that Liev didn’t feel the same way. Quickly pushing away Renard’s hand that was sneaking up to his waist, Liev stretched his legs under the bed.  

    “I won’t. I’m going to wash up and come out, so don’t follow me. Just try following me!”  

    With a chilling expression, like a guardian chasing away a pet from the bathroom entrance, Renard pursed his lips with a cheeky expression, but it didn’t bother him. Renard, who, with a bemused expression, no longer behaved annoyingly. It seemed like he was being considerate, perhaps because he looked unhappy. Whether he said anything or not, the shock Liev felt led him to head to the bathroom with his brain still half-off. 


    Barely avoiding Renard and being alone in the bathroom, another sigh burst out. What did I just do? Whenever the sensation in my hand was barely forgettable, the vivid memory came back, making his head throb. Let’s wash it off quickly. Touching the wall, feeling the bathtub, and trying to make a lot of foam with the soap, he tried everything to distract himself, but as soon as his palm touched his skin, the memory from a little while ago was vividly recalled in his mind to the point where he flinched in surprise.  

    “Ugh, no, ahh.” 

    Stop thinking about it. I need to stop thinking about it. Liev tried to hit the bathroom wall with his fist, but it was no use, only hurting his poor hand. I don’t know since when, but the lower half of his body has been raising halfway. Am I crazy? First, let’s think about sad thoughts. There was a time when a rabbit he had treated and released was immediately snatched up by a hawk into the air. Like when Mr. Lambert messed up his food and had to eat a bad sweet stew. But his saddest and most terrible memories were different. Although it was unintentional, he injured Renard by pointing his dagger at him. Ugh, he thought he had finally calmed down his memory of him, which made his heart ache just thinking about it. 

    Liev had to hit the bathroom wall with his fist again. Why did his body react when he saw Renard a while ago? While he was thinking so stupidly, his center became swollen again. Until now, he thought he didn’t have that kind of taste for being aroused by looking at men’s bodies. 

    Liev, who pictured a man being very s*xually excited in his head, immediately shook his head. No, I think it’s just unpleasant and far from exciting. Then it was puzzling as to why his body was reacting when I saw Renard a moment ago. 

    Maybe it’s different because someone else is influencing you in front of his eyes. Trying to reach a logical conclusion, Liev continued to try different thoughts, but the heat in his lower abdomen did not subside until the bath was over. He should just get out. With a deep sigh and waving his hand quickly, he erased his thoughts, and a long-lost sense of helplessness came again. What should he do? His head was spinning.  

    Whether he knew about these complex feelings or not, Renard, who seemed to be pretending not to know, was annoyingly occupying one side of the bed, waiting for Liev. Who is to blame for this? Why do I have to suffer because of this guy? Feeling irritated, he grabbed the pillow again and was to hit Renard again when Renard, while receiving the blow obediently, still looked unjustly treated.  

    “What’s wrong? Why all of a sudden?”  

    “I don’t know. Just get out quickly. From today on, I won’t sleep with you.”  

    Even though he knew he was being just grumpy, he suddenly started saying mean things, and Renard was astonished, as if he couldn’t believe such reckless behavior could occur.  

    “What? No! I don’t want to! I just came after a long time, don’t kick me out right away!”  

    However, Liev didn’t back down either. Since he felt like he wouldn’t be able to sleep well with Renard around, after a long struggle, Liev managed to secure a single bed for himself. When he stopped thinking, his heart kept pounding, and he couldn’t sleep. What should he do now? Do I, as a dragon knight, have to solve such problems? After tossing and turning for a long time with troubled thoughts, Liev’s vision gradually turned black. 


    The next morning, waking up later than usual, Liev, who opened his eyes, felt a sense of discomfort due to the weight on his body suddenly becoming heavier. Just as expected, the dragon that he had shooed away before sleeping was proudly hugging his back.  

    “Hah, anyway, you don’t listen.”  

    Just as he was about to get up, complaining inwardly, Liev felt goosebumps over his body at the familiar yet distinct, sharp feel on the back of his neck.  

    “I told you to get out!”  

    In the end, only after Liev raised his voice again did Renard, with a displeased expression, reluctantly get up from the bed. Renard couldn’t figure out why he was so angry, but they say that in love, the one who loves most is the loser. So, Renard, who loved Liev more, had no choice but to be the loser. Grumbling and twisting his mouth, Renard walked outside to assist in the training of the knights. At that moment, Renard’s corner of his mouth twitched again. 

    “They finally did it!”  

    Just the fact that he had engaged in an act with Liev, a precious and special partner, made the whole day seem like it would be good, even if it was filled with bothersome things. The surprised Liev, the Liev who couldn’t open his eyes properly and whose eyelashes were fluttering, and even the Liev who was angry at me were all adorable. It was so good that every time he overcame the impulse to devour Liev from head to toe, lightly biting his delicate skin, causing him to flinch and close his eyes.  

    Now that he had engaged in the act of “breeding” with Liev, all that remained was to wait. At that moment, he imagined what eggs Liev would lay. Albert, who came out to the training ground first and inspected the training equipment, narrowed his eyes and asked.  

    “Why do you look so happy today? Is something going on?”  

    Renard returned yesterday, and Albert, who was absent at the time, asked casually. Renard, showing a cheerful expression, answered.  

    “Curious? Do you want to know?”  

    As soon as he said that, Albert, who had succeeded in predicting the cause of this confident expression with a man who was overly interested in matters of the opposite sex, immediately shook his head.  

    “No! Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know, it seems like I don’t need to know!”  

    Either way, Renard said the words he wanted to say.  

    “Feel free to congratulate me. I might become a dad soon too.”  

    With a face that looked so confident, Albert couldn’t believe his ears and burst into fake coughs. Has this dragon really lost his mind? Or did he manage to do something to that unsociable man by using some method unknown to him? He was confused by the situation. No, no, no, I don’t want to know! However, as someone in a position where he needed the help of the Guardian Dragon, he had no choice but to keep track of his movements. Albert, with his eyes tightly closed, finally opened his mouth.  

    “What? How? Mr. Liev is a man.”  

    It’s unlikely that he engaged in something like that without someone other than Liev. Since Renard, who had shown discomfort as if being touched by a bug when it was someone other than Liev, was the one in question, the possibility of that happening didn’t even cross his mind. 

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