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    No matter what kind of accident happened or what bothered him, just seeing his smiling face made all his anger melt away. Was it because he was too kind to him? Just as Liev was about to start thinking again, the hand that was touching Liev’s waist suddenly slipped under the buckle of his pants. Liev, who suddenly came to his senses, almost screamed in shock.  

    “What, what are you doing!?”  

    Unlike the terrified Liev, Renard remained calm.  

    “I have to finish what I couldn’t do during the day. You fell asleep before I could go.”  

    And with a completely nonchalant expression, he spread Liev’s legs and got ready to take his place between them. But Liev quickly turned over and jumped out of the bed, trying to get away from Renard, who was sitting on the bed with his buttocks.  

    “Don’t be ridiculous!! Stay away! We’re not allowed to sleep together anymore! And you can’t crawl into my bed after I fall asleep!”  

    And as if he couldn’t wait any longer, he grabbed the doorknob and tried to leave the room. Renard puffed up his cheeks and complained.  

    “But Liev liked it too. You came three times in a row in my hand.”  

    Damn, I shouldn’t have taught him. As soon as I told him what it means to “came” as climax, he used it like this. Liev immediately shook his head.  

    “It’s not three times, just two times!”  

    I don’t know what the point of correcting this is, but I don’t understand why he’s trying to correct something that won’t even restore his honor. His face became red. Because of how obscene this was. 

    “So don’t make any strange misunderstandings and don’t be mistaken!”  

    After pouring out his meaningless anger, Renard smiled and answered with the corner of his mouth curled up.  

    “Anyway, it felt good, right? You moved your waist to rub.”  


    Liev screamed and blocked his ears as if he didn’t want to hear any more nonsense, but he couldn’t stop the painful words piercing through his palm. Instead, he chose to cover Renard’s mouth with his hand. Renard, whose lips were pressed by Liev, looked at him for a moment with wide eyes, then smiled and grabbed Liev’s wrist, pulling his hand away from his mouth.  

    “Next time, I want to put it inside Liev. Next time, I won’t end it by just rubbing against you.”  

    It was only natural that Liev’s mind was shattered, as if the world had collapsed due to those words. For a moment, the lovely memories of young Renard flashed through Liev’s mind.  

    “Liev is the best!”  

    “I love Liev so much!”  

    “Liev is the greatest!”  

    The adorable and precious child who used to have this adorable smile, and with his small hands turned into this miserable bastard. Liev couldn’t understand.  

    “Please, just leave me alone! Let me be by myself!”  

    Not only was he already troubled by what happened with Sigrid, but now he had also thrown gasoline and a lighter. Even before Sid threw those unsettling remarks in his face, the fact that he had felt sexual pleasure from Renard’s touch was causing him even greater pain. Thinking that all of this suffering was caused by Renard, Liev couldn’t help but feel a strong hatred towards his once beloved face.  

    “You’re always complaining, even though you like it.”  

    Whether Renard criticized him or not, Liev was pulling Renard like luggage, grabbing his sleeve, and dragging him out the door. He didn’t forget to lock the door right away, even though Renard would have been able to open it if he had decided to do so.  

    “Don’t come in! You’ll see me tomorrow when we leave, so just don’t come in!”  

    Of course, even if Renard came in, all Liev could do was show a little annoyance and frustration. He had no real power to do harm. In the first place, this mansion was Renard’s palace, and Liev had no way to defeat Renard with physical or other abilities. He just shouted in frustration, and his face turned red.  


    It was only because Renard was showing mercy that he could kick him out like this. 

    Realizing that Renard was mercifully accommodating to his complaints, Liev couldn’t help but want to hide in a place where no one could find him.  


    Does Renard like him in that sense, like a companion? Did he say those things about wanting to torment him out of genuine feelings, such as reproduction? His heart was even more complicated now that he knew those words were sincere.  

    But because Renard had imprinted on him, there was still the possibility that he was clinging to the wrong idea. Due to the shock of being separated from the imprint target, his obsession with the imprint target had turned into possessiveness, and that possessiveness and desire could have been mistaken for sexual desire.  

    Then one day, won’t he meet someone for whom he truly feels sexual desire and affection other than himself? Such worries had already seeped into Liev’s heart. If Renard were listening, he would probably scold him for creating such strange worries on his own, but it was just his innate personality. Just as the morning sun rises in the east and sets in the west, it was only natural for Liev to worry about pointless things.  

    If that were the case, he might end up being discarded like a devoted partner who had temporarily satisfied Renard’s sexual desires. The obsession he had for himself could transfer to a new target. It was horrifying to imagine Renard acting like a dog, fawning over someone else, and lowering himself to please them.  

    I don’t like that! 

    Even though he knew it was just a useless delusion, it made him uncomfortable. He wanted to continue being the closest person to Renard. A clear desire had taken root in his heart. He could just enjoy Renard’s showers out of affection for him now. But the reason he couldn’t do that was not just because he had raised Renard since he was young. Of course, that was the biggest issue, but there were also other problems to consider, such as their different races.  

    Nevertheless, if Renard was mistaken and this affection would eventually be taken away from him, one day he wanted to accept that moment gently. It would have been even better if they could maintain their relationship at a moderate level without holding onto any lingering feelings.  

    But now he felt pathetic for already being so anxious about a future that may or may not come.  

    “Damn it…”  

    The moment Renard acknowledged him as the only exception, he should have been prepared for this outcome.  


    Although it was unexpected that Renard would be horny towards him, Liev still sighed as he looked down at his still-unpacked suitcase. He had already made the decision to leave, so he needed to pack his things. With a heavy heart, he started to sort through his clothes, which were also mostly gifts from Renard given to him.  

    “These clothes are so luxurious that people will think I’m a noble if I wear them… But Renard made him wear them anyway.”  

    And unfortunately, those words were true. It wasn’t until Liev entered the palace that he found out that the maids and servants were actually of a certain rank. Until then, he had thought of himself as a citizen of a society that values equality, holding a spear of justice in his heart. But it was quite shocking to learn that even the people managing his own estate were from the lower nobility. That’s why their clothes looked so nice.  

    Of course, the servants working in other buildings, not Renard’s palace, didn’t do menial tasks like laundry and cleaning. That was the job of their maids. It was only in this estate that things were treated differently, as they were people who had volunteered out of admiration for dragons.  

    “They should be paid properly for the treatment they receive.”  

    They were complaining about their salaries being cut, and Liev thought they must be having a hard time, but in reality, they were living quite well. Even though it was a bit unfair, it was too late to think about it now.  

    “Anyway, I do not usually wear these clothes. Why do I have so many of these?”  

    As he picked out easy-to-use and comfortable clothes to replace the ones he had discarded, he realized that he had way too many unnecessary ones. Even if the luggage was heavy, there was nothing good about it, so he chose sturdy and easy-to-wash clothes, which left quite a bit of space in his suitcase.  

    Despite the occasional dangerous news coming from the border, Airen’s territory was not small by any means. The Pierre Mountain Range, which ran along the border, was close to being a dividing line on the continent, and if he needed new clothes depending on the climate, it would be more reasonable to stop by a nearby village and buy new ones.  

    So, it would be better to bring something else instead of clothes. Liev’s gaze turned to the desk on one side of the bedroom.  

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