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    The typical tasks for ordinary examiners included matching rate tests, grade assessments, physical examinations and data collection of abilities, among others.

    As a diagnostic examiner, Sijin took on even more responsibilities.

    Diagnostic examiners had the authority to determine the condition of Ability Users and could force a mission to be suspended. They were also responsible for providing guidance, training, counseling, and advice, as well as adjusting medications such as stabilizers and enhancers. In addition, they were required to have medical knowledge to discuss injuries with doctors and assess the condition. Therefore, in society, diagnostic examiners were seen as a new profession in the medical field.

    At the F12 Center, the most important thing they expected from Sijin was a decrease in the rate of Ability Users going out of control, stable and fast grade promotions, and proper guidance on imprinting. Sijin first examined the list of the most important Ability Users.

    [Esper Ham Geonwu A-Rank]

    [Guide Jeong Taeyul A-Rank]

    [Esper Yu Seunghwa A-Rank – Imprinted Ability User]

    In particular, the Center was concerned about the promotion of A-Rank Ability Users to S-Rank.

    Among the three, Esper Yu Seunghwa had stable energy due to having been imprinted and had gradually built up his abilities until the age of 35, so there were relatively fewer concerns about his promotion.

    The issue lay with Ham Geonwu and Jeong Taeyul.

    When A-Rank Ability Users were promoted to S-Rank, tremendous energy would begin to amplify within their bodies. A-Rank Ability Users had the power to protect the city, while S-Rank Ability Users had the power to protect the country. It was not an exaggeration but a fact as it was.

    Hence, it was recommended to have a gap of approximately 10 years for each promotion.

    ‘They both reached A-Rank when they were twenty-two? How much has the country exerted for them to reach that rank?’

    First, Sijin checked the age at which the two achieved A-Rank, and he was astonished. They must have been born with talent and put in tremendous effort. Furthermore, both had been in A-Rank for 5 years. At this rate of promotion, there was a high possibility they would reach S-Rank within 3 years.

    Supervising them was crucial. When Ability Users were promoted from A-Rank to S-Rank, the likelihood of going out of control increased significantly. This was because the immense energy within the Ability Users’ bodies multiplied several times each day.

    The best way to prevent going out of control was through imprinting.

    ‘Imprinting Jeong Taeyul and Ham Geonwu…’

    However, Sijin felt his heart stirring more than his mind. But he soon shook his head and calmly reconsidered the situation.

    Since Ability Users couldn’t be imprinted by force, their bodies would need to be checked from time to time to ensure that they could properly release their overflowing abilities. This would require appropriate training, intervention in their mission activities, and counseling for psychological stability, all of which Sijin would be responsible for.

    But from the very first day, Sijin was hated by the A-Rank Guide who required the most attention in terms of supervision…

    ‘Cut it off. What do you think?’

    Sijin shuddered as he recalled Jeong Taeyul’s chilling voice.

    For now, Sijin thought calmly. If Jeong Taeyul was someone who could distinguish between work and personal matters, then there was nothing he could say to Sijin, who worked diligently. If it became a real issue, Sijin would deal with it himself when the time came.

    After calming his mind, Sijin focused on the most urgent matter.

    Looking at the chart, he saw that Ham Geonwu had postponed the full-body examination four times within a week, citing his missions and physical fatigue accumulation as reasons.

    ‘If he hasn’t had the examination for a month, then he’s a ticking time bomb…’

    Sijin’s expression turned serious. Even when at rest, the strain on the body from using abilities was significant. However, the F12 Center had frequent monster exterminations. Over the course of a month, Ham Geonwu had engaged in monster subjugation missions six times in total. Sijin was deeply concerned about whether his body could endure such intense use of his abilities.

    ‘No matter how much Ham Geonwu resists the examination…. To leave an A-Rank like that…’

    Sijin let out a deep sigh.

    He understood why Ham Geonwu had an aversion to examinations. There were valid reasons for it.

    Most Ability Users born in the 1990s and 2000s had experiences as experimental subjects. At that time, the country realized the potential of Ability Users as a national power and competitively sought to discover and collect data from Ability Users, conducting numerous experiments under the guise of supervision.

    As a result, the current generation of Ability Users grew up with traumas from experiments and examinations. This was the reason why crimes of retaliation against researchers and examiners often occurred.

    Therefore, Sijin fully understood Ham Geonwu’s aversion to examinations. In fact, it was a common case.

    Nevertheless, postponing the examination was not an option.

    Sijin calmly sent out a summons to the two Ability Users who had not yet been imprinted.

    [Summon Subject – Esper Ham Geonwu, Guide Jeong Taeyul]

    [Summon Location – Ability Diagnostic Examination Room (Examination Building, 4th floor)]

    [Content: Full-body Wave Circulation Rate Test / Wave Stability Test]

    Ability Users who were reluctant to undergo examinations like this were expected to respond very slowly. Jeong Taeyul might even ignore Sijin’s summons for emotional reasons. The final response would probably come around 6 p.m. tonight. In truth, Sijin wasn’t expecting them to show up for the examination today.

    Letting out a small sigh, Sijin took a sip of coffee from his tumbler and looked back at the computer screen.

    Huh. A response had arrived.

    [Summons Declined]

    [Responder: Esper Ham Geonwu]

    [Reason: Accumulated physical fatigue]

    Physical fatigue accumulation? Then I’ll just have to check the wave readings. Since the examination only takes 5 minutes, it was just a quick stop. Sijin sent another summon request, stating the reason.

    [Summon Subject – Esper Ham Geonwu]

    [Summon Location – Ability Diagnostic Examination Room (Examination Building, 4th floor)]

    [Content: Wave Stability Test]

    [Summon Request]

    [*Basic tests unrelated to physical fatigue will be conducted within 5 minutes.]

    Sijin took another sip of his coffee and reviewed the main tasks for the week. One of the tasks was to conduct physical examinations and matching rate tests for a new C-Rank Esper.  It was a relatively simple task.

    Once again, Ham Geonwu’s response arrived promptly.

    [Summons Declined]

    [Responder: Esper Ham Geonwu]

    [Reason: Accumulated mental fatigue]

    ‘Look at this.’

    Sijin’s eyebrows twitched.

    It felt like dealing with a child who threw a tantrum because they didn’t want to get an injection, or hated even the smell of hospitals.

    Tap, tap.

    Sijin put eyedrops in his dry eyes for a moment. Then, with his eyes closed, he began to calm down his rising frustration.

    He was a rational and compassionate diagnostic examiner. There were no bad Ability Users in the world. There were just a few Ability Users who strongly resisted examinations.

    Feeling a bit calmer, Sijin rose from his seat with clear and moisturized eyes. Then, he looked out the window and sighed. The beautiful view of the Center’s blue landscape spread out before him. Even the distant Incheon sea was visible, offering a calming view like no other.

    ‘That’s right. I’ve been hated by Jeong Taeyul since the first day. This is nothing.’

    With renewed determination, Sijin nodded and shifted his gaze downwards. In the Center’s central area, a beautiful lake was visible. And next to it, using his telekinesis to energetically uproot trees… Sijin spotted Ham Geonwu.

    He looked very healthy.


    Letting out a small sigh, Sijin irritably sat back in front of the computer. Then, he sent out a summons with the same content.

    As if teasing Sijin, the response arrived promptly once again.

    [Summons Declined]

    [Reason: Accumulated physical fatigue]


    Sijin briefly took off his glasses and rubbed his tired eyes. Then, he sent out another summons. Whether he was his savior or not, this was getting annoying. Work was work, and personal matters were personal.

    [Summons Declined]

    [Reason: In training]

    Training? Sijin looked back out the window. Ham Geonwu used telekinesis to lift a tree into the air and then planted it in a spot of his liking before lying down to rest on a bench that provided just the right amount of shade. This isn’t some kind of Anim** Cr**ing….

    Now holding his pad, Sijin stared out the window. Then, he began to send another summon through the pad.


    [Summons Declined]

    [Other: Manually entered (wqewqre)]

    It was absurd.

    Ham Geonwu didn’t even look and just pressed the decline button. He was just fiddling with the pad with his eyes closed. Sijin hadn’t expected to see all sorts of reasons from the first day.

    By this point, Sijin was starting to feel his anger rise.








    With a stern face, Sijin stood up from his seat. He was about to storm out of the diagnostic room… but then calmly returned.

    He had forgotten that he needed to prepare. The target was Ham Geonwu, who stubbornly refused everything related to the examination. It was necessary to avoid looking too much like someone who works in the examination room.

    Sijin took off his white examiner’s coat. He tucked the ID card hanging around his neck into his back pocket, and neatly tucked his white shirt over the beige trousers he was wearing. He ruffled his hair slightly to look somewhat like an ordinary law-abiding citizen. It wouldn’t be appropriate for a civilian to be at the Ability Center, but oh well.

    If Jung Taeyul could spy on him from the first day, this was nothing.

    After getting ready, Sijin calmed his trembling heart. Unlike the perfectly disguised Jeong Taeyul, Sijin looked a bit awkward, but he had a justifiable purpose.

    ‘I must examine Ham Geonwu.’

    Work was top priority. Greetings and feelings towards his savior would come later.

    With his mind made up, Sijin confidently walked down the corridor. On the way, he ran into Shin Dayoung, who was bringing some documents. She looked at Sijin in confusion and asked, “Dr. Baek, where are you going…?”

    Walking past her with a firm expression, he replied, “To catch a killer whale.”


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