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    Sijin pushed aside his excitement at their reunion for now. His priority was to persuade this killer whale somehow without making him more resistant to getting examined.

    “Esper Ham Geonwu, I am personally here because—”

    “I won’t do it.”


    “I said, no examination.” Ham Geonwu spun a coin on his palm using telekinesis, looking quite defiant. Sijin continued speaking as he refused to meet his eyes.

    “You’ve already missed four weeks’ worth of tests. If you skip today’s, that’ll make five weeks, which is dangerous.”

    “It’s not necessary. I know my body better than anyone.”

    His stubbornness actually helped Sijin remain calm, since he had encountered countless children who resisted these examinations before.

    “Ham Geonwu-ssi, as an esper, your psychic ability exerts tremendous force on your body, so it’s crucial to get checked regularly. If—”

    “What will you do after the exam?”

    “…Pardon?” Sijin blinked at the sudden question.

    Ham Geonwu’s gaze pierced him, and his sneer made him look menacing. The veins on his neck became more pronounced with each word he spoke.

    “I’m asking what kind of prescription you’ll give me afterward.”

    “A prescription? That would depend on the results of the examination.” Sijin was puzzled by this line of questioning. Naturally, a diagnosis required a thorough checkup first.

    However, Ham Geonwu pressed harder with a stern expression despite his ordinary response.

    “You’re new here, right? So, tell me now what you plan to do with me going forward.”

    “I just—”

    “Are you planning some experiment on my body?”


    Sijin could surmise why Ham Geonwu was acting this way. Experiment… He was clearly still traumatized by his past experiments. Sijin felt sorry for him.

    Meanwhile, Ham Geonwu couldn’t stand the brief silence and pressed him further.

    “You want to test some doping on me, right?”

    “That’s not the case.”

    “Or maybe you’re here to experiment with drugs? Will you be drawing my blood every day?”

    “Um, please calm down.”

    “If I show any signs of going berserk, will you inject me with something?”

    “Esper Ham Geonwu.” Sijin sighed as he looked at him. In just a short moment, Ham Geonwu had started breathing heavily. He calmly observed him before speaking in an even tone.

    “I’m here at the Center to ensure your well-being. If the tests indicate that you’re stable, I won’t do anything else.”

    “What if I’m unstable?” Ham Geonwu sneered as he posed his question.

    Sijin responded without hesitation. “Even then, the most severe actions would be recommending therapy or temporarily suspending your duties for your well-being. Nothing more drastic than that. To be honest, I personally oppose prescribing excessive medication to Ability Users.”


    “But in order to avoid prescribing such harmful drugs, regular checkups are essential. An Ability User’s power is too great for one person’s body and mind to handle, so their health needs constant monitoring.”


    Despite his calm explanation, Ham Geonwu glared at Sijin without saying a word. It seemed like he wasn’t able to persuade him, leaving Sijin feeling despondent.

    Eventually, Ham Geonwu’s tense expression relaxed slightly. He let out a resigned sigh and asked, “Is that why you disguise yourself just to deceive me by saying such things?”

    “I’m not deceiving you.”

    He thinks this is deceiving him? Sijin wanted to tell him how his guide experience with Jeong-ssi had gone yesterday.

    “You were pretending to be scared, weren’t you?”

    “That was… actually genuine nervousness.”

    This made Ham Geonwu laugh for the first time during their encounter. He glanced at him as if finding the situation amusing. Feeling relieved by the change in atmosphere, Sijin finally exhaled fully.

    “So, you went undercover on our first meeting.”

    “If I’d shown up in my lab coat, we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere, would we?”

    “Well, true.”

    Ham Geonwu readily admitted it with a grin that Sijin found both annoying and endearing. Despite his lack of interest in appearances, even he had to admit Ham Geonwu was quite charming.

    Yes, the mood seemed lighter now. Feeling relieved, Sijin gently continued.

    “I’m sorry for deceiving you. Still, it’s dangerous not having any check-ups for about a month. I promise there won’t be any unwanted research or injections; at least let me examine you.”

    “What if I refuse?”

    “If you don’t…” Sijin briefly rolled his eyes as Ham Geonwu leaned back against the bench, smirking mischievously. It appeared he already planned to avoid the examination.

    Sijin considered issuing a stern warning but remembered his trauma regarding tests.

    Ham Geonwu was already struggling enough on his own.

    “If you don’t get examined… things will just go back to how they were in the past.”

    This made Ham Geonwu burst out laughing. However, he gradually stopped and turned away, rubbing his forehead with a bitter smile. It seemed clear that this situation weighed heavily on him.

    Sijin spoke earnestly once more. “I promise I won’t force any tests or injections on you against your will. You have my word.”


    Ham Geonwu remained silent, staring off into space.

    It wasn’t just about getting Ham Geonwu to agree to the examination now; Sijin needed to earn his trust by patiently awaiting his response.

    After a moment of silence, Ham Geonwu abruptly looked at him. “Say that again.”


    “You know, what you said earlier.”

    “…I won’t force any tests or injections on you against your will.”

    Was he seeking confirmation? If so, Sijin could repeat himself as many times as needed.

    After a moment, Ham Geonwu looked down and muttered to himself, “Your voice is really soothing.”

    “…Is that so?”

    “Yes, it sounds like the voice of someone who reads bedtime stories.”

    Ham Geonwu’s spontaneous comment caught Sijin off guard, leaving him momentarily speechless before he smiled softly. Truth be told, this wasn’t the first time he’d received compliments about his calm and gentle voice—it was quite popular among others.

    “Well then, bring your favorite book for when I examine you.”

    “Why? Are you going to read it to me?”

    “Yes, whatever you’d like.”

    “In that case, I’ll bring something super raunchy.”

    “T-That’s…” Sijin became flustered, unsure if he was joking or serious.

    Meanwhile, Ham Geonwu abruptly spoke up.

    “Give me your hand.”


    “Your hand. As a management-level staff of our Center, you shouldn’t be walking around with your hands restrained.”

    “Oh.” In Sijin’s attempt to persuade him, he had momentarily forgotten about it. Feeling awkward, Sijin extended his bound wrists.


    Ham Geonwu then started untying the ID card strap that securely held his wrists together. Unlike Sijin’s fair skin, his hands were large and tanned, radiating warmth. Sijin watched dazedly as the restraints loosened. As he did, Ham Geonwu announced:

    “I’ll go for the examination.”

    “Really? Are you sure? Then… can I schedule you for a full-body examination?”

    “You’re actually asking for my permission. Are you really a diagnostic examiner?” Ham Geonwu asked, sounding amazed.

    Sijin understood his sentiment. Diagnostic Examiners often had a forceful approach to their work. However, Sijin previously worked at a research institute studying psychic abilities in adolescents, which meant he had experience dealing with numerous children. Consequently, he was well aware that conducting examinations without consent could be akin to psychological violence.

    “That’s right. Let’s do a full-body examination. In return, I’ll prioritize catching your assailant as quickly as possible.”

    Despite feeling awkward, Ham Geonwu eagerly agreed, hoping to resolve this matter swiftly. Sijin readily seized the opportunity.

    “Then, I’ll schedule it for tomorrow afternoon. Please refrain from using your ability for 12 hours before the examination.”

    “Understood. Just remember, Doctor, this is your one and only chance.”

    “I understand.” Sijin nodded immediately, grasping that this was his chance to regain Ham Geonwu’s trust.

    “Ah, damn. I’m sorry about this.” The sight of Sijin’s pale wrist prompted Ham Geonwu’s apology. A deep red mark remained due to his sensitive skin. Sijin smiled at his sincere nature and rotated his wrist. In truth, it hadn’t been painful at all.

    “If you’re truly sorry, make sure to show up tomorrow.”

    “You’re threatening me now?” Ham Geonwu chuckled lightly at Sijin’s playful words and nodded.

    Then, without warning, he hung his ID card around his neck.

    “What is this for…?” Sijin looked down curiously at Ham Geonwu’s ID card resting against his chest.

    Sijin looked down at Ham Geonwu’s ID card hanging around his neck with curiosity. Unlike his, which had a gray strap, his was red. His heart inexplicably, feeling as if he’d received some kind of prestigious award.

    As he effortlessly rose from his seat, Ham Geonwu explained, “Just in case I don’t show up. For insurance.”


    It seemed he didn’t trust himself much. Sijin nodded understandingly, empathizing with him. No one would willingly return to a place that triggered traumatic memories.

    “It’s time for training,” Ham Geonwu muttered as if fully awake now. He stood with hands casually tucked into his pockets, and Sijin joined him side by side. Standing next to each other, Sijin couldn’t help but feel the noticeable difference in their builds.

    Sijin blinked and took out his ID card, hanging it around his neck. Ham Geonwu’s gaze followed his movements.

    “Baek Sijin…” He murmured his name. Just hearing him say his name made Sijin flinch with excitement, feeling a tingling sensation at the tips of his fingers.

    Now, Ham Geonwu looked directly at Sijin and smiled softly.

    “Doctor said he’d read any book I want.”

    “Yes, as long as you’re there for the examination.” Sijin responded enthusiastically. Today seemed to be going well so far.

    However, he might have underestimated Ham Geonwu. Unaware of what lay ahead, Sijin proudly smiled as he headed towards his laboratory.


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