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    [I like you, sir! I’ve never had such ecstatic sex in my life!]

    Hearing the voice repeated infinitely, Ja-kyung opened his closed eyes and was the first to spit out a curse. He thought it was a sound in his dream, but it wasn’t. Raising his upper body and looking around, Kang Il-hyun’s cell phone was placed on the bedside table. Did he set that as an alarm?

    Ja-kyung frowned and stretched out his arms, but Kang Il-hyun snatched it up first. He had just come out of the shower, wearing a robe and a towel over his head.

    After turning off the alarm, he smiled at Ja-kyung and unexpectedly kissed him on the lips.

    “Did you sleep well?”

    Then Il-hyun stroked and rubbed his hair. Ja-kyung pulled his hand and glared at him.

    “Erase that immediately.”


    “The recording!”

    “Why, it sounds good.”

    Ja-kyung got up and threw a pillow at him because it was being played like a song. I’m going to kill him! Then Ja-kyung collapsed onto the bed with pain in his lower back. He feels abused more during sex than at work. Il-hyun comes up and lies down next to Ja-kyung because he was not moving.

    Ja-kyung only blinked as he lay on his side, staring at his face.

    Unlike Ja-kyung who was having a hard time, Kang Il-hyun’s face brightened in a single day. He remembered Il-hyun ejaculating on his face in excitement the night before. If he had a strong sense of being fucked one-sidedly before, he had fun together yesterday.

    Crazy. Crazy to say the least.

    It’s like crossing a river with no way back. Kang Il-hyun suddenly stroked his hair with a sad expression.

    “Sorry. I’ll erase it. Don’t be angry.”


    “Would you like to sleep a little longer?”


    “Then, shall we go out and get breakfast?”

    It was an ambiguous time to call it breakfast as it was close to lunchtime. He was tired, but hungry because he had spent all of his energy on sex. Il-hyun stood up and tugged at his arm, so he was reluctantly dragged down the bed.

    He went into the bathroom and took off my gown, but my whole body was tingling. Looking at his swollen nipples, he realized once again that Il-hyun was a nipple pervert. While taking a shower, the semen that remained inside ran down his legs.

    He was speechless in shock and looked down at it blankly. Haa, he tilted his head to the ceiling and let out a sigh.

    Okay. Let’s think positively. You enjoyed it too, you didn’t hate it.

    He wondered if he’d ever be the one to get on top of him and sway his hips, but he felt hopeless as his imagination reached there. Ja-kyung went outside to change his clothes after thoroughly washing his body in cold water.

    Kang Il-hyun sat on the sofa in the living room, sipping tea. He was dressed in shorts, a shirt, and sunglasses, but it was unfamiliar because he was dressed differently than usual. His calves were also long, toned, and smooth, and the shorts fit him perfectly.

    Ja-kyung looked him up and down absentmindedly, and he noticed him like a ghost, then spread his arms and smiled.

    “You like it?”

    Il-hyun chased after Ja-kyung and asked if he didn’t like it when he pretended not to hear. He nodded irritably because Il-hyun was persistent, and Il-hyun ruffled his head proudly. Excessive confidence was supposed to bring bad luck, but because it was well-founded, it only irritated him.

    He only properly checked the exterior of the house after he came out. It was a small wooden house that appeared to be quite old.

    No matter how he looked at it, he didn’t get along with Kang Il-hyun. He was curious as to how Il-hyun came up with the idea of building a house here. He looked around curiously and found a white sports car parked in the yard.


    Ja-kyung cathed the car key that Il-hyun threw.

    “You drive.”

    Ja-kyung didn’t show it, but he was quite happy. He opened the door, sat in the driver’s seat, and turned on the engine. The roar of the engines excites him. A road appears next to the beach after leaving the yard. The roads were in better condition than expected.

    It reminded him of the uninhabited island where he’d fled, but it was much larger. He could smell the salty smell of the sea as he drove along the coast. Looking out to the side, Il-hyun had his arm leaning against the window.

    His randomly flowing hair and the pleasantly raised corners of his mouth blended in with the sea, giving the impression of a painting. Small restaurants and cafes huddled together in front of the sea after deftly turning the corner.

    He was worried because there were no cars or people passing by, but fortunately, one restaurant had just opened. Ja-kyung slowed down and stopped in front of it. The young owner, who took the menu out and put it up, was startled when he saw the two.

    For a moment, he thought they were two actors who had come to filming.

    “Can we eat?”

    “It’s going to take a while, is that okay?”

    The two nodded and entered. The cutely decorated menu board was eye-catching. They took a seat next to the window with the view of the ocean. Today’s sky was especially clear. Il-hyun flipped through the menu and handed it to Ja-kyung while he was distracted outside.

    “Are you done choosing?”

    “You choose. I don’t know what to eat.”

    He demonstrated that it was a pasta-focused restaurant. Furthermore, because it is a fusion pasta, it contains herbs, making it a bit different. As he pondered the menu with his hand, Kang Il-hyun’s eyes were not on the menu, but on Lee Ja-kyung’s face.

    Their gazes met when Ja-kyung raised his head, and Il-hyun smiled first. Ja-kyung was shy, so he drank some water and gazed out the window after ordering the menu.

    “Let’s go to the cafe we talked about yesterday when we finish eating.”

    It must have been the cafe where the desserts were good. Ja-kyung suddenly became curious.

    “Do you come here often?”

    “I have been here before.”


    Il-hyun smiled lightly and shook his head.

    “This is where my late mother recuperated. So, when I was younger, I used to come here about twice a month.”


    “Of course, she didn’t welcome me.”

    Il-hyun smiled brightly even as he told the depressing story. He quickly moved on to another story after saying that he had come several times as he grew up. Ja-kyung didn’t ask any more. The meal was served, and the two had relatively normal conversations.

    It was strange at first, but as he grew accustomed to it, he noticed that the point of the knife aimed at Kang Il-hyun became dull. Furthermore, when Il-hyun was outside, he acted like a normal person. He wasn’t sure if it was acting or real, but he liked it for the first time in a long time.

    After finishing the meal, they set off for the cafe Il-hyun mentioned. However, the cafe had been closed for a long time, so the inside was empty. Ja-kyung was curious about how delicious the dessert was, so he was a little disappointed. He was looking for another cafe and was fortunate to find one he liked.

    It was quite large and had several guests. While he simply ordered a coffee and waited, he saw couples sitting and taking pictures all over the place. Ja-kyung was worried about the mark Kang Il-hyun left on his neck last night, so he kept covering it with his hand.

    A woman suddenly approached Ja-kyung. She smiled shyly and said, ‘Hey… If you have time…’ She was startled when she noticed Il-hyun sitting in front of him. Il-hyun leaned back in his chair and glared at the woman with burning eyes.

    The woman said nothing and ran away to her group, and Ja-kyung finally spoke up.

    “Smile. You’re going to shoot lasers out of your eyes.”

    “I’m smiling.”

    “You’re not. You just glared at me.”

    Kang Il-hyun’s eyebrows go up as he makes a disapproving expression.

    “Why, are you disappointed?”

    They will fight again if he responds. Ja-kyung crossed his arms and buried his face in the table because he didn’t want to hear it. He turned his head to the side and looked out the window before closing his eyes. The air conditioner was on, sunlight was streaming in, and sleepiness was pouring down.

    Kang Il-hyun sat with his chin resting on his palm and stroked Ja-kyung’s hair. He just leaves him alone because it doesn’t mess up his hair. Il-hyun’s hand slipped down and brushes up against Ja-kyung’s neck. Ja-kyung allowed him to touch his neck out of kindness. Ja-kyung felt like he was going to fall asleep after sitting like that for a long time, so he got up.

    “Are you very tired?”

    Ja-kyung crumpled his face in disgust at Il-hyun’s shameless question.

    “It’s because of someone.”

    “How can you work when your body is so weak? Do you want some supplements?”

    “That’s Okay. How much more do you want to torment me after feeding it?”

    The number of customers in the cafe grew as they sat there. People’s gazes increased as well.  A different woman from earlier appeared and brought up her contact information, but ran away after seeing Il-hyun’s grim face. Ja-kyung didn’t seem to be able to do it any longer, so he took Il-hyun outside.

    While driving around, they arrived at a resort on the back side of the island. It was a place where a golf course was operated together. They ate dinner at an Italian restaurant inside the resort and walked along the beach. As the sun set on the horizon, the sky turned red.

    Kang Il-hyun tried to grab his hand, but he shook it off several times, and then he picked up Ja-kung and threw him into the sea. They eventually returned to the house after another round of bickering. Il-hyun looked at the house as he parked the car in the yard.

    Ja-kyung, who was drying his wet hair, turned around wondering what was wrong. Il-hyun turned off the engine. The headlights were gone, and everything was dark. Ja-kyung tried to get out, but Il-hyun grabbed his arm and put his finger to his mouth. Shhh. His eyes glowed in the darkness like a beast stalking its prey.

    Ja-kyung’s gaze was drawn to the house. After a while, Il-hyun restarted the engine, and the lights poured into the house. There was a shadow by the window for a split second before it disappeared.

    An intruder.

    “You see it?”

    Ja-kyung stared at it and nodded.

    “Do you have a gun?”

    “No. I don’t need it.”

    If you don’t have it, just say so; there’s no need to add that you don’t need it. Ja-kyung stared at him puzzled, but then he stepped on the accelerator as well as the brake. The needle on the instrument panel shook violently. Realizing what he was about to do, Ja-kyung fastened his seat belt again with a tired face.

    “Just go in.”

    “Relax. I’m an expert in ramming.”

    Ja-kyung hated it because Il-hyun winked at him. Fuck. How dare he say that in the midst of all this.

    “I didn’t like the house anyway.”

    He gnashed his teeth. Ja-kyung frowned and reached for the handle near his head. The car began to rush towards the front door of the house the moment he let go of the brake.

    Damn it. Just where are we going to sleep tonight?

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