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    “Huh?” That was unexpected. What did he steal?

    Nam-woon’s pupils shook at the words of “boyfriend” being taken away. Without knowing Nam-woon’s state, the man began to spill even more intense information.

    – That bastard stole my boyfriend’s money and pierced his nipples! And he shaved all of my innocent boyfriend’s pubic hair, he shoved something like chopsticks in his front and back holes, ruining everything… My boyfriend said he couldn’t go on without doing that anymore. That’s why he left me without even looking back…

    I feel dizzy. Nam-woon tightly closed his eyes.

    “T-That’s enough.”

    – And then, just after 3 days, he dumped my boyfriend! He’s a bastard who deserves to be fried in shitwater. Think about it, Prosecutor, wouldn’t it hurt your pride that your lover is stolen? By some crazy pervert that was messing around with not just the asshole but the front. I never even got the chance to hold his hand!

    He was so angry that he vented his frustration on Nam-woon as if he had run into a close friend.

    – I hope that Seok Nam-woon will experience this one day too!

    Yes, I understand how you feel. If such resentment has built up, it’s natural to wish that Seok Nam-woon would also experience having his lover taken away by someone else.

    – I wish Seok Nam-woon could meet a crazy guy with eyes for money, put a dildo in his ass and start fucking him like crazy, so that he can only live a life with having sex with XXL-sex toys!

    Is that what you want him to experience? This guy is crazy. Goosebumps ran up his forearm. Nam-woon barely managed to calm him down and check again, as he was almost about to burst into tears.

    “Shut up, so you’re saying you only took Seok Nam-woon’s money, right?”

    – Yes… sob, I only took the money, but Seok Nam-woon took my beloved lover, sob.

    The man seemed to be sobbing a bucket of tears.

    “It’s okay. You’ll meet someone better next time.”

    – Thank you, sob, Prosecutor.“

    “Ah, transfer the three million won he sent last month back to Seok Nam-woon’s account. You know Seok Nam-woon’s account, right?”


    “Right now.”

    After a while, the phone rang with a notification. Three million won had been deposited into the account. It was just getting the money back, but it felt like free money had come in. That’s a relief. This will help somewhat with the money I have to send to Chairman Seok this month.

    After ending the pleasant conversation with the phone scammers, Nam-woon flopped down on the sofa. He then scrabbled for the checkered blanket next to him, covered himself with it, and immediately closed his eyes.

    Today was such a long day.



    He turned over and suddenly opened his eyes to the sound of something falling. Bright sunlight was streaming into the office. Nam-woon shielded his eyes with his hand and slightly squinted.

    Those with nothing special to do would stick their butts in the office even on weekends, but today he was alone. It seemed that the deep-hearted big guys had consideration for Nam-woon’s bad mood. He got up and picked up the phone that had fallen to the floor.

    [8:26 AM]

    It was already morning. After Seo-oh left yesterday, he slept without dreaming, perhaps because he was tired. Now that I think about it, what did I say to Kwon Seo-oh yesterday?

    “Just throw it away.”

    Nam-woon, recalling what he had said to Kwon Seo-oh, held his head. He shouldn’t have said that. Nam-woon was alone in the empty space, kicking the blanket in frustration.

    From Kwon Seo-oh’s perspective, it was normal wasn’t it? To him, Seok Nam-woon was the worst of the worst, and no matter how much he denied it, it was true that Seok Nam-woon had done terrible things. And what was more important was that he had to go pick him up again on a weekday.

    “Ah, how am I going to face him tomorrow?”

    While Nam-woon was tearing at the blanket, the system rang.


    [Today’s Quest has arrived!]

    [Please help someone in trouble!]

    After checking the message, Nam-woon, who had just washed his hands, sprang up.

    He couldn’t just sit around. It was the weekend. He had work to do.

    “Why is the noise getting louder?”

    After finishing a delivery, Nam-woon got off his bicycle and inspected the wheels. It often caused trouble because it was secondhand. Realizing it wouldn’t withstand another trip, he decided to just go back. As he was dragging his bicycle along, he heard a sharp voice from a nearby empty lot.

    “Hey! It’s all because of you!”

    “I’m, I’m sorry.”

    “You asked to join in, but can’t you even do that?”


    A few boys holding baseball bats were surrounding a small child.

    “You can’t even speak properly!”

    “No, that’s not true!”

    “Always getting zero in points.”

    At that sound, Nam-woon’s brow twitched. His nickname in the first grade of elementary school was ‘Zero’ because he always got zeros in his scores. Of course, Nam-woon who couldn’t stand it, had fought with the kids in his class who had made fun of him.

    It was then that the boy in the blue cap standing in front pushed the small child.

    “Ah, really, we shouldn’t have let this beggar join in!”



    These young ones. Nam-woon couldn’t just watch anymore and stepped forward in front of the children.

    “What are you doing?”

    When he suddenly approached and asked, the boy, who had been shouting, was startled and then scowled.

    “We’re just playing, okay?”

    “Just playing, huh? Is this just playing?”

    When Nam-woon pointed to the small child lying on the ground with his chin, the boy got angry.

    “Ah, what is it to you! It’s none of your business, just go away!”

    Nam-woon, looking quietly at the child lying in the center, frowned and said,

    “Kwon Se-han?”

    When his name was called, Se-han lifted his head. Se-han who had been holding back the pain, began to cry as he recognized Nam-woon’s face standing in front of him, his lips turning downward as if he were overcome with sadness.

    The children whispered among themselves when Nam-woon suddenly appeared and called Se-han’s name. The biggest kid among them spoke.

    “Kwon Se-han, who is this guy?”


    Se-han kept his mouth shut tight, and a kid with glasses next to him said quietly,

    “Isn’t that your brother? Kwon Se-han said he has a brother.”

    “Hey, is that your brother?”

    When the bigger boy asked, it wasn’t Se-han but Nam-woon who answered.

    “Yeah, I’m Se-han’s brother.”

    As Nam-woon straightened his back and looked down with a cold gaze, the children stepped back hesitantly. As the tall adult man’s expression frowned more and more, the children glanced at each other and then ran off, saying “Let’s just go,” leaving Se-han behind.

    “Those kids, what are they going to become when they grow up?”

    Nam-woon watched the backs of the running children and clicked his tongue. Then he extended a hand to Se-han, who was still sitting on the ground.

    “Are you okay?”

    However, Se-han did not take Nam-woon’s offered hand. He wiped his reddened eyes with his sleeve and awkwardly got up by himself. Nam-woon, feeling awkward, scratched the back of his head and then picked up the baseball bat that had fallen nearby.

    “Hey, are those your friends? Why are they doing that…”

    Before he could finish speaking, Se-han turned around and ran off.

    “Hey, this…”

    Nam-woon held out the baseball bat he had picked up, but the little guy was so fast that he was already out of the area.

    He didn’t take this with him. Holding the bat, Nam-woon stood looking in the direction. Se-han had disappeared when he heard the sound of small footsteps again. Se-han had returned and was out of breath.

    Pant, pant. That, that’s mine.”

    “Do they always treat you like that?”

    When Nam-woon asked without giving back the bat, Se-han’s large eyes shook with anxiety.

    “Please, give it back.”

    “Answer the question first.”

    Nam-woon said to the small child. Se-han hesitated and then opened his plump lips.

    “They said they’d play with me if I was good at baseball, but I’m not good at baseball, I’m short, and I can’t speak well… So that’s why…”

    “You speak well, don’t you?”

    “…I don’t. I answered, so please give it back now.”

    Se-han extended his small hands, but Nam-woon ignored him and slung the bat over his shoulder.

    “Baseball, huh…”

    Se-han looked up at Nam-woon anxiously. On the day the man in front of him had left the rice, his brother had told him with a dark expression to avoid Nam-woon immediately if he saw him.

    Se-han didn’t think the man was a bad person. He had wiped his nose and even fixed his doll, so he seemed like a good person. But his brother was much smarter and more grown-up than Se-han.

    And last time, he tried to take his bag and now he had even taken his baseball bat.

    Was he really a bad person, like his brother said?

    As Se-han looked up anxiously, Nam-woon looked at Se-han’s tiny face and grinned.

    “Baseball is something you get better at with practice.”

    Se-han’s face was filled with question marks.

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