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    Cover of Deeper and Deeper

    Deeper and Deeper

    by Yannie

    You are the beginning and the end of the world.

    The fire of the primordial written in a mysterious way.

    A cunning and innocent fairy tale.

    A world where 90% of the inland is locked due to climate change.

    Han Yeonsoo, a genius researcher working at the National Marine Biology Research Center, accidentally steps into a secret government project and encounters a mysterious life form trapped in the laboratory…

    “Oh my god. What on earth is this?”

    “You don’t know? It’s a fish.”

    “That… that’s a fish…?”

    “Yeah. It’s a large species found in the deep sea. In ancient documents, it was expressed as ‘mermaid.'”

    Warning: The following content may contain scenes that could be triggering, and there are somewhat graphic descriptions.

    Note: Although it is not Omegaverse, it includes a similar setting (imprinting, knotting).

    Background/Genre: Modern, Fantasy, SF/Futuristic
    Keywords: Apocalyptic, Artificial, Handsome, Beautiful, Skilled, Obsessive, Affectionate, Strong, Mermaid, Cannibalistic, Cunning, Beauty, Proactive, Strong on the Outside, Genius, Doctorate, Researcher, Capable, Inner and Outer Existence, Third Person Perspective, Series, Poignant, Incident, with Sub-Characters

    Character: Mermaid – A dangerous species of mermaid with a 2-meter tail. It possesses an irresistible beautiful appearance but is also capable of tearing humans apart. Occasionally shows affectionate traits towards Han Yeon-soo.

    Character: Han Yeonsoo – A genius researcher majoring in marine biology. Despite his delicate appearance, he has a strong personality. He becomes inexplicably drawn to the mermaid after encountering it in the laboratory but fears its cruel nature.

    Sub-Character: Kang Ki-joon – The director of the National Marine Biology Research Center. He possesses violent and twisted tendencies. For some reason, he exhibits an exceptional obsession towards Han Yeonsoo only.

    1. No chapters published yet.
    1. DD Volume 1 Part 0
      294 Words
    2. DD Volume 1 Part 1.1
      2,169 Words
    3. DD Volume 1 Part 1.2
      1,938 Words
    4. DD Volume 1 Part 1.3
      1,950 Words
    5. DD Volume 1 Part 1.4
      2,645 Words
    6. DD Volume 1 Part 1.5
      2,584 Words
    7. DD Volume 1 Part 2.1
      2,177 Words
    8. DD Volume 1 Part 2.2
      2,173 Words
    9. DD Volume 1 Part 2.3
      Warning: Blood. 2,264 Words
    10. DD Volume 1 Part 2.4
      Warning: NSFW. 2,071 Words
    11. DD Volume 1 Part 3.1
      2,488 Words
    12. DD Volume 1 Part 3.2
      2,562 Words
    13. DD Volume 1 Part 3.3
      2,945 Words
    14. DD Volume 1 Part 3.4
      1,365 Words
    15. DD Volume 1 Part 4.1
      2,579 Words
    16. DD Volume 1 Part 4.2
      Warning: NSFW. 2,665 Words
    17. DD Volume 1 Part 4.3
      Warning: NSFW. 2,488 Words
    18. DD Volume 1 Part 4.4
      Warning: Blood. 2,474 Words
    19. DD Volume 1 Part 4.5
      2,200 Words
    20. DD Volume 1 Part 4.6
      2,657 Words


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