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    Cover of The Mister Wants To Mark Me

    The Mister Wants To Mark Me

    by justmisty

    Yan Yuzhou slept for a while and found himself in a book, not only becoming an omega but also gaining a married status. His husband is a tycoon of a film and television company – Shen Ci.

    Yan Yuzhou looked at the prenuptial agreement signed with Shen Ci, separate rooms, no marking, and divorce as soon as the time comes, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

    But gradually, he noticed that this indifferent husband seemed to have some ideas about him. Not only was he on full guard against the alphas around him, he also liked to sleep holding him, and what’s more, he would mark him temporarily from time to time.

    Feeling uneasy, Yan Yuzhou threw out a piece of paper, defending his rightful Omega status — “I want a divorce.”

    Shen Ci waved his hand casually, a stack of property certificates laid out in front of him, leaving Yan Yuzhou bewildered.

    Then, he circled him, with a playful tone, “Baby, all the property is yours, and I am also yours.”

    Yan Yuzhou: … Husband, what happened to the cool and aloof image we agreed on?

    Early stage indifferent and abstinent, late stage possessive attack (Shen Ci) x smart, playful, and wave-like before straight and then bent receiver (Yan Yuzhou)

    1v1, both clean. Marry first, love later, transmigration, ABO setting.

    Sweet and cruel, just the right amount of sweetness, a bit of torment adds flavor to it.

    1. No chapters published yet.
    1. MWMM C1: Accidentally Transmigrated into a Book?
      1,794 Words
    2. MWMM C2: Hugged by a Grown Man
      1,233 Words
    3. MWMM C3: Durian Flavored?? 
      1,465 Words
    4. MWMM C4: There’s No One Here You Can Seduce
      1,366 Words
    5. MWMM C5: Get Out
      1,381 Words
    6. MWMM C6: This alpha has been single for a long time and is easily perverted.
      1,387 Words
    7. MWMM C7: Checked the box in the “living on campus” column.
      1,422 Words
    8. MWMM Chapter 8: Let other men smell at will
      1,430 Words
    9. MWMM: Chapter 9: Openly Flirting with Other Men
      1,253 Words
    10. MWMM Chapter 10: I’m definitely going to die, sob sob sob…
      1,302 Words
    11. MWMM Chapter 11: It turns out that there are so many sensitive spots on my back
      1,362 Words
    12. MWMM Chapter 12: So Cute, I Want to Bite
      1,202 Words
    13. MWMM Chapter 13: The Thing I Hate Most in My Life is You Omegas
      1,277 Words
    14. MWMM Chapter 14: Eyes Red from Crying
      1,272 Words
    15. MWMM Chapter 15: Need to Have Children
      1,253 Words
    16. MWMM Chapter 16: Harassed?
      1,123 Words
    17. MWMM Chapter 17: Sooner or Later, We’ll Divorce
      1,146 Words
    18. MWMM Chapter 18: Unexpectedly, he leaned in to take a sniff.
      1,352 Words
    19. MWMM Chapter 19: That Feeling From Last Night Came Again.
      1,225 Words
    20. MWMM Chapter 20: Black Tea, Hmm, I Really Want to Drink It
      1,226 Words
    21. MWMM Chapter 21: Are You in Heat?
      1,290 Words
    22. Chapter 22: Missing Someone’s Pheromones
      1,086 Words
    23. MWMM Chapter 23: A Bite, It’s Nothing
      1,336 Words


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