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    Cover of The Tiger That Heralds the Dawn
    KRShounen Ai

    The Tiger That Heralds the Dawn

    by soapa

    The flawed heir of the esteemed tiger tribe, Cheon Ryubeom, the blemish of the celestial realm. He faces persecution and scorn from his clan due to being the offspring of a runaway heir and a human, enduring mockery and disdain. After failing in fox hunting and disrupting an important clan assembly, Cheon Ryubeom is on the brink of being expelled from the clan when he is given the task of solving strange phenomena nationwide as his last chance.

    Approached by Yeohwi, a kind and affectionate fox anthropomorphic, who offers to help him, Cheon Ryubeom hesitates due to the antagonistic relationship between the tiger and fox tribes, but he finds himself increasingly curious about Yeohwi…

    “I wish our connection could last a bit longer, go a bit deeper.”


    The time spent with Yeohwi changes Cheon Ryubeom. He eagerly grows, willing to believe and follow anything he says. Amidst the chaos, Yeohwi becomes Cheon Ryubeom’s anchor.

    “I want to protect you, and I want to treat you well.”

    Yeohwi is content with Cheon Ryubeom’s promises, but gradually, moments of silence overshadow even their purest sentiments. What lies hidden behind the face that no longer displays even the usual playful smile?

    What form will the truth of ‘that day’, sought after by Yeohwi’s sincerity and Cheon Ryubeom’s curiosity, ultimately take?

    Released every Sunday and Thursday

    1. Scheduled: TGHD Ch14
      1,817 Words
    2. Scheduled: TGHD Ch15
      1,981 Words
    3. Scheduled: TGHD Ch16
      1,770 Words
    4. Scheduled: TGHD Ch17
      1,615 Words
    5. Scheduled: TGHD Ch18
      1,748 Words
    6. Scheduled: TGHD Ch19
      1,647 Words
    7. Scheduled: TGHD Ch20
      1,762 Words
    8. Scheduled: TGHD Ch21
      1,882 Words
    9. Scheduled: TGHD Ch22
      1,589 Words
    10. Scheduled: TGHD Ch23
      1,681 Words
    11. Scheduled: TGHD Ch24
      1,632 Words
    Next Chapter: 18/07/2024, 12:42 pm
    1. TGHD Ch1
      2,069 Words
    2. TGHD Ch2
      1,967 Words
    3. TGHD Ch3
      1,851 Words
    4. TGHD Ch4
      2,144 Words
    5. TGHD Ch5
      2,043 Words
    6. TGHD Ch6
      1,666 Words
    7. TGHD Ch7
      1,771 Words
    8. TGHD Ch8
      1,374 Words
    9. TGHD Ch9
      1,371 Words
    10. TGHD Ch10
      1,457 Words
    11. TGHD Ch11
      1,726 Words
    12. TGHD Ch12
      1,721 Words
    13. TGHD Ch13
      1,900 Words

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