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    Cover of The Warrior of the Namgung Clan Reincarnated in a Romance Fantasy
    KRSchool/CampusShounen Ai

    The Warrior of the Namgung Clan Reincarnated in a Romance Fantasy

    by Mei

    I was born as a collateral descendant of the Great Namgung Clan and lived my entire life as one of the clan’s warriors.  
    My life came to an end the year I turned forty-five, when the Demonic Cult’s rampage sparked the War Between Righteousness and Evil.  

    But when I opened my eyes, I found myself as the child of an unfamiliar-looking Semu?  

    “So, you’re begging me to let you use the training grounds again?”  
    “Yes. Now that I am already five years old, it will be too late if I do not start practicing the sword.”  
    “Why do you want to learn the sword?”  
    “I will become a sword master.”  
    “A sword… ahem. I see… So, our son wishes to become a sword master.”  
    “Though it might seem like a distant dream at the moment, once my body develops and I am able to control my range, I will be able to use sword aura, at the very least. Please grant me permission.”  
    “Will you explain to me what… range means, son?”  
    “It means extending the range of the sword’s attack in relation to one’s opponent as one’s arms and legs grow longer.”  
    “I see… It seems that our son will easily be able to use sword aura once he grows a little bigger…”  

    Just as pine caterpillars eat pine needles and silkworms eat mulberry leaves, a martial artist must wield the sword.  

    Even in my new world, I resolved to master the sword and become a force of the unrestrained realm—a Grand Sword Master.  

    “You’re enrolled in Professor Casablanca’s liberal arts world history class, right? I heard the content is the same as last year’s.”  
    “Yes, that is correct…”  
    “I put a lot of effort into my notes, so you can just use these.”  

    Good looks, good lineage, and a gentle temperament.  
    This child, who’s impeccable in every way, keeps following me around.  

    Offering notes, lending study rooms, and even buying me food.  
    His intentions seem dubious.  
    Could this be a ploy to curry favour with me, the next greatest swordsman under the heavens, in anticipation of becoming the emperor?  

    But isn’t he acting a little too…,  
    …too, cute for that…?  

    A tale of a martial artist reincarnated into a romance fantasy world and a prince who is suspiciously meek, navigating their way through the ups and downs of academy life and gradually succumbing to first love! 

    1. No chapters published yet.
    1. NGRF Ch 1
      1,172 Words
    2. NGRF Ch 2
      2,092 Words
    3. NGRF Ch 3
      2,199 Words
    4. NGRF Ch 4
      2,200 Words
    5. NGRF Ch 5
      2,008 Words
    6. NGRF Ch 6
      2,041 Words
    7. NGRF Ch 7
      2,099 Words
    8. NGRF Ch 8
      2,092 Words
    9. NGRF Ch 9
      2,183 Words


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