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    Cover of Young Alpha
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    Young Alpha

    by Springlila

    Appearance, wealth, the trait of the dominant Alpha, and even a beautiful wife who could stand as a trophy.

    There was no flaw in the life of ‘Woo Seung-joon’, which was perfectly crafted like a diamond.

    Until the world’s most beloved wife, ‘On Ji-an’, asked for a divorce.

    “I also want to meet Alpha who is eight years younger than me.”

    Should you make ‘Woo Seung-joon’s’ marriage a failure just for that reason?

    In a desperate moment when he has to change the heart of his wife who has been asking for a divorce, Seung-joon… He returned to his 20-year-old body!

    It’s top secret that the only successor of the TK group has turned into a slimy 20-year-old youngster overnight.

    Seung-joon thoroughly disguised his identity as ‘Seon Woo-young’ and wandered around his wife ‘On Ji-an’, who was preparing to return to the entertainment industry under the stigma of…“The nation’s first love who disappeared after married his sponsor.” 

    “Ji-an-ah, I’ll become the man you will love again.”

    Seung-joon (aka Seon Woo-young, a trainee at SJ Entertainment) has become 8 years younger than his wife.

    Would he be able to make On Ji-an, his wife, who has despised him for the past two years of their marriage, fall in love with him again?

    1. No chapters published yet.
    1. YA Ch 1
      2,015 Words
    2. YA Ch 2
      1,718 Words
    3. YA Ch 3
      1,892 Words
    4. YA Ch 4
      1,723 Words
    5. YA Ch 5
      1,700 Words
    6. YA Ch 6
      1,755 Words
    7. YA Ch 8
      1,864 Words
    8. YA Ch 7
      1,972 Words
    9. YA Ch 9
      1,870 Words
    10. YA Ch 10
      1,959 Words
    11. YA Ch 11
      1,829 Words
    12. YA Ch 12
      1,635 Words
    13. YA Ch 13
      2,001 Words
    14. YA Ch 14
      1,709 Words
    15. YA Ch 15
      1,860 Words

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