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    As Kim Hayun took his first breath upon birth, Baek Mookyeong also drew his initial breath in this world at that precise moment. It’s hard to define such moments accurately, but both Kim Hayun and Baek Mookyeong felt it distinctly due to their intertwined destinies.

    Kim Hayun was born as an esper. The moment he entered the world, nearby doors trembled as if paying homage, affecting not only fellow espers around him but also significantly influencing Baek Mookyeong despite not being an esper himself.

    Baek Mookyeong’s parents were exceptional espers, and thus, from early on, Mookyeong was classified as one too. Even during his time in the womb, he demonstrated extraordinary psychic abilities, exerting influence on the outside world with remarkable potency.As the due date approached, everyone involved was on high alert. However, surprisingly, Mookyeong didn’t emerge as expected. It was as if nothing unusual was happening, and he remained within his mother’s womb. If not for his esper abilities, they might have attempted induced labor or a cesarean section.

    However, as previously mentioned, Baek Mookyeong was an esper capable of using psychic powers even while in utero. This indicated that his brain had already developed significantly, allowing him to detect potential harm and danger. If Mookyeong perceived induced labor or surgery as threats, no one could predict what might happen.

    Thus, Baek Mookyeong’s parents and those concerned had no choice but to wait until he decided it was time to enter the world. Yet, Baek Mookyeong remained too quiet, and his mother, Seo Iju, was an exceptionally gifted esper.

    There were numerous people searching for her. Despite the burden of pregnancy, Seo Iju was constantly called upon from various places. Then one day, without any warning, while leaving their residence and heading to the outskirts, Seo Iju suddenly collapsed due to intense contractions.

    Giving birth always carries risks, even for espers. However, the dangers associated with an esper’s childbirth extend beyond just the mother and child, necessitating delivery in specialized facilities as a standard practice. Unfortunately, due to Seo Iju’s critical condition, she had to be urgently transported to the nearest obstetrics hospital.

    Anticipating potential hazards, nearby espers were stationed around the hospital. They erected multiple protective barriers to ensure the safety of both the patient and medical staff. Despite these precautions, conducting the surgery remained challenging.

    If Baek Mookyeong perceived this as a threat, the other medical staff and patients in the hospital would be safe, but the lives of the medical team nearby and Seo Iju would be at risk. While there was conflict between the medical staff and guardians over whether to proceed with the surgery, another pregnant woman arrived at the obstetrics department. Lee Inyeong, who was nearing her due date and experiencing labor pains, bravely walked to the hospital alone. After calmly calling her husband still at work, she began the admission process.

    As she awaited her husband and mother’s arrival, Lee Inyeong continuously shifted positions due to discomfort. Contractions were present, but contrary to what she had heard, they weren’t unbearably painful. Suddenly, she felt a strange sensation within her body.

    It was a sensation she had never experienced before. However, it was clear that her cervix was naturally opening. Or rather, some ‘door’ was opening. As her waters broke and soaked the bed sheet, Kim Hayun emerged with a peaceful expression onto this world. A nurse, who was measuring another mother’s blood pressure, turned around at the sight and let out a startled scream.

    The baby, whose eyes were closed until then, began to cry as if startled by the noise. Meanwhile, just before Kim Hayun’s birth, Seo Iju narrowly made it into surgery. Tension filled the operating room. An invisible force weighed heavily on the surgeon, making their hair stand on end. As they barely managed to incise Seo Iju’s abdomen, blood started dripping from their nose.

    With extraordinary concentration, the doctor delivered the child. The baby opened its eyes wide but didn’t cry immediately. However, when the operating room door trembled slightly, it let out its first wail.

    Espers waiting both inside and outside the hospital noticed something unusual. Yet, they didn’t investigate further. This was because such matters fell under the jurisdiction of the Administration Bureau, which managed espers, not their own responsibility. Their original task had been to escort Baek Mookyeong to a designated facility.

    However, Baek Mookyeong refused to leave the hospital. To be precise, he refused to depart from the neonatal ward, specifically Kim Hayun’s bedside. Consequently, despite not wanting to delve deeper, the espers were compelled to confirm the anomaly.

    The unexpected occurred with another newborn, a male infant named Kim Hayun, born simultaneously with Baek Mookyeong. The anomaly was associated with him.

    Kim Hayun’s abilities couldn’t be detected through conventional means or measurements. Moreover, his parents were ordinary individuals with no connection to superpowers. Even within their extended family, there wasn’t a single esper. Yet, Kim Hayun himself was indeed an esper.

    Whenever Kim Hayun cried, all sorts of doors in the hospital would open, and even the ‘doors’ of space would often creak open. Seo Iju, an esper specializing in telekinesis, immediately recognized Kim Hayun’s power. The child possessed such immense strength that it elicited envy from Seo Iju herself.

    Faced with this situation, Seo Iju had to make a crucial decision. Baek Mookyeong refused to part from Kim Hayun, while Hayun’s biological parents, being ordinary people, were ill-equipped to handle his extraordinary abilities. However, as typical parents, they wouldn’t willingly give up their firstborn under any circumstances.

    Seo Iju explained this situation and proposed joint parenting to Lee Inyeong. Initially, Lee Inyeong refused but eventually had no choice but to accept due to circumstances. Seo Iju arranged for accommodation next to Lee Inyeong’s house.

    Apart from his superpowers, Kim Hayun was a calm baby who didn’t care where he slept. On the other hand, Baek Mookyeong needed Kim Hayun nearby; if Hayun disappeared even while asleep, Mookyeong would burst into tears. Consequently, they spent every moment together, as it felt entirely natural for them to be inseparable.

    This was their life.

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