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    I finished my self-study session. I didn’t study well because of various thoughts, but thanks to a habit I had, I was able to finish the part I was supposed to finish before dinner time. It was a relief.

    When the dinner bell rang, I thumped my head on the desk. “Jung Ji-pil, you stupid dimwit…!” I remembered Lim Dae-han’s surprised expression right before the self-study. I’m sure the idiot-like Lim Dae-han was waiting to eat and would be staring at me if I turned my head back, but I was too scared to do so.

    It’s been only a few days since we decided to start dating, so who would talk about a blind date? To be honest, the only time I was in a relationship was in middle school, and even then, I never had a proper conversation. When I saw what was commonly referred to as jealousy on TV, I was also the only one who kept saying that there was no need to do such a thing.

    But now it appears that I purposefully asked Jung Ji-pil to do this. Of course, I said I didn’t agree right away, but… I’m wondering how such a situation could occur as soon as I express my sadness to Lim Dae-han.

    My thoughts race to me like ripe fruit from a tree.


    I let out a sigh. I wanted to slap myself on the cheek to calm down, but I couldn’t. I remained silent for a while. Lim Dae-han’s voice came from behind.

    “Ki Young-hyun.”

    I answered without looking at him.


    “Shall we go out for dinner tonight?”

    I jumped up as I was taken aback by his words. I slowly turned around and looked at Lim Dae-han. As before, he was neither surprised by Jung Ji-pil’s words nor sorry for being annoyed with me. It was the usual Lim Dae-han.


    If I felt a little strange about that, maybe it would make me have no conscience. He said one more thing to me, who was staring at him with my lips pursed.

    “I have something to say.”

    Was he breaking up with me?

    No way…

    He said he had liked me for a long time…

    But after we started dating, I started whining and pretending to be pitiful. And when Jung Ji-pil asked for me to come to a blind date, I couldn’t say no, so he may have grown tired of me.

    I bit my lower lip and my eyes were filled with determination. Then I looked to the side, covered my mouth’s sideway with my hand, and spoke in low voices.

    ‘I’m not going to meet the people Jung Ji-pil mentioned.’

    Lim Dae-han’s face frowned.

    “Aren’t you crazy if you do?”

    Even if you say that…


    Lim Dae-han ate really well. We were sitting in the cafeteria after I mentioned that I didn’t want to go outside because it was too hot. Lim Dae-han who had received a bowl of rice scooped the rice and ate while leaning back.

    While I was hesitating to eat across from him, I asked while looking at Lim Dae-han who was focusing on the meal in a hurry as if he would get an upset stomach.



    “Are you okay?”

    I asked because he was so calm. Lim Dae-han, who was excitedly scooping rice, put down his spoon when I asked him a question. It was probably the first time I saw him put down his spoon while we were together. Lim Dae-han turned his head to the side after gulping the food in his mouth. He bit the inside of his cheek as if thinking for a moment, then turned his head again.

    “Will you cut me some slack?”


    “Let me hit Jung Ji-pil once.”

    My face immediately wrinkled as I heard the words. “See?” said Lim Dae-han, picking up the spoon again.

    “You know I’m not going to meet the people Jung Ji-pil introduces, right?”

    “I know.”


    “You’re going to my house this weekend.”


    “Ka Young-hyun.”

    Lim Dae-han said my name jokingly and laughed with his lips raised at an angle. Ugh. I stomped my feet while sitting down. I put strength on the spoon I was holding and spilled it slightly. Lim Dae-han smiled coolly and then went back to the eating battle.

    After eating, we went to the snack bar side by side. Lim Dae-han stopped me at the store’s entrance and went to get some ice cream. It was obvious that it would be a freeze bar. I raised my head and tapped the ground with the front of my shoes. Lim Dae-han, who was taller and bigger than his peers, stood out immediately.

    “Hey, there’s an older brother you like.”

    “Oh, don’t say it here. What if he hears it?”

    “Why? But I don’t like it, he is too big…”

    I only turned my gaze to the voice I heard in order to chase the students’ gazes. Only Lim Dae-han stood out among the people. He came up to me with two ice cream and a handful of snacks.

    Were they talking about Lim Dae-han?!

    Because it was a co-ed school, it was possible to have relationships or exchanges between opposite sexes. Lim Dae-han frowns as if he’s sweating and hands me what’s in his arms. I made eye contact with the students who were standing beside me. The students, who were staring at me in astonishment, quickly moved.

    It was true, they were really talking about Lim Dae-han!

    I felt agitated for a brief moment, a feeling that cannot be described in words. “Oh, damn it. It’s so hot,” he grumbled, expressing his feelings roughly. I opened my mouth, revealing my teeth. I was frustrated, but I couldn’t even show it, Lim Dae-han then touched my bangs.

    “Did it taste good because it was hot?”

    “I want to go back and eat ice cream.”

    Lim Dae-han nodded and took the lead. I followed him and observed him from head to toe. Was he popular? It’s possible there weren’t many. He appeared fierce and rough, but in reality, he was handsome, less clingy, less talkative, and seemed a bit lonely.

    Lim Dae-han, who arrived first, sat on the stone steps. He wiggled his outstretched legs. The soles of the slippers made a steady sound as they touched the ground. I sat beside him. I managed to stuff all of the snacks into my pocket, but it appeared that I wouldn’t be able to eat both ice creams.

    “You eat one. I will eat one.”

    Lim Dae-han grabbed the ice creams with both hands as soon as I finished speaking. Were you planning on eating both? It wasn’t impossible to imagine Lim Dae-han had two freeze bar tubes in his mouth.

    Lim Han poked the edge of the wrapping paper on his thick and rocky thigh. The plastic cracked and the sky blue ice cream appeared. I tapped mine in the same way and roughly ripped the top of the tube off with my teeth. I thought I’d throw it out on the floor if I left it like this, so I reached out.


    “Give me that ice cream wrap.”

    Lee Dae-han gently handed over the wrap. I stuffed mine and Lim Dae-han’s wrap in the plastic bag. It was still hot in the evening. If I have a vacation next week, I would be glad to get home earlier than when I did night self-study, but I think it’ll be better if I get home at 10 p.m. Should I do night self-study like before? But I was sure Lim Dae-han will not allow it. Does that mean we would spend less time together? Anyway, I wasn’t going to do it either.

    I still have to go to school as well.

    I think I’m going to go to school during summer vacation. I turned to speak with Lim Dae-han, but he rubbed the freeze bar roughly. It had to be tough because it hadn’t melted yet, but it was easily crushed in his grasp. When the top of the tube was sucked in, what was inside came out. He obviously ate it with excitement as usual, but it appeared strangely lewd.

    It seems that I have gone insane.

    It reminded me of him sucking my lips and nipples. Was it that rough? Well, it wasn’t soft. So it was harder, but it was good.  I couldn’t even eat mine, but I swallowed my breath and turned my head forward as I watched Lim Dae-han eat.

    “Ka Young-hyun.”

    “It’s Ki Young-hyun.”

    “Is it hot? Do you want to go to class?”

    Lim Dae-han reached out to me and asked. When I looked back at him, he was touching the tip of his hair and the collar of his shirt. I think it was because it was hot that I was acting strangely. He has no sense. Would you like to go to the back of the old building right away? I’ll ask him. I guess I’m the only one who’s weird. I suddenly became depressed.



    “You were annoyed with me earlier. Because I woke you up.”


    Lim Dae-han’s face was flushed with embarrassment again. I put my arms on my lap and leaned forward as if I was about to fall.  I turned to Lim Dae-han. Our eyes met. Wait, will he think I’m ugly if he looks at me while I am lying down?



    However, he raised his hand and touched my cheek. He touched me with his index and middle fingers in a sequence, as if he were playing a human game with his fingers. The tip of his thick index finger then brushed against my lips.

    From my point of view, it seems that Lim Dae-han was just being lewd. Otherwise, this could not have happened. We can make up well even if we only use gestures and don’t say anything.

    I bit Dae-han’s first finger without hurting it. Then I curled my lips and sucked them briefly before walking away. Lim Dae-han hurriedly took his cell phone out of his pocket. Then he asked me.

    “It’s 6:33 now.”


    “How long are you going to eat ice cream?”


    He gradually raised his body. I shook my head slightly.

    “You don’t have to eat it.”

    Lim Dae-han sighed and got up from his seat. He snatched the ice cream from my hands and tossed it into a rubber bucket that had become a garbage can by accident. Then he returned to me and grabbed my wrist.

    “Let’s go.”


    “Let’s go up the stairs.”

    As I climbed the stairs, I noticed a defunct science lab and an old building that was rarely visited by people. Lim Dae-han, you dummy. Your true intention has been revealed. But I also keep following him quietly.


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