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    As soon as they entered the bar, Damian felt everyone’s eyes on him. Despite the dim lighting due to the lack of illumination, his striking features seemed to pierce through the darkness.

    “Yes, isn’t it astonishing? The fact that he’s not just any deity but specifically an angel.”

    Considering how many souls might willingly surrender themselves with a mere word from this being, it was indeed surprising that he was an angel rather than a demon.

    “It seems even well-guided souls lose their way upon meeting you, Teacher. What do you think about that?” Mikael placed his hand on Damian’s shoulder and whispered, gently pulling Damian’s neck closer.

    As Mikael’s syrupy voice dripped into his ear, Damian shivered and rubbed the back of his neck.

    ‘Ah, how sensitive he is. Is his nape ticklish?’

    Mikael’s mouth watered involuntarily, and he unconsciously licked his lips.

    “Huh? What do you mean by that?” Despite his physical sensitivity, Damian’s response sounded genuinely curious and sincere.

    While internally fantasizing about stripping this infuriatingly handsome man naked and spanking him until handprints adorned his b*ttocks, Mikael maintained a charming smile on the outside.

    “Are you pretending to be innocent or simply being modest?”

    At Mikael’s light taunt, Damian’s eyes widened momentarily before breaking into a deep grin and whispering back.

    Their noses were almost touching, so when he pulled back slightly, his warm breath tickled his face.

    “I meant I didn’t want to hear such stories on that topic as they are annoying.”

    Mikael expected an angel’s breath to smell like cotton candy, but surprisingly, there was no scent at all. It felt more like a gentle breeze against his palm, which oddly enough only heightened his arousal.

    Mikael had lost all control since meeting this man and got turned on by anything he did.

    “Wow, that’s quite mature of you. Yet another lesson learned from Teacher.”

    “No, I think I’ve taught you something inappropriate this time.”

    As if trying to prove how open-minded he was, Mikael spread out his arms with a light laugh.

    “Oh, feel free to apologize as much as you like. I’ll forgive you anytime.” Damian chuckled along with him.

    Damn. Even in the dim lighting, his smile shone brightly, exuding maturity and sophistication.

    “Yes, indeed. How’s work going for you? Oh, bring me a drink inspired by dragon’s breath, please.” Damian took a seat and ordered with that charming grin.

    “Ah! Please give me a glass of blue lagoon, and of course, add cherries.”

    Mikael would’ve preferred sitting at a smaller table where their legs inevitably touched due to space constraints, but alas, the waiter led them to an overly spacious sofa area, leaving Mikael slightly disappointed.

    Ahh, it’s actually going too well, which is concerning. Patients keep increasing because my work is so effective, you see?”

    “It sounds like good news, so why does it worry you?”

    “I’ve been a demon for almost a year now. I figured it’s about time I start pushing people toward suicide or inciting harm to others.”

    ‘Why am I discussing this with an angel?’

    Mikael paused abruptly, but Damian continued as if nothing was wrong.

    “You should lay down your foundation first before committing any evil deeds. No matter how events unfold, ensure no suspicion falls on you.” He gave earnest advice. “Even our deeply religious followers don’t blindly trust a new priest or pastor right away.”

    Hmm. I thought religious individuals would unquestioningly follow their spiritual leaders, but that seems surprising.”

    “I wouldn’t say that. It takes time to build trust and establish a relationship before people will accept what he says.” Despite Damian’s handsome face, toned physique, and reassuring voice, it seemed not everyone would readily believe him.

    “In that sense, you seem to be doing well.”

    “It’s both pleasing yet unsettling to receive praise from an angel.” Damian flashed his perfect smile at Mikael just as freely as he had at the waiter earlier.

    “You have nothing to worry about; I won’t deceive you.”

    Ah, yes. Is this what it means to have support based on mutual trust? Even though demons must distrust everything by nature, Damian’s words instantly put Mikael at ease.

    “Thank you. Let’s drink.”

    The first sentence was to the waiter, the second to Mikael. Why didn’t it come across as shameless or irritating when he casually received it? Aside from Damian’s stunning looks, there was an indescribable charm about him.

    “Oh, have you had dinner yet, Teacher?”

    Perhaps it was due to his magic. It felt like he was under some spell, constantly wanting to offer him something.

    “I don’t necessarily need to eat meals.”

    “But you don’t dislike the act of eating itself, do you?” Mikael interrupted before waiting for a response and summoned the waiter. “Could you please bring something for this gentleman to enjoy?”

    “Aren’t you joining him?”

    If I joined him for dinner, it would be harder to observe him eating.

    “Oh, I’ve already eaten earlier.”

    Just show me how obscenely you swallow with your mouth wide open.

    Mikael finished placing his order and dismissed the waiter with a grin on his face.

    “Oh, right. Earlier, you advised that woman to take out life insurance under her husband’s name, didn’t you, Teacher?” Mikael continued while keeping his gaze fixed on Damian, who was sipping his drink.

    “Is it permissible for angels to interfere so much in human lives?”

    “It was possible because Elaine is a virtuous person. Angels have evolved somewhat from the past.” Damian thanked the waiter once more as they brought bread and soup, then scooped up some soup with his spoon.

    Coincidentally, it was cream soup.

    ‘I’ve heard semen is white.’

    Would Damian’s mouth look like that if he swallowed something else?

    Don’t spill, Teacher. And don’t smile awkwardly while looking down at the white liquid on your black gloves.’

    Damn. The way Damian licked his lips made Mikael wonder if he was doing it intentionally, as it resembled someone moistening their lips before sucking a c*ck.

    “People no longer want to preserve goodness by enduring hardships only to enjoy heavenly glory after death.”

    Mikael chuckled, imagining Damian holding a d*ck between his cheeks as one side of his face bulged from biting into bread.

    Despite his innocent demeanor, Mikael’s c*ck was fully erect under the table, pushing aggressively against his pants’ front.

    “In other words, you’re giving them a small taste of heavenly glory ahead of time?”

    “That’s right.”

    “I’d like to taste you as well, Teacher. Ah! I meant God’s glory, of course.”

    Damian paused briefly but smiled and raised his glass naturally.

    “How would you feel about becoming an angel yourself? Then perhaps I could give you just a tiny glimpse.”

    Mikael felt he could fake repentance if it meant getting even one lick at Damian.

    ‘He sure knows how to wriggle out of any situation.’

    Though internally frustrated, Mikael widened his eyes and feigned enthusiasm. “Wow, I’m genuinely tempted now. Are you sure you’re not more skilled at seduction than even this demon, Teacher?”

    “Why would temptation be your exclusive domain? Angels also work hard to entice humans toward good deeds.”

    Mikael chuckled. “Good deeds… Ah! Could you please bring me one more glass of dragon’s breath?”

    “Please give me a shot of blue lagoon with a cherry on top, too.”

    Mikael smiled slyly.

    ‘I won’t go down alone, it seems. Today might finally be the day I see him drunk.’

    Mikael had shared drinks with Damian multiple times before, but after two or three glasses, Damian would always make excuses and leave early. Mikael once noticed him slightly staggering as he got up from their table, so it seemed like alcohol did affect him to some extent.

    “Could you tell me about your life when you were human, Teacher?” As Damian quickly yet elegantly finished his drink and meal, showing signs of leaving soon, Mikael brought up a new topic.

    “It seems you have quite an interest in that subject.”

    Not particularly, but I need something to entertain me while I enjoy my drink, Teacher.

    “I’ve heard it’s rare for angels to retain memories of their human lives.”

    Of course, instead of voicing his thoughts, Mikael just smiled brightly and replied gently.

    “You were also once human.”

    “Are you saying all demons and angels used to be humans?”

    “Not all, but you certainly were one.”

    “You seem to know quite a bit about me, Teacher. Excuse me, to this person…”

    “A glass of dragon’s breath and another blue lagoon, please.” 

    Mikael inadvertently chuckled.

    ‘He really is not easy to handle.’

    Mikael gritted his teeth internally while maintaining a pleasant smile externally.

    “I appreciate your concern for my welfare, Teacher. However, I have no memories from when I was human.”

    As he spoke, Michael seemed to have a slight realization as he tilted his head.

    “Huh? Don’t most beings lose their memories upon crossing the River of Forgetfulness?”

    “I lived until eighty-six years old, serving God all my life and dying of old age.”

    “So, you were able to keep your memories from when you were human?”

    “That’s right. When God offered me three wishes, I asked for that as my first wish.”

    Finally, they had reached an interesting topic. Mikael leaned forward conspiratorially and whispered.

    “And what about the other two?”

    “When you’re ready, I shall tell you then.”

    Damian always acted like this. But Mikael was equally at fault for constantly coaxing him into drinking sessions despite knowing his ways.

    “Come to think of it, why do you call me ‘Teacher’ instead of ‘Father’?”

    “I don’t want to address you as Father. Seems like I didn’t have a good relationship with my parents when I was human.”

    Mikael narrowed his eyes and spoke with a sharp grin, “Just thinking about the words ‘father’ and ‘mother’ makes me nauseous.”

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