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    Mikael continued speaking more harshly, relishing how visibly shaken Damian appeared. “Perhaps that’s why I became a demon, hmm? Someone who despises their own parents? Isn’t that right?”

    “If being a demon were so easy, this world would be overrun with them.”

    Damian shook his head firmly at Mikael’s casual remark.

    “People may not openly admit it due to societal pressure, but there are plenty who detest their parents.” Damian furrowed his thick brows as if pained by the topic.

    “Parents may be exposed for killing, neglecting, or abusing their children, but rarely do offspring express their disdain due to being dependent on them.”

    Ah, parents and such. Let’s leave it at that since I’m not particularly interested. It was merely an excuse to detain you here anyway.

    “Oh, hearing that puts my mind at ease.” Of course, his thoughts remained unspoken.

    “Hold on… Are you trying to alleviate your worshippers’ guilt by saying this?”

    “Yes, when they excessively loathe themselves.”

    Mikael burst out laughing mockingly. “Me, hating myself? Never! With this handsome face, exceptional physique, and a sharp intellect, how could I possibly despise myself?”

    The handsome young man with delicate features and seemingly unacquainted with hardship smiled thinly as he continued. “People would probably criticize me for being so indulgent.”

    Damian silently stared into Mikael’s sea-blue eyes before giving a slight nod. “If that is what you believe…”

    His nod felt more like a reluctant concession than genuine agreement, given there seemed to be no room for further debate at this point.

    ‘It’s somewhat irritating…’

    Still, Mikael was relieved that Damian wasn’t immediately prying into sensitive matters. After all, Damian knew how to pick his battles wisely.

    “By the way, do angels drink, Teacher?”

    “I’ve never overindulged, so I’m not sure.”

    Hmm. Is drinking too much considered sinful?”

    “You seem to have a penchant for labeling things as sins.”

    Damian lowered his gaze and replied with a charming smile, “Not quite sins. Perhaps only mistakes made under the influence of alcohol.”

    “Then could this… also be considered a mistake due to overindulgence?” Mikael subtly moved closer to Damian, placing his hand on Damian’s muscular thigh as he asked in a hushed tone.

    “Are you feeling intoxicated?”

    “A little bit.”

    “Well then, let’s head out before you pass out completely. I’ll escort you home.”

    No, no way, Teacher. It’s indeed a tempting offer, but what I desire isn’t just something convenient.

    As Damian stood up, Mikael bowed his head, covering his face with both hands, internally frustrated.

    “But I don’t want to go home alone tonight.”

    “Then you can stay at the clergyman’s residence for—”

    “This is my first time… thinking about my parents. Drinking seems to have triggered some memories……”

    “Memories?” Damian hastily sat back down and uncharacteristically pressed Mikael further.

    Mikael smirked and raised his glass with a grin. “Oh, sorry, I forgot what I was going to say. Maybe if we continue talking over more drinks, it’ll come back to me?”

    Damian’s mood slightly darkened, but he concealed it well as he called over the waiter.

    “Excuse me, one Dragon’s Breath and a Blue Lagoon with cherries, please.”

    Mikael wasn’t particularly fond of alcohol, but he enjoyed drinking with Damian.

    Mikael relished the sight of Damian’s vulnerable nape as he tilted his head back.

    ‘Ah, how tempting it would be to sink my teeth there and leave a mark.’

    On his front, back, left, and right—Mikael wanted everyone to know that someone was hungrily devouring this man.

    “Did you know all the women here are practically undressing you with their eyes?” Under the influence of the top-grade appetizer called Damian, Mikael spoke with slightly slurred speech even by his own reckoning.

    “And those men? They seem eager to hit on you.”

    “Are you also one of them?”

    “No way. If I were to hit on someone, it wouldn’t be you.”

    Contrary to his aggressive words, Mikael gently stroked Damian’s black hair with a touch as delicate as caressing a sandcastle, using only his thumb and index finger.

    “I bet many men have asked you for hugs.”

    “Countless indeed.” With half-lidded eyes, Damian smiled so charmingly that Mikael felt compelled to file a complaint against him for being outrageously sexy.

    “Have you ever entertained any of them?”

    “In my lifetime, I was a Holy Knight. Unlike regular knights, Holy Knights devote their lives to God, so I remained celibate until death.”

    Ah, a Holy Knight. Imagining Damian clad in pristine armor involuntarily sent shivers up Mikael’s inner thighs.

    Woah, someone like you staying celibate? Many women must have wept when you became a Holy Knight, right?”

    Damian leaned slightly towards Mikael and whispered with a charming smile, “I heard more men cried.”

    Was there some aphrodisiac mixed in his breath? Mikael’s body heated up involuntarily, feeling a throbbing between his legs. Damian was truly a strong and handsome man.

    However, unlike others who wanted to cuddle with him, Mikael desired to straddle Damian, thrusting his hardened arousal vigorously against his firm b*ttocks. He wanted to pour his semen inside him until there was nothing left, digging into his hole with his fingers as it dripped incessantly.

    “Creating such enticing bodies for divine beings shows that even God has His desires.”

    Mikael caressed Damian’s chest with his long fingers and whispered just loud enough for him to hear, “If I stroke my c*ck between these pecs, it would feel incredible.”

    The spotlight cast shadows on Mikael’s long eyelashes, transforming his innocent-looking face into something more sensual.

    “This body was created not for God but to guide lost souls.” With that, Damian guided Mikael’s wandering fingertips toward the gap in his black robe.

    “People tend to appreciate strength and beauty, after all.”

    As Mikael felt Damian’s hardened n*pple under his finger, he let out a languid sigh and adjusted his sitting position due to his engorged er*ction making it difficult to keep his knees together.

    Mikael’s knees were spread wide apart due to his engorged arousal.

    “And if we can lure a demon who is easily stimulated visually along with this, that would be even better.”

    As they sat close enough for their noses almost to touch, Damian’s slightly sweaty scent tantalized Mikael’s nose. Perhaps it was warm inside the bar, as the back of Damian’s neck appeared damp.

    “I didn’t know angels could sweat.”

    Damn. If only he could lick that moist skin! Instead, Mikael licked his own lips while imagining himself nuzzling Damian’s firm neck.

    “What about demons?”

    “Well, I might sweat… if you had me on your bed.” With a suggestive grin, Mikael took hold of Damian’s hand and guided it toward his crotch.

    Hmm. I’m not fond of men who talk about their p*nises at bars.” Damian slightly furrowed his brow as he spoke, causing Mikael’s eyes to widen dramatically.

    “Oh my goodness! Can angels even say such obscene words?”

    “Obscenity exists only within your own mind. A p*nis is just a p*nis.” Despite Damian’s calm tone, the provocative language coming from those chaste lips stirred Mikael’s crimson desires impulsively.

    “Hearing such words from those lips actually excites me. Could you please say it ten more times?”

    Damian raised an eyebrow and looked at Mikael with a disapproving gaze.

    “You’re not some hormone-driven teenager…” Damian sighed deeply and ordered another drink, this time a dragon’s breath c*cktail. “They say you’ll go insane when you get to heaven because angels of all ages love running around naked.”

    “Why is that?” Mikael opted for water instead of alcohol as he asked his question.

    “It’s like walking into a clock shop with p*nises dangling everywhere.”

    Pffft! Oh my goodness, Damian!” Mikael spat out his water involuntarily but laughed heartily even as he coughed. “Don’t make me laugh while I’m drinking!”

    Damian leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table and propping up his forehead with his interlocked fingers. He spoke earnestly.

    “You can sometimes spot angels with long p*nises smacking their thighs as if punishing themselves.”

    “Wow, you’re completely shattering my illusions about heaven!” Despite his words, Mikael burst out laughing.

    Seeing that the fire of passion had finally died down in Mikael’s blue eyes, Damian glanced between his legs before raising his glass again.

    “It looks like things have settled down there now.”

    “Well, even for someone with a high libido, hearing such stories is bound to kill the mood.”

    Damian chuckled at Mikael’s self-deprecating remark and then grinned mischievously. “True, it would be unfortunate never to use what God has so generously bestowed upon you.”

    “Well… I appreciate your generous compliment even though you’ve never seen it before, but what bothers me more is that you know about my lack of s*xual experience.” Damian hesitated as if unsure whether he should say such things aloud.

    “Almost all angels are aware. You’re quite famous.”

    “Famous?” Damian muttered with his lips pursed against his hand.

    “There’s this demon who remains chaste despite everything.”

    Mikael’s eyes widened again.

    “Oh my goodness! That’s hard to believe. Do angels really enjoy gossiping?”

    “God, demons, and angels are social creatures after all.” Mikael subtly furrowed his brow, eyeing Damian suspiciously. “What do you mean by that?”

    Damian responded with a relaxed smile, as if dealing with a prickly teenager. “Everyone enjoys gossiping.”

    “I’m truly disillusioned now.” Mikael’s genuine disappointment made Damian burst out laughing.

    “So, were angels curious about who would deflower this pure demon?”

    “Oh my, Mikael. Angels don’t think like that.” Damian gently stroked Mikael’s delicate eyebrow, soothing him like one would a sulking child. “Although I do.”

    Mikael reflexively gritted his teeth.

    ‘Damn it! What is this angel doing? Is he implying we can go ahead and… do it? Should I take it as a thumbs-up sign?’

    While Mikael boasted about being the man with the highest libido in the world, there was no empirical evidence to support his claim.

    As Damian had mentioned earlier, Mikael had never been involved in any s*xual relationship or even m*sturbation. In the past year, his g*nitals had repeatedly gone up and down, but he hadn’t experienced ejaculation. Thus, he was unsure how to handle this situation. Should he suggest going to the bathroom first or invite him home with some cheesy line?

    “Did I go too far with my joke?”

    H-Haha… Yes, it was quite strange indeed.”

    Alternatively, should he laugh like a fool at this old man’s peculiar humor, return home, and then struggle with his er*ction while cursing him?

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