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    He reached towards the smooth stomach and waist, free of any bumps, with his calloused hand and headed towards the back. Jhi Yeonwoo, who breathed lightly with a flushed face and body curled up, reluctantly spoke as he struggled to open his mouth.

    “The meaning of the flower is…. Haah.” 

    As soon as he opened his mouth, his hand, which intruded into the shirt as if it had been waiting, lightly tickled the dry backbones to the point where they stood out. Startled as if an electric shock had passed through him, Jhi Yeonwoo could not finish his sentence and instead clung to Choi Muhyuk without a conclusion.

    “Haah, Ha… Director.” 

    “Yeah, I’m listening.”

    As Choi Muhyuk kissed the nape of his neck and sucked on the tender skin, his hand inside the shirt gently scratched Jhi Yeonwoo’s back up and down, making it even hotter.

    Every time Choi Muhyuk’s hand touched Jhi Yeonwoo’s sensitive skin, Jhi Yeonwoo buried his face in Choi Muhyuk’s shoulder, not knowing what to do. Choi Muhyuk glanced at Jhi Yeonwoo, who was like that, and then buried his face in the nape of his neck again.

    “You should answer, Jhi Yeonwoo.”

    “Uh, yeah….”

    He made marks on the nape of his neck, and when he spoke while biting the soft flesh with his lips, Jhi Yeonwoo let out a drowsy moan and twisted his body. Choi Muhyuk wrapped one arm around his twisted waist and hugged him as if urging him to answer. Jhi Yeonwoo, who was completely trapped in his arms, hugged and hung on Choi Muhyuk’s neck.

    “The flower language is, huh, definitely, ha…I am truly happy.”

    Hot breath mixed with a languid voice spread over Choi Muhyuk’s shoulder. Did it mean that? It was unexpected. He thought that it would be similar to the one that meant separation, but he was amazed at how the flower language of the same species could be so opposite.

    Choi Muhyuk, who was lost in thought while gently rubbing Jhi Yeonwoo’s back, lifted his lips.

    “I like the language of the flower.”

    Choi Muhyuk whispered softly, tilted his face and kissed him. To prevent his teeth from touching, he held his lower lip, then bit it down with his upper lip and sucked lightly. His tongue slipped between his slightly parted lips and became entangled. While Jhi Yeonwoo was concentrating on the kiss, he moved his hand under his shirt and gently touched his chest.

    “Ah! Stop, ah….”

    Finding the sensitive spot on Jhi Yeonwoo wasn’t difficult. As soon as his fingers touched the pointed nipples, Jhi Yeonwoo’s body jolted so much that it was incomparable to before.

    Even for an omega male, it was uncommon to feel sensations through the chest, but judging by how much his body reacted, it seemed like it might be one of Jhi Yeonwoo’s sensitive areas.

    Speculating whether his assumption was correct, Choi Muhyuk spread his fingers, which were teasingly circling the nipples, in anticipation. His rough hand pressed against Jhi Yeonwoo’s chest as if intentionally, and began to move over it.

    Already sensitive, Jhi Yeonwoo’s chest was now completely pressed down and stimulated, causing his head, which had been immersed in drowsiness, to suddenly lift and then lean back.

    “Ack, ah!”

    With his mouth open, his gaze towards the ceiling gradually lost focus, as if the fuse had been blown.

    Choi Muhyuk lifted the hand that was inside his shirt and took off the shirt. Then, he firmly held Jhi Yeonwoo’s staggering waist with one arm and buried his face in his flat chest.

    He teased him by kissing him as if he was leaving a mark around his chest. After circling around his raised nipple, he finally placed it in his mouth and lightly rolled it around with his tongue.

    “Haaak, haha, ah… .”

    Jhi Yeonwoo, who let out a faint moan like a dying ember as if he would break, urgently hugged Choi Muhyuk. His whole body was twitching and bouncing as they were so close together.

    As Choi Muhyuk detached his lips from Jhi Yeonwoo’s chest, his gaze lowered. The tip of Jhi Yeonwoo’s erect member, wet and glistening through his pants, was visible. Choi Muhyuk let out a small sigh and chuckled softly. It seemed that even with just this level of stimulation, Jhi Yeonwoo, who was so sensitive, was inevitably an omega.

    In fact, the living room was filled with the pheromones released by Choi Muhyuk, the alpha. And to Jhi Yeonwoo, who didn’t have any pheromones, only Choi Muhyuk’s pheromones permeated heavily. Even a passing alpha could tell that there was a bonded omega present. Of course, Jhi Yeonwoo would be unaware of all these facts.

    Without pheromones and a body that couldn’t sense pheromones either.

    It was a preference he had recently realized. Just the thought of having only his pheromones filling his omega made his neck feel stiff.

    Choi Muhyuk pressed down on Jhi Yeonwoo’s upper body and filled him with his teeth marks, flinching, and made marks on his chest as if he were obsessed. As the kiss marks turned red and multiplied, blood rushed to Choi Muhyuk’s center. He wanted to plunge into Jhi Yeonwoo right away, but since it was their first time, he tried to soothe and comfort as much as possible.

    While Choi Muhyuk was sucking and biting Jhi Yeonwoo’s chest, his hand, which was descending down the spine, grabbed Jhi Yeonwoo’s buttocks under his pants. The flesh of the thighs wrapped around his waist and legs began to tremble.

    “Heu, this… this isn’t…”

    Jhi Yeonwoo cried out in fear of the overwhelming pleasure. But Choi Muhyuk didn’t stop even when he heard Jhi Yeonwoo’s pleading voice. He just thought it was an excited plea.

    When Choi Muhyuk didn’t respond, Jhi Yeonwoo’s trembling hand hugged Choi Muhyuk’s head and clung to him. As if desperate for something slipping away, he repeatedly corrected the slipping hand with more force. Choi Muhyuk grabbed Jhi Yeonwoo’s hand, which didn’t listen, and pulled it away, soothingly sliding his finger over it. Then he licked Jhi Yeonwoo’s earlobe with his tongue, raising the small, cute earlobe and nibbling on it.

    “It’s not like that. I’m being especially gentle because it’s our first time.”

    Anyway, he knew they wouldn’t finish today. It was an unplanned event, and there were no condoms here either, so it would be difficult to do it with Jhi Yeonwoo’s body without using tools to release pheromones. It was something he had anticipated and considered since deciding to meet Jhi Yeonwoo. So today, he planned to just tease Jhi Yeonwoo enough.

    He came down again and sucked on the swollen chest… 

    “Being gentle, huh? That’s not it.”


    The sound echoing in the living room snapped him out of it. When Choi Muhyuk opened his eyes, he saw Jhi Yeonwoo’s chest, now a mess of hickeys and kiss marks.

    Reflexively, Choi Muhyuk raised his head. And when he saw Jhi Yeonwoo’s face, his eyes widened.

    “Ugh, this, this isn’t right.”

    Jhi Yeonwoo choked, turning his head sideways.

    “What’s wrong… Jhi Yeonwoo”

    “More, more… h-harder…”

    Like a splash of cold water to the face, Choi Muhyuk’s mind snapped back. With his eyes tightly shut, Jhi Yeonwoo’s face was pale and streaked with tears.

    Since when had he been making this kind of face?

    Jhi Yeonwoo was almost out of his mind. His trembling hands and different tone were abnormal. Everything felt unfamiliar.

    This wasn’t a face soaked in pleasure. It was fear, rather. There wasn’t a memory of being forceful without permission. So, what was the reason for this? Confused, Choi Muhyuk narrowed his eyes.

    “…You want it harder?”

    Asking the question, Jhi Yeonwoo nodded, choking on his words. Then, he groped for Choi Muhyuk’s face. The touch of his lips was as cold as the hand enveloping his face.

    Cold, freezing.

    Jhi Yeonwoo kissed Choi Muhyuk’s lips, which were slightly parted. Unlike his extremely sensitive reaction from just a few chest stimulations, it was a very inexperienced kiss. When Choi Muhyuk didn’t open his mouth in response to the kiss, Jhi Yeonwoo’s hand moved downward.

    Passing through the half-opened shirt, Jhi Yeonwoo’s hand brushed against Choi Muhyuk’s muscular chest, then moved to sweep over the well-defined abs. And then, continuing downward, Jhi Yeonwoo’s hand reached the firm center of Choi Muhyuk.

    Despite the abnormal trembling, the hand moved as if it were being controlled by an unseen force.

    Between glances, there was a clicking sound. Pausing, Choi Muhyuk’s eyes widened as he saw the belt on his pants come undone.

    “What are you doing… Jhi Yeonwoo”

    Choi Muhyuk’s expression turned serious as he grabbed Jhi Yeonwoo’s wrist to stop him.

    “Hah, ugh, hah…”

    With his wrist held, Jhi Yeonwoo could only sob, unable to even meet Choi Muhyuk’s gaze as he bowed his head. It was only now that Choi Muhyuk noticed something was off.

    “Jhi Yeonwoo.”



    Even though he was being called, Jhi Yeonwoo couldn’t stop his tears.

    “I’ll… be good. I’ll do better. So, I don’t want… any medicine.”

    Sobbing, Jhi Yeonwoo raised his head to look at Choi Muhyuk. His empty eyes lacked focus.

    “Please, no medicine… hah, haah…”

    As he tried to say something, Jhi Yeonwoo’s body gradually weakened.


    Reflexively, Choi Muhyuk’s arm tightened around Jhi Yeonwoo’s waist. Seeing Jhi Yeonwoo gradually slumping in his arms, Choi Muhyuk’s heart sank.

    This couldn’t continue. Choi Muhyuk corrected the hand that was holding Jhi Yeonwoo’s wrist. He clasped their hands together and breathed warmth into them. Yet, the lost warmth didn’t return easily.

    Realizing it was no longer possible, Choi Muhyuk looked around frantically. He spotted a blanket draped over the sofa. Hurriedly reaching out, he pulled the blanket over and wrapped it around Jhi Yeonwoo’s body, holding him close.

    Wrapped tightly in the blanket like a caterpillar in its cocoon, Jhi Yeonwoo leaned against Choi Muhyuk’s chest. Though the trembling gradually subsided, the tears didn’t stop easily.

    “Would you like it if I were rough?”

    Jhi Yeonwoo’s faint sobbing seemed to agree as he nodded hurriedly.

    “Do you want it to hurt?”

    Tiny droplets of moisture gathered on his tightly closed eyelids. Although his mind was in disarray, Jhi Yeonwoo’s response to Choi Muhyuk’s words, like he was under hypnosis, nodding his head in response, was strange and surreal.

    “But that wouldn’t be good.”


    “It’s not my preference either.”

    As he swept his hand over his spine under the blanket, his words and actions were completely different, adding to the mystery. With a murmured whisper, Jhi Yeonwoo hesitated, then leaned his head against Choi Muhyuk’s chest. The sound of his shallow breathing was heard from his chest. He tried to open and close his mouth as if trying to force out an answer.

    In the end, he couldn’t get any answer from Jhi Yeonwoo that day. The trembling gradually subsided, and his breath, which had been filled with anxiety, regained its calmness over time. Jhi Yeonwoo fell asleep in Choi Muhyuk’s embrace.

    There were still tears clinging to his closed eyelashes. Holding Jhi Yeonwoo, Choi Muhyuk sank into his thoughts.

    Feeling frustrated that answers seemed out of reach, he sighed softly as he struggled to sort through the jumbled thoughts in his head. Just a simple attraction had turned into a relentless swamp, engulfing Choi Muhyuk completely.

    * * *

    The noise of a vibrating phone sounded near his head. As soon as he opened his eyes, bright light flooded in. He closed his eyes again deeply and turned his head the other way. The air against his bare skin, having forgotten when he had taken off his shirt, felt chilly.

    Seeing that it was already morning, he realized he needed to get up, but he didn’t feel quite up to it in one go.

    There were several reasons for that. The first reason was the shock he had received, enough to pour cold water over his head. The second reason was the complex thoughts that had accompanied that shock. Regardless of what it was, Jhi Yeonwoo was involved in all the reasons.

    He tossed lightly in bed, feeling a heavy weight on one side. Reflexively, he opened his eyes and turned his head. Jhi Yeonwoo was lying beside him, facing away from him, using Choi Muhyuk’s arm as a pillow. His hands were neatly folded in front of his chest.


    Jhi Yeonwoo’s sleeping face was serene. Even his face, without a trace of tears as if he had never cried, was peaceful. The long eyelashes that were closed over the face, devoid of expression, looked like a painting. The red marks scattered on his white neck looked like blemishes on jade.

    Choi Muhyuk swept his thumb over a particularly distinct mark on Jhi Yeonwoo’s neck.


    The expressionless face twisted slightly in response, and Choi Muhyuk’s hand froze in mid-air.

    That’s when he got a call.


    The interrupted vibration noise sounded again. With his hand suspended in the air, Choi Muhyuk’s eyes tensed. Mentally cursing whoever it was, he reached out towards the noise at the head of the bed. Without looking, he groped for the phone on the nightstand. Holding the phone in his hand, he looked at the name on the screen, and one of his eyebrows, sensitive from the morning, raised.

    [Hyungnim, where are you?]

    It was a call from his younger brother, Choi Minhyuk.


    [Why are you hiding after causing a huge accident?]

    Even with his terse response, Minhyuk, as always, continued to complain. Although he wanted to answer the phone outside the bedroom, he couldn’t move because Jhi Yeonwoo was using his arm as a pillow, making him unable to leave.

    [No, this time, you didn’t even go at all?]

    “… … .”

    [There was an uproar when I called and said this was the first time being insulted like this, hyung. ]

    Choi Muhyuk glanced at Jhi Yeonwoo, who was still asleep, and turned his head in the opposite direction and lowered the phone volume to the maximum.

    “That’s your situation. Anyway, I’m not in a position to answer the phone. Just tell me what you want.”

    [That’s too much. Your younger brother is going crazy trying to clean up hyung’s accident. Why are you doing this? ]

    Minhyuk made a groaning sound.

    “I didn’t ask you to resolve it.”

    [I didn’t want to do it either, but I couldn’t help it. If I stayed still, it felt like I would get scolded.]

    With a choked voice, Minhyuk spoke forcefully, emphasizing each word. He ended his sentence with a complaint, “I should have been born as the older brother.”

    In fact, yesterday there was supposed to be a scheduled meeting set up by Chairman Choi. This time, it was the daughter of a high-ranking official, the Minister of Justice. She was also an Omega.

    This time, the situation was markedly different because he didn’t even attend the meeting. Choi Muhyuk looked around frantically with the phone to his ear.

    [Where are you?]

    He felt like smoking. But he remembered that his jacket with the cigarettes was in the living room. It was almost like torture to Choi Muhyuk, who had a routine of smoking first thing in the morning.

    [It doesn’t seem like you’re at home.]

    Minhyuk’s words contained a lot of meaning. It meant that even Choi Minhyuk, including Chairman Choi’s subordinates, had gone to the extent of searching his house. Damn it, nothing is going right. Choi Muhyuk muttered softly and shook his head.

    “Do you think they’ll come barging in if they find out?”

    [No, they won’t. They won’t come because I won’t let them. Just tell me what’s going on.]

    “… … .”

    [ Hyung. I’m in a position to help you right now, got it? ]

    “… I’m in a place you don’t know, okay?”

    [What, are we playing hide-and-seek?]

    Minhyuk laughed incredulously. Although it was unfortunate for Minhyuk, Choi Muhyuk didn’t want to disturb the current peace. Yesterday, there were many things that happened to both Choi Muhyuk and Minhyuk, unnecessary energy-consuming things. So now, he just wanted to relax without thinking about anything.

    [Chairman seemed really angry. Do you know that?]

    “He probably is.”

    [It’s not a joke, Hyung. This time, it’s really serious.]


    [They even sent people to find you right away.]


    [Haah, since you already hid, stay hidden for the weekend. If possible, turn off your cell phone. ]

    “Minhyuk, you’re worrying too much.”

    [Yes, yes, as usual. Anyway, I’ve never talked to you.]

    With his usual mischievous tone, Minhyuk ended the call. Damn bastard. Choi Muhyuk muttered under his breath as he checked the unread message.

    Among several messages from Choi Minhyuk, Kim Secretary, and a few spam messages, there was a noticeable name.

    Min Jiwon? He lightly tapped the unread message with his thumb.

    – Hello. This is Min Jiwon from Freeze. I’m contacting you about the 4th quarter performance. Please let me know a convenient date for the schedule, and I’ll prepare accordingly.

    With a dry gaze, he read down the matter briefly written along with the formal greeting. Since it wasn’t something he had to deliver in person, and they were calling him over, it meant that the performance was quite good, wasn’t it? Without replying, Choi Muhyuk turned off his phone and raised his arm to cover his eyes.

    Just two days, Saturday and Sunday.

    It was a deadline-bound escapade, but it was a relief that he wasn’t alone in his misfortune. That being said…

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