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    • The Tiger That Heralds the Dawn

      The Tiger That Heralds the Dawn Cover
      by soapa The flawed heir of the esteemed tiger tribe, Cheon Ryubeom, the blemish of the celestial realm. He faces persecution and scorn from his clan due to being the offspring of a runaway heir and a human, enduring mockery and disdain. After failing in fox hunting and disrupting an important clan assembly, Cheon Ryubeom is on the brink of being expelled from the clan when he is given the task of solving strange phenomena nationwide as his last chance.
      KR • Shounen Ai
    • BITM

      BITM Cover
      by soapa The only half left, Han Naeyung, who lost his twin brother, lived for revenge. Then one day, a man appears with a dog from a dog fighting ring. Introducing himself as Jin, he approaches Han Naeyung without hesitation.
      KR • Mature • Psychological • Yaoi
    • July

      July Cover
      by soapa After several brief and coincidental encounters over a long period, these repeated short meetings oddly became deeply embedded in Yeonwoo’s memory. One day, he met him again in the library. He thought it would be just another fleeting coincidence, but this time was different.
      KR • Yaoi
    • Born Lunatic

      Born Lunatic Cover
      by soapa Strong pair with younger seme, double madmen, beautiful and tragic, bodyguard X young master.
      CN • Modern • Psychological • Yaoi
    • Licking Honey off a Knife Edge

      Licking Honey off a Knife Edge Cover
      by soapa “For some people, that person, he’s neither a temptation nor a flutter of the heart; he’s simply fate. No matter how much you try to evade, even if given ten thousand chances, one would still choose to dance on the edge of the knife and forsake the love on the shore.”
      CN • Modern • Shounen Ai

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