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      LAMM CH2

      LAMM CH2 Cover
      by nvmlost After hearing his question, Yang Ye flashed a quick smile and said solemnly, “Who would dare to admit that in front of someone who wants to kill the ?” Gu Liang saw the look on Yang Ye’s face and asked himself, is he playing dumb, or is he playing with me? Gu Liang thought the possibility of him just trolling was higher. A moment later, he said carelessly, “I only asked the system that question for the sake of testing out the game rules, not because I actually wanted to kill the…
      CN • Mature • Psychological • Yaoi
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      LAMM CH 1

      LAMM CH 1 Cover
      by nvmlost There were six cards on the quaint square table. Six people sat correspondingly around it. A bizarre and bleak voice rang out from the broadcast: “Welcome to a scenario-based deduction game. In front of you are six cards, including , , , and . Please choose a card now.” Gu Liang furrowed his eyebrows and took the one in front of him. The card had two written parts. The first part read: “Today’s deceased is Boss Bai. You are Lawyer Zhang, a 32-year-old male. You have an ex named…
      CN • Mature • Psychological • Yaoi
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      Live Action Murder Mystery

      Live Action Murder Mystery Cover
      by nvmlost 《Live Action Murder Mystery》Case File:
      CN • Mature • Psychological • Yaoi
    • Story

      Born Lunatic

      Born Lunatic Cover
      by soapa Strong pair with younger seme, double madmen, beautiful and tragic, bodyguard X young master.
      CN • Modern • Psychological • Yaoi
    • Story

      Confession Plan

      Confession Plan Cover
      by paper soup Sui Cannong met up with his netizen friend in real life. It turned out that the netizen was none other than his very own colleague at work. He also noticed that this colleague of his… seemed a bit unstable.
      CN • Game/E-sport • Modern • School/Campus • Shounen Ai
    • Story

      Licking Honey off a Knife Edge

      Licking Honey off a Knife Edge Cover
      by soapa “For some people, that person, he’s neither a temptation nor a flutter of the heart; he’s simply fate. No matter how much you try to evade, even if given ten thousand chances, one would still choose to dance on the edge of the knife and forsake the love on the shore.”
      CN • Modern • Shounen Ai
    • Story

      Transmigrating to the Beastman Continent to Live a Happy Life

      Transmigrating to the Beastman Continent to Live a Happy Life Cover
      by Salted Fish On the night before his college graduation, Wu Xiaoyin, lost consciousness amidst the loud cheers of his classmates during a big sale, filled with expectation for his new life.
      CN • Transmigration
    • Story

      Guide to Tempting and Abusing Scums [Quick Transmigration]

      Guide to Tempting and Abusing Scums [Quick Transmigration] Cover
      by cami “If one does not abuse scums, then one must d*e.” 
      CN • Shounen Ai • Transmigration
    • Story

      The Mister Wants To Mark Me

      The Mister Wants To Mark Me Cover
      by justmisty Yan Yuzhou slept for a while and found himself in a book, not only becoming an omega but also gaining a married status. His husband is a tycoon of a film and television company – Shen Ci.
      CN • Modern • Omegaverse
    • Story

      Don’t Mind My Business

      Don’t Mind My Business Cover
      by Abyss As a rich second generation with a good family background and good looks, Sheng Yan has three major hobbies in his life: skipping classes, surfing the Internet, and acting bravely when he sees justice.
      CN • Mature • Modern • School/Campus • Shounen Ai

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