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    • Story

      How to Avoid an SS-Rank Esper

      How to Avoid an SS-Rank Esper Cover
      by Brie No description provided yet.
      Guideverse • KR • Mature
    • Story

      The Angel Does Not Wait for the Scale to Tip

      The Angel Does Not Wait for the Scale to Tip Cover
      by Canaan The archangel who waited over a thousand years for his lover who committed suicide. A sinner appeared before him with all memories lost.
      KR • Mature • Yaoi
    • Chapter

      LAMM CH2

      LAMM CH2 Cover
      by nvmlost After hearing his question, Yang Ye flashed a quick smile and said solemnly, “Who would dare to admit that in front of someone who wants to kill the ?” Gu Liang saw the look on Yang Ye’s face and asked himself, is he playing dumb, or is he playing with me? Gu Liang thought the possibility of him just trolling was higher. A moment later, he said carelessly, “I only asked the system that question for the sake of testing out the game rules, not because I actually wanted to kill the…
      CN • Mature • Psychological • Yaoi
    • Chapter

      LAMM CH 1

      LAMM CH 1 Cover
      by nvmlost There were six cards on the quaint square table. Six people sat correspondingly around it. A bizarre and bleak voice rang out from the broadcast: “Welcome to a scenario-based deduction game. In front of you are six cards, including , , , and . Please choose a card now.” Gu Liang furrowed his eyebrows and took the one in front of him. The card had two written parts. The first part read: “Today’s deceased is Boss Bai. You are Lawyer Zhang, a 32-year-old male. You have an ex named…
      CN • Mature • Psychological • Yaoi
    • Story

      Live Action Murder Mystery

      Live Action Murder Mystery Cover
      by nvmlost 《Live Action Murder Mystery》Case File:
      CN • Mature • Psychological • Yaoi
    • Story


      PEN Cover
      by Yannie If you can’t come to me, then I will go to you. “You’re all I have left now…”
      KR • Mature • Modern
    • Story


      BITM Cover
      by soapa The only half left, Han Naeyung, who lost his twin brother, lived for revenge. Then one day, a man appears with a dog from a dog fighting ring. Introducing himself as Jin, he approaches Han Naeyung without hesitation.
      KR • Mature • Psychological • Yaoi
    • Story


      Dawnlight Cover
      by Brie No description provided yet.
      Guideverse • KR • Mature • Yaoi
    • Chapter

      TG Ch 0

      TG Ch 0 Cover
      by Canaan Prologue In the world of Espers and Guides, collectively known as Ability Users, there are also ordinary people. Baek Sijin was an ordinary person, but he had a lot to do with Ability Users. This was because he was a doctor who analyzed and supervised the bodies of Ability Users who protected the nation. It was natural for experts to be attached to valuable combatants to supervise them. An ID card waved through Baek Sijin's white gown. There was no energy in his steps as he walked down the…
      Guideverse • KR • Mature • Modern
    • Story

      Tesoro Of The Guide

      Tesoro Of The Guide Cover
      by Canaan Baek Sijin, who was appointed as a Diagnostic Examiner at the F12 Center where Esper Ham Geonwu — the savior of his life — was located, eagerly headed to work. However, little did he expect that an unexpected wall awaited him there.
      Guideverse • KR • Mature • Modern • Yaoi

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