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      OL Ch 0

      OL Ch 0 Cover
      by Aoi PROLOGUE As Kim Hayun took his first breath upon birth, Baek Mookyeong also drew his initial breath in this world at that precise moment. It's hard to define such moments accurately, but both Kim Hayun and Baek Mookyeong felt it distinctly due to their intertwined destinies. Kim Hayun was born as an esper. The moment he entered the world, nearby doors trembled as if paying homage, affecting not only fellow espers around him but also significantly influencing Baek Mookyeong despite not being an esper…
      KR • Modern • Yaoi
    • Story

      One Last

      One Last Cover
      by Aoi At the moment Kim Hayun took his first breath after birth, Baek Mookyeong also drew his first breath in this world. It was difficult to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but both Kim Hayun and Baek Mookyeong felt their connection from that instant. Bound by destiny, they shared every moment together. This intertwined life seemed perfectly natural to them.
      KR • Modern • Yaoi
    • Story

      Born Lunatic

      Born Lunatic Cover
      by soapa Strong pair with younger seme, double madmen, beautiful and tragic, bodyguard X young master.
      CN • Modern • Psychological • Yaoi
    • Story

      Confession Plan

      Confession Plan Cover
      by paper soup Sui Cannong met up with his netizen friend in real life. It turned out that the netizen was none other than his very own colleague at work. He also noticed that this colleague of his… seemed a bit unstable.
      CN • Game/E-sport • Modern • School/Campus • Shounen Ai
    • Story


      PEN Cover
      by Yannie If you can’t come to me, then I will go to you. “You’re all I have left now…”
      KR • Mature • Modern
    • Chapter

      TG Ch 0

      TG Ch 0 Cover
      by Canaan Prologue In the world of Espers and Guides, collectively known as Ability Users, there are also ordinary people. Baek Sijin was an ordinary person, but he had a lot to do with Ability Users. This was because he was a doctor who analyzed and supervised the bodies of Ability Users who protected the nation. It was natural for experts to be attached to valuable combatants to supervise them. An ID card waved through Baek Sijin's white gown. There was no energy in his steps as he walked down the…
      Guideverse • KR • Mature • Modern
    • Story

      Tesoro Of The Guide

      Tesoro Of The Guide Cover
      by Canaan Baek Sijin, who was appointed as a Diagnostic Examiner at the F12 Center where Esper Ham Geonwu — the savior of his life — was located, eagerly headed to work. However, little did he expect that an unexpected wall awaited him there.
      Guideverse • KR • Mature • Modern • Yaoi
    • Story

      Stardust Moon

      Stardust Moon Cover
      by Sorai What is the truth behind the relationship between Ryu Chae-yoon, Jin Seong-woon, and Baek Sang-hyun?
      Entertainment • KR • Modern
    • Story

      Licking Honey off a Knife Edge

      Licking Honey off a Knife Edge Cover
      by soapa “For some people, that person, he’s neither a temptation nor a flutter of the heart; he’s simply fate. No matter how much you try to evade, even if given ten thousand chances, one would still choose to dance on the edge of the knife and forsake the love on the shore.”
      CN • Modern • Shounen Ai
    • Chapter

      Chapter 1 Part 1

      Chapter 1 Part 1 Cover
      by Canaan I didn't passionately love him. Like a worthless pebble hidden somewhere in my heart, he was always present within me at any moment of life. Every time my broken heart made a clattering noise, I was relieved that he was still there. I didn't need to discard him, whom I never possessed, so I didn't particularly love him. ...I didn't want to love. *** My lungs expanded as if they were about to burst, making it difficult to breathe. Ughh, aggh. I kept letting out a strange groan as if my throat was…
      KR • Mature • Modern • Regression • Transmigration

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