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      The Villain Doesn’t Want to be Noticed

      The Villain Doesn’t Want to be Noticed Cover
      by STAR While selling taiyaki (fish-shaped pastry), I suddenly found myself possessed by the villain from an adult BL novel.
      KR • Omegaverse • Transmigration
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      FF Cover
      by Chef Jhi Yeonwoo, who experienced the twists and turns of life at an earlier age than others, was running a small flower shop called ‘Flower Fiance’. He was a dominant Omega like a dominant Alpha, but due to some incident, Jhi Yeonwoo’s life, afflicted with pheromone deficiency, was no different from that of a Beta. One day, while he thought he would never be liked by anyone again. A man appeared in front of Jhi Yeonwoo. With a well-built physique and handsome appearance, he was an Alpha who looked extremely good in a black cashmere coat. “What flower is this?” “That’s a marigold. It’s also commonly known as a marigold. There are several varieties, but what you’re looking at is a calendula.” Even though he seemed unfamiliar with flowers at a glance, he showed interest in the flower language of calendula marigold, which had a negative meaning. “It’s supposed to hurt someone, not excitement.” The man who bought the marigold bouquet touched upon a painful memory that he had momentarily set aside. Jhi Yeonwoo thought it was just a passing encounter, but the man appeared in front of him again after a few hours. “By any chance, does this store offer any benefits for VIPs?” Introducing himself as Choi Muhyuk, the man asked, “Can things like having a meal or a drink be possible?” Dragging Jhi Yeonwoo in with unexpected words and actions…
      KR • Mature • Omegaverse
    • Story

      Pregnancy In Action, As Well As The Timing For Possession!

      Pregnancy In Action, As Well As The Timing For Possession! Cover
      by Sorai Amidst the turbulent and melodramatic twists of fate, will Ji-an successfully give birth to the baby and return to reality unscathed?
      KR • Omegaverse • Transmigration
    • Story

      Man In The Mirror

      Man In The Mirror Cover
      by Springlila He disliked it, yet liked it. It was his first experience.
      KR • Mature • Omegaverse • Psychological
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      The Mister Wants To Mark Me

      The Mister Wants To Mark Me Cover
      by justmisty Yan Yuzhou slept for a while and found himself in a book, not only becoming an omega but also gaining a married status. His husband is a tycoon of a film and television company – Shen Ci.
      CN • Modern • Omegaverse
    • Story

      Dirty Shower

      Dirty Shower Cover
      by Sorai My life had been reduced to shambles due to poverty. I thought it was a life with nothing to lose, but now, it started withering in the hands of an evil person.
      KR • Mature • Modern • Omegaverse • Psychological • Yaoi
    • Story

      Exclusive Dating Restriction Zone

      Exclusive Dating Restriction Zone Cover
      by Springlila It was a declaration of an exclusive dating restriction zone.
      KR • Mature • Modern • Omegaverse • Yaoi
    • Story


      BB Cover
      by Springlila “I was in a one-sided love.”
      KR • Mature • Modern • Omegaverse • Psychological • Yaoi

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