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    While selling taiyaki (fish-shaped pastry), I suddenly possessed the villain from an adult BL novel.

    “This can’t be a dream, right? What did I do yesterday?”

    Yesterday, as usual, I sold out all the taiyaki and closed up shop. However, a large truck rushed into the store with dazzling headlights and everything went dark. And when I opened my eyes again, an unbelievable situation was unfolding. How is this possible? Nam-woon managed to barely hide his astonishment and open his trembling lips.

    “What did you say?”

    “Why have you been like this since earlier, young master? Are you feeling unwell?”

    Why am I your young master?

    The bald man in front of me furrowed his eyebrows with a worried expression. The eyes of the already ferocious man became even scarier.

    Inside the gloomy and worn-out office, a small business card on the desk caught Nam-woon’s eye.

    [Good People Center

    Representative: Seok Nam-woon]

    Seok Nam-woon. It was his name. But the Good People Center was a loan shark office disguised as a detective agency from the novel he had read before being hit by the truck.

    Nam-woon asked, pointing his finger to the man standing next to him.


    “Yes, young master.”

    He had to be possessed by a trashy character with the same name as himself.

    The novel he had started reading out of pure curiosity was shocking from the beginning. At first glance, the short introduction in the first chapter seemed like a romance novel, but all three main characters had “something” between their legs. The introduction was filled with unfamiliar terms that he didn’t know.

    Even strange concepts like Alpha and omega were attached. The main character here was an Alpha himself that liked other Alpha’s. You created a pair of beings called Alpha and Omega. Why did you tie them up together with Alpha’s?

    The main characters didn’t seem to like each other. Moreover, the antagonist had the same name as himself. That was the worst part.

    It was an unpleasant novel in many ways, but he didn’t stop reading it. Dopamine flowed through him as he consumed this new type of stimulating content. However, because he needed to finish quickly and get off work, he flipped through the pages and quickly skimmed through the ending.

    “This novel is not normal.” As soon as he came to that short conclusion, he was hit by the truck that rushed into the store.

    Could this really happen…? Still, one fortunate thing was in the novel, he was a beta.

    Nam-woon swallowed his saliva. If this were really inside the novel, there was one character he needed to check first.

    “Do you have someone working in our household named Kwon Seo-oh…?”

    “Sir, why have you been acting like this since earlier? Please speak more casually. Of course, there’s Kwon Seo-oh. You really dislike him, no, ahem! Anyway, isn’t he the son of Sir Kwon Sang-moon?”

    “Young master, why have you been like this since earlier? Please lower your voice. Of course if it’s Kwon Seo-oh. Isn’t he the son of Kwon Sang-moon, young master? You really dislike him, or rather, you hate him a lot!

    So, Kwon Seo-oh is here.

    As expected, this was the novel after all.

    Kwon Seo-oh was the main character in the novel. Like other main characters in novels, he ends up experiencing unfortunate circumstances, and the biggest factor in those unfortunate circumstances was Seok Nam-woon.

    Kwon Seo-oh, who went to Seokga middle school, is bullied by Seok Nam-woon, the only son of the household. It was due to his innate temperament that Seok Nam-woon, who was just an ordinary beta, was jealous of Kwon Seo-oh, who manifested as an Alpha.

    “So, what about Kwon Sang-moon?”

    “We still haven’t found him, as far as I know.”

    To make matters worse, when Kwon Sang-moon goes missing while he is in high school, he is left to raise his remaining younger brother alone. And Seok Nam-woon continued to persistently harass the person living such a difficult life, and later even showed interest in the other main character. He was truly a trashy villain.

    And then, in the end, he was buried alive by the main character. No, wait a moment, that Seok Nam-woon is me now?!

    Nam-woon, who belatedly realized this reality, urgently grabbed Yong-deuk and said,

    “Is Kwon Seo-oh a college student now?”

    “Yes, but why?”

    If he’s in college, Seok Nam-woon must have already tormented Kwon Seo-oh in various ways. Nam-woon looked around. This place was eerily similar to the loan shark office where Nam-woon used to frequent. And there were even big guys sending him strange looks from the side.

    It was too vivid to be a dream. If this were fiction, how could he return to reality? Should he see the real ending? But he didn’t want to face the tragic ending of the antagonist as it was in the novel.

    Nam-woon quickly organized his thoughts. Yes, let’s avoid the gruesome ending of being buried alive. Let’s be nice to Kwon Seo-oh now and impress the main character gong(top). After making their love come true, I will leave.

    As he was thinking like that, he heard a small noise from somewhere.


    A crying sound? Nam-woon turned his head. Big eyes, a round nose, cherry-like lips, and a white face. A little angel was crouching in the corner, rubbing his eyes, and crying.

    “Why is that child here?”


    Yong-deuk looked at Nam-woon as if he were strange.

    “Didn’t you ask me to bring him here, young master?”


    Nam-woon raised an eyebrow slightly as he looked at the child. There was no reason for loan shark Seok Nam-woon to have any contact with a child. As Nam-woon pondered silently, his eyes suddenly widened. Of course! It was the part where Kwon Seo-oh’s younger brother, Kwon Se-han, was brought to the office.

    Of all the scenes, why this one? This is messed up.

    As Nam-woon looked at the child with an embarrassed expression, the corners of the child’s mouth lowered, and tears like chicken droppings fell from his round eyes.

    “Uh, why is he crying?”

    Nam-woon was surprised and approached the child hesitantly.

    “Where does it hurt?”


    Seeing Nam-woon approaching, the child burst into cries.

    We’re in big trouble. I can’t deal with kids.

    The child’s small body was covered in dirt, as if he had rolled around somewhere. Even the small, stuffed puppy he was holding tightly was covered in thick dust. From the way it was hanging on the zipper of the front pocket of his bag, it seemed like the doll had fallen off from there.

    “Shall I fix that for you?”

    “Sob, sob…”

    The child turned his back to Nam-woon. Fixing that might stop his crying. Nam-woon cautiously approached and gently tried to take the doll from the child’s hand. But the child held onto it tightly and cried even louder. Yong-deuk saw that and shouted,

    “Hey, kid! Give that to him quickly!”


    Startled by Yong-deuk’s shout, the child hiccuped and let go of the doll from his hand. Nam-woon quickly picked up the doll that fell on the child’s lap and cautioned Yong-deuk.

    “Yong-deuk, don’t shout.”

    “But, young master, that kid isn’t listening to you.”

    After looking at the back of the child’s head, Nam-woon said,

    “Bring the pliers.”

    “What? Uh, younger master, even though he’s still a child.”

    “You don’t have pliers?”

    “Well, there is…”

    Yong-deuk, who hesitated reluctantly, slowly brought down a toolbox from a high shelf.

    “Why is he like that?”

    Annoyed by Yong-deuk’s hesitance, Nam-woon grabbed the toolbox from his hand and rummaged inside it. As he picked up the pliers from inside, the child screamed as if in agony.

    “Sob, waaah! Hyung!”

    “Oh, it’s noisy.”

    With a slightly annoyed expression, Nam-woon grabbed the child’s bag with the pliers in his hand.

    “Hyung! Please help me!”

    In the midst of chaos, Nam-woon opened the ring attached to the back of the doll’s head with the pliers and reattached it to the bag.

    “There, all done.”

    “Sob, waaah! Sob…”

    With tear-stained cheeks, the child alternately looked at Nam-woon’s face, who held the doll and pliers in his hand. Nam-woon glanced at the child’s face and clicked his tongue.

    “You’re all covered in snot. Come here.”

    Nam-woon took out several tissues and gently wiped the child’s face with them. The rough handling quickly reddened the small face.


    “Did it hurt? Sorry.”

    After a brief apology, Nam-woon brought the tissue that had been wiping the child’s face to his small nose.


    The child, who had been sobbing and shaking his shoulders looked up at Nam-woon with watery eyes. Fortunately, because Nam-woon had fixed the doll, the crying seemed to have stopped.


    When he put the tissue on his nose one more time, the hesitant child blew out his nose with a small blow. Nam-woon gently squeezed his round nose and wiped it, then looked back at Yong-deuk.

    “Do you have any juice or something?”

    “…Just a moment.”

    Yong-deuk, who was staring at them with his mouth slightly agape, suddenly dashed towards the refrigerator in the corner.


    “Seok Nam-woon!”

    An angry voice was heard along with the sound of something breaking. When he turned his head, there was a tall man standing at the entrance of the doorway.

    Nam-woon’s mouth fell open as he looked at the man who suddenly came in. He was the most handsome person he had ever seen in his life. He had disheveled black hair over his forehead, a straight bridge nose, and perfectly shaped lips underneath. His fair skin was flawless, and even the prominent Adam’s apple under his long neck was attractive. His broad shoulders and long legs were, without a doubt, perfect.

    That appearance—it couldn’t be anyone but the protagonist.

    “Kwon Seo-oh?”

    As Nam-woon muttered to himself, suddenly glowing letters appeared in front of his eyes.

    “[Welcome to the BL novel ‘Prison Without Shackles’!]”

    [“…Recognizing the main character’s face and name…”]

    What is this? Nam-woon’s eyes widened.

    [You have met the main character, Kwon Seo-oh! You are playing the role of the antagonist, sub-character Seok Nam-woon. Please check your current stats and perform your role to progress the novel.]

    [Seok Nam-woon (B)

    Villainous experience points: 0

    Pheromone sensitivity: 0

    ??? gauge: 0

    [Your current character level is “1”.]

    [Upon leveling up, system restrictions will weaken.]

    He looked around to see if other people could see it, but no one seemed interested in bright writing floating in the air.


    While Nam-woon was in a daze, the man came forward to them with long strides. The child let go of the bag he had been holding tightly and threw himself into the man’s arms. As the man lifted his small body, the child, who seemed relieved, buried his face in the man’s broad shoulders and started crying again.

    “Wah, hyung. Huah.”

    The man patted the child’s back a few times with a low voice, saying, 

    “Se-han, it’s okay. Hyung’s here.” 

    Even his soothing voice was flawless.

    “Hu… I knew my brother was coming, so I held on even though I was scared.”

    Se-han said, lifting his head from the man’s shoulder. The man wiped Se-han’s face gently and noticed his slightly swollen cheeks. After caressing his cheeks, he asked sweetly,

    “Why are your cheeks like this? Who did this to you?”

    Se-han moved his eyes in response. At the end of his gaze was Nam-woon with a puzzled face, standing and holding a pair of pliers.


    The man’s bloody eyes were fixed on him.

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