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    [The pheromones and saliva of certain individuals can arouse their partner’s excitement, but they also have excellent calming effects.]

    Nam-woon pretended not to see the wheel and energetically shook Kwon Seo-oh anxiously.

    “Hey, Kwon Seo-oh, Seo-oh. Come to your sense, otherwise you will be in big trouble?!”

    “Uh… Ah, heung….”

    “Hey, hey! Are you coming to your senses?”


    “Should I get you some water?”

    As he hurried to fetch water, something caught Nam-woon’s eye again.

    It’s so f*cking big.

    He tried hard to look away, but Kwon Seo-oh’s “presence” was harder to ignore than the flashing letters of the system. Just by looking at it, it can’t be compared to anything…With trembling eyes, Nam-woon began to shake his head in frustration.

    Saliva exchange? Can’t I just spit in a spoon or something and give it to Kwon Seo-oh?

    [No medians are allowed! Do not use non-direct methods!]

    [Using intermediaries will have no effect.]

    Then what about spitting? …No, no. Even if it serves the purpose of saliva exchange, spitting on someone in pain seems unethical.

    [There’s a simpler way! K***]

    Nam-woon closed his eyes. He didn’t see that. The sound of someone suffering painfully kept ringing in his ears, and in front of him, there were flashing words and Kwon Seo-oh’s ominous third leg. By this point, Nam-woon was also not in his right mind.

    Doing mouth-to-mouth between Kwon Seo-oh and himself is very strange. If they couldn’t avoid touching, how about just their tongues without the lips? Directly at once. Yes, that seemed better.

    This is a therapeutic act. It’s like artificial respiration. (like CPR)

    Nam-woon, as if possessed, slowly approached Seo-oh.

    “Seo, Seo-oh….”

    Nam-woon gently placed his hands on either side of Seo-oh’s cheeks as he lay down. His heart seemed to skip a beat. The view of a man’s face from above was particularly dangerous. His sweat-drenched black hair was scattered on the flowery pillow. His long neck and Adam’s apple looked particularly prominent, and his white face bore a strange expression unseen before. This is therapy. Nam-woon reassured himself once again.

    “Seo-oh, cou… could you stick out your tongue a bit.”


    Nevertheless, Seo-oh softly opened his eyes, perhaps hearing a bit.

    “I-I’m going to do artificial respiration, i-is that okay?”

    “Haa… How….”

    Seo-oh furrowed his brow and let out a hoarse voice. Nam-woon awkwardly urged him, rolling his eyes to the side.

    “I’ll help you. Stick out your tongue, okay?”

    I’m sorry, Kwon Seo-oh.

    Seo-oh slowly parted his lips, which were redder due to his heightened fervor, and stuck out his wet tongue between them. Witnessing that provocative sight, Nam-woon immediately lowered his head to look at his own lower self. Fortunately, there was no immediate reaction from his little guy, so he was still okay.

    Let’s finish quickly. Nam-woon slowly began to lower his face towards Kwon Seo-oh’s as he closed his eyes and slightly extended his tongue.


    Kwon Seo-oh’s moan was heard close by and finally, Seo-oh’s tongue and Nam-woon’s tongue touched lightly.


    [Please maintain this state until pheromone levels stabilize.]

    The tips of their touching tongues felt moist and slippery. It felt very, very strange. With the unfamiliar sensation, as Nam-woon twitched his tongue, pulling his face back, Seo-oh followed, pressing his tongue against Nam-woon’s and a confused sound came out of Nam-woon’s mouth.


    Before he knew it, Kwon Seo-oh suddenly started s*cking Nam-woon’s tongue with his lips. Wet sounds came right in front of his nose. Finding it difficult to endure this situation, Nam-woon tried to push Seo-oh’s shoulder away and move back, but Seo-oh didn’t show any sign of letting go of Nam-woon’s mouth.

    Seo-oh’s s*cking force became stronger and naturally his tongue became tingly. In an instant, saliva pooled in his mouth. Unable to swallow, saliva dribbled down his chin. When Nam-woon pushed Seo-oh’s shoulder again, there was a slight gap between them.

    However, Seo-oh’s hot hand immediately reached the nape of Nam-woon’s neck. Seo-oh put his face against Nam-woon’s chin, licking the saliva like a dog, leaving Nam-woon in a panic.

    This is not real. Nam-woon sat up abruptly.

    “Now, stop this…”

    “Haa… hyung, just a little more. Don’t run away…”

    The tall bridge of his nose collided with Nam-woon’s nose as their lips met tightly. Dense eyelashes filled Nam-woon’s field of vision and Seo-oh’s thick tongue quickly invaded Nam-woon’s mouth. Seo-oh’s tongue was rubbed on top of Nam-woon’s tongue, causing a sticky sensation.


    Nam-woon was now sitting on top of Seo-oh. Seo-oh, who had raised his upper body following Nam-woon, tightly held onto the nape of Nam-woon’s neck and crashing their lips firmly together. The moist sounds from their lips echoed in the small room. Nam-woon pushed Seo-oh’s chest with all his might, but Seo-oh didn’t budge. In addition to the strange sensation, Nam-woon felt his body temperature rising and cold sweat trickling down his back.

    “This is insane. Isn’t this wrong?”


    [Side effects have occurred.]

    [Current state of Kwon Seo-oh: Excited >>>>> Stable]

    He did this believing that he could stabilize it, but the situation turned out to be more exciting instead. He felt like he was going to collapse.

    Nam-woon shut his eyes tightly and began to groan like Seo-oh had before. When he used to run a Taiyaki shop, there was a part-timer at the store. One day, when he bragged about his first kiss, out of curiosity, Nam-woon asked him. “How does it feel to kiss?” He answered Nam-woon’s question like this.

    “It just makes things a bit stiff down there.”

    He had asked about what it felt like but the answer he received was about something else. Nam-woon now deeply understood those words because his own son had also begun to gain strength.

    What, what the. No! Wake up, you bastard.

    But his mind and body had different opinions.



    This is not good. Nam-woon reached out and frantically searched around the blanket. He held a plastic bottle in his hand. Earlier, when he was looking for a suppressant, he had turned the house upside down, and a container that had contained rice had rolled over. Nam-woon, holding the slightly filled plastic bottle, lightly but quickly hit Seo-oh’s head with it.


    Seo-oh with a vacant look in his eyes, slightly pulled his lips away from Nam-woon’s and drool stretched thickly between their lips. In that moment, Nam-woon quickly slipped away from Seo-oh and crawled to the floor.

    I don’t know. Let’s run away.

    Feeling the threat of his chastity. Nam-woon has now thrown away any sense of responsibility. However, not even 5 seconds after he got up, a hot hand grabbed his right ankle.



    Seo-oh grabbed Nam-woon’s ankle and pulled him towards him. Nam-woon’s chin hit the floor with a thud. Nam-woon was dragged helplessly against the immense force that didn’t seem to come from a person in pain. Nam-woon shouted like a crazy person as Kwon Seo-oh pressed him down with all his might.

    “Hey, Kwon-Se-oh! It’s me! Don’t you recognize me? It’s Seok Nam-woon!”

    Nam-woon suddenly introduced himself and turned his head to look at Seo-oh. Seo-oh’s eyes were empty-looking. Nam-woon struggled and called out the system.

    “System! Hey! System!”

    [Yes, did you call me?]

    “Change it to stabilization quickly!”

    [Sorry, it’s not possible at the moment.]

    At that moment, something as hot and fiery as a pillar of fire brushed against Nam-woon’s waist. Nam-woon was startled.


    [Then, can I add one thing not included in Seok Nam-woon’s ??? gauge settings?]

    Doing a deal in this situation? Of course, this had to be the final villain. But Nam-woon didn’t care anymore.

    “Uh-huh! Do it!”

    [There is something very important missing from Seok Nam-woon’s ??? gauge settings at the moment. During this period, omegas and alphas actively engage in mating activities, but since Seok Nam-woon is not either, this setting was not included. That is Rut and Hea….]

    The words were long. Nam-woon twisted his body and pushed away Seo-oh’s face coming towards him with his palm. His bridge of his nose rubbed against Nam-woon’s palm frantically.

    “Okay! Do that, so stabilize it!”

    [If that’s what Seok Nam-woon desires, then I will do it.]

    [Adding settings….]


    [Additional setting complete! Cheers]

    Even though it was just adding settings, why does it feel like a celebration…? Something felt wrong, but Nam-woon didn’t have the luxury to pay attention to that.

    Seo-oh began licking Nam-woon’s fingers thoroughly. Nam-woon was on the verge of tears. What is this all about? This wasn’t what I intended to do.

    [Entering pheromone stabilization mode.]


    It was good news when he heard it but looking at Kwon Seo-oh’s condition, stability was out of the question. He still couldn’t grasp Nam-woon’s hand and his breathing was very rough. Below too, there was still momentum. In the end, Nam-woon picked up the plastic bottle rolling nearby and gently hit Seo-oh’s thigh.

    “Stop it now!”


    Seo-oh, clasping Nam-woon’s palm tightly with both hands, looked at him with a pitiful gaze and spoke.

    “You can’t do more…?”

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