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    “Are you crazy?”

    Nam-woon blurted out in surprise.

    “Putting the face aside, I don’t like guys who are bigger than me.”

    Nam-woon words trailed off. Seo-oh’s expression didn’t look too good. Being with him always felt like walking on thin ice, but today, for the first time in a long while, the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant. Moreover, ‘that Kwon Seo-oh’ had brought him home first and even treated the wound on his forehead, but with just one word about asking him if he was crazy, turned the mood sour.

    Did I overreact? He probably just threw out the question casually, and if I seriously answered that he was crazy, it would probably upset him.

    Nam-woon didn’t want to ruin this rare peaceful moment, so he decided to change the subject. Since it had come to this, he thought he might as well say something nice.

    Nobody dislikes being complimented. But he had no answer to Seo-oh’s question about his type. So Nam-woon vaguely responded.

    “Big guys are… fine, I guess. You don’t always have to say it out loud, do you?”

    Nam-woon’s awkward mumbling seemed to Seo-oh like he was embarrassed. It looked genuine, but Seo-oh had a more important question, so he probed him.


    Nam-woon tensed at Seo-oh’s sharp retort. Seo-oh asked the question he was most curious about.

    “I’m bigger than you, but you hate me, right?”


    “Is it because of my face?”

    What is he talking about? Who would hate that face?

    Honestly, Kwon Seo-oh’s face was perfect. Except for someone with a very unique aesthetic sense, no one would dislike that face.

    But regardless of the face or body, Nam-woon couldn’t tell Seo-oh why Seok Nam-woon hated him. He couldn’t expose the pettiness of the villainous Seok Nam-woon, who was envious of Seo-oh for being superior in every way, and it seemed like the system would throw a fit again.

    Seo-oh, unaware of Nam-woon’s situation, seemed to think this was the moment to ask difficult questions.

    “So, you bullied me because you don’t like my face?”


    I want to maintain a good relationship with you.

    At first, it was just to avoid a buried-alive ending, but now he felt a bit of kinship and pity.

    The bullying he suffered from Seok Nam-woon must have left deep scars on him. It was evident from what President Moon had said at the perfume shop. Even Nam-woon shuddered at the malicious words and actions that Seo-oh had endured repeatedly.

    Nam-woon wanted to tell Seo-oh that he wouldn’t do such despicable things anymore and that he quite liked him and wanted to get along well.

    But as for the current him…

    You said I leveled up. Isn’t that an error? Aren’t you going to do system maintenance?

    Instead of direct words aimed at Seo-oh, the current situation called for an answer suited enough to dodge the invisible demon in the air. Soon, Nam-woon put on a serious face and spoke.

    “Hey, listen carefully because I’m only going to say this once.”

    Seo-oh looked at Nam-woon as if to see right through him.

    “I like big things.”


    “You’re big, aren’t you? Big?”

    Seo-oh, who had been still for a while, slowly nodded affirmatively. Nam-woon also nodded and said,

    “Okay, is that answer good enough?”

    But whether it worked or not, Seo-oh looked at Nam-woon with a very burdensome gaze, then soon bowed his head deeply and fell into thought. Where is he looking now… As Nam-woon watched him anxiously, he heard a small murmur in his ear.

    “So that’s your taste.”

    I’m not sure what that taste is supposed to be, but it seemed somewhat convincing. Nam-woon relaxed his body, relieved that he had gotten over this hurdle.


    Seo-oh silently looked at Nam-woon’s feet for a while. Nam-woon thought there must be a hole in his socks from being stared at so intensely. Then Seo-oh suddenly spoke.

    “Did you hurt your shoulder too?”

    “No, my shoulder is fine.”

    “I’ll take a look.”

    “Ah, I said I’m fine.”

    Nam-woon had a brief tussle with Seo-oh. Just thinking about the show he put on in the office earlier about taking off his clothes made him want to kick the blankets in frustration and he absolutely didn’t want to take off his shirt again.

    “Se-han would be really happy to find out that you hurt your shoulder.”

    As expected of a smart guy, his learning ability was indeed excellent. Nam-woon hesitated but eventually reached for the button again.

    But the second button wouldn’t come undone easily. Looking down, it seemed that a thread had come loose from the button.

    “Let me do it.”

    It was the moment when Nam-woon and Seo-oh’s eyes met, and Seo-oh reached for Nam-woon’s shirt.


    “Hyung, I’m back!”


    Nam-woon’s body suddenly collided with the corner of the sofa. As soon as Se-han arrived, Seo-oh got up and headed toward Se-han after pushing Nam-woon aside.

    “You’re back?”

    Seo-oh, leaving Nam-woon behind him asked Se-han with a gentle tone,

    “How was your day today?”

    Se-han, looking at his older brother, replied with a deep sigh,

    “Hah, it was another tough day.”

    “I told you not to use words like that.”


    After letting out a playful sigh, Se-han set down his bag and entered the room. Se-han opened his already wide eyes as he looked at Nam-woon, who was already sitting in the corner.

    Se-han was wearing a white taekwondo uniform with a white belt tied firmly around his waist. From head to toe, the white clothes suited him so well that he looked like a promotional model for a taekwondo studio. Nam-woon greeted him warmly, standing up straight.



    Se-han glanced at Seo-oh’s expression and nodded his head once while standing in place.

    Hmm, why is he acting like that?

    Nam-woon was surprised when he saw Se-han not running towards him with a bright smile. They had clearly played well. Was it because of the prank he did in the restroom before? Nam-woon felt a bit disappointed that Se-han wasn’t as friendly as before, but he soon smiled. It was because he had something to make up for it.

    Nam-woon pulled out a shopping bag from the floor and took out some gifts.



    Se-han glanced at his brother and cautiously asked,

    “What’s this?”


    “Two puzzles I bought.”

    “…No, it’s okay.”

    Huh? Nam-woon thought Se-han would like them, but it seems not. Se-han glanced at the puzzle with an anxious look on his face but didn’t take it.

    “Why, don’t you like it? Should I get something else?”

    “…No, it’s okay.”

    Nam-woon was shocked. The puzzles didn’t appeal to him. It was a baseball player puzzle. Nam-woon had imagined Se-han’s happy reaction to them, but now his excitement has faded a little.

    At that moment, Seo-oh who had been observing them, handed something to Nam-woon. It was a round, egg-shaped object that resembled an egg.


    As Nam-woon looked at it in confusion, Seo-oh said,

    “Go outside and play for a moment.”

    “What the? Am I being left out?”

    Nam-woon, squatting in front of the vegetable garden, devoured the chocolate Seo-oh had handed him while gazing at the [tomatoes,tomatoes,tomatoes,tomatoes,tomatoes].

    Oh, there are a few ripe ones over there.


    Seo-oh, having successfully driven Nam-woon away with Se-han’s favorite chocolate, gently called out to Se-han, who was just staring at the floor.



    “I’m sorry about earlier.”


    “When I told you not to hang out with him anymore.”

    Se-han didn’t respond to Seo-oh’s words and kept touching the ear of the white puppy doll hanging from his backpack zipper. Seo-oh looked at it and continued.

    “I was worried that the guy might put you in danger.”

    Se-han blurted out,

    “But Wooni Hyung isn’t dangerous at all.”

    “Yeah, I know. I think so too. If Se-han wants to play with him, you can.”

    At those words, Se-han lifted his head. However, his expression wasn’t entirely happy. His large pupils shook uneasily.

    “Really…? Hyung, you won’t hate me?”

    “Why would I hate Se-han?”

    Seo-oh said, cupping Se-han’s small, chubby cheeks in his hands.

    “Actually, I’m still a little worried about Se-han playing with him. Maybe it’s because I love Se-han too much.”

    At Seo-oh’s words, Se-han’s lower lip quivered, and tears welled up in his eyes as he sniffled.

    “Hyung, uhuhu… I really, really love Hyung too.

    Seo-oh hugged Se-han tightly and apologized.

    “I think I didn’t understand Se-han’s feelings well enough. I’m sorry.”

    Se-han buried his face in Seo-oh’s neck, sobbing loudly.

    “No! Hyung, uhuhu, I’m more sorry, I did wrong… uhuhu… I’m the worst person in the world! I yelled at Hyung, sniff, said bad things… I’m really, really sorry, sniff, sorry, uhuhu… I love you too, uhuhu, I do.”

    Meanwhile, Nam-woon, who was secretly eating tomatoes, was startled and jumped up at the sudden sound of crying.

    What? Are those two fighting?

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