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    • Chapter

      Chapter 1 Part 1

      Chapter 1 Part 1 Cover
      by Canaan I didn't passionately love him. Like a worthless pebble hidden somewhere in my heart, he was always present within me at any moment of life. Every time my broken heart made a clattering noise, I was relieved that he was still there. I didn't need to discard him, whom I never possessed, so I didn't particularly love him. ...I didn't want to love. *** My lungs expanded as if they were about to burst, making it difficult to breathe. Ughh, aggh. I kept letting out a strange groan as if my throat was…
      KR • Mature • Modern • Regression • Transmigration
    • Story

      Zombie Cafe: Come See Me At 19:21

      Zombie Cafe: Come See Me At 19:21 Cover
      by Canaan Ki-hyeon found himself possessing a character from a zombie movie he had watched before.
      KR • Mature • Modern • Regression • Transmigration
    • Story


      SOG Cover
      by Springlila Will he be able to complete this project successfully as well?
      Guideverse • KR • Mature • Modern • Regression • Yaoi

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