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    • Story

      How to Avoid an SS-Rank Esper

      How to Avoid an SS-Rank Esper Cover
      by Brie No description provided yet.
      Guideverse • KR • Mature
    • Chapter

      ABM CH 1

      ABM CH 1 Cover
      by WhatTheFlo Chapter 1. That Guy Acts Strange Around Me Woo Yeonho was a strange guy. His actions were always full of incongruities, and everything about him, down to his very words, was pretentious. The problem was that I was the only one who knew this. With his handsome appearance, excellent grades, and a good family background, he had no worries and possessed a friendliness that spanned all ages. He was also outstanding in the arts, sweeping awards at school and external competitions. In short, he was a…
      KR • School/Campus • Shounen Ai
    • Story

      A Boy’s Admiration

      A Boy’s Admiration Cover
      by WhatTheFlo [Fox-like Gong X Rabbit-like Shou]
      KR • School/Campus • Shounen Ai
    • Story

      The Angel Does Not Wait for the Scale to Tip

      The Angel Does Not Wait for the Scale to Tip Cover
      by Canaan The archangel who waited over a thousand years for his lover who committed suicide. A sinner appeared before him with all memories lost.
      KR • Mature • Yaoi
    • Chapter

      OL Ch 0

      OL Ch 0 Cover
      by Aoi PROLOGUE As Kim Hayun took his first breath upon birth, Baek Mookyeong also drew his initial breath in this world at that precise moment. It's hard to define such moments accurately, but both Kim Hayun and Baek Mookyeong felt it distinctly due to their intertwined destinies. Kim Hayun was born as an esper. The moment he entered the world, nearby doors trembled as if paying homage, affecting not only fellow espers around him but also significantly influencing Baek Mookyeong despite not being an esper…
      KR • Modern • Yaoi
    • Story

      One Last

      One Last Cover
      by Aoi At the moment Kim Hayun took his first breath after birth, Baek Mookyeong also drew his first breath in this world. It was difficult to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but both Kim Hayun and Baek Mookyeong felt their connection from that instant. Bound by destiny, they shared every moment together. This intertwined life seemed perfectly natural to them.
      KR • Modern • Yaoi
    • Story


      July Cover
      by soapa After several brief and coincidental encounters over a long period, these repeated short meetings oddly became deeply embedded in Yeonwoo’s memory. One day, he met him again in the library. He thought it would be just another fleeting coincidence, but this time was different.
      KR • Yaoi
    • Story

      The Tiger That Heralds the Dawn

      The Tiger That Heralds the Dawn Cover
      by soapa The flawed heir of the esteemed tiger tribe, Cheon Ryubeom, the blemish of the celestial realm. He faces persecution and scorn from his clan due to being the offspring of a runaway heir and a human, enduring mockery and disdain. After failing in fox hunting and disrupting an important clan assembly, Cheon Ryubeom is on the brink of being expelled from the clan when he is given the task of solving strange phenomena nationwide as his last chance.
      KR • Shounen Ai
    • Story


      PEN Cover
      by Yannie If you can’t come to me, then I will go to you. “You’re all I have left now…”
      KR • Mature • Modern
    • Story


      BITM Cover
      by soapa The only half left, Han Naeyung, who lost his twin brother, lived for revenge. Then one day, a man appears with a dog from a dog fighting ring. Introducing himself as Jin, he approaches Han Naeyung without hesitation.
      KR • Mature • Psychological • Yaoi

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