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    • Story

      The Villain Doesn’t Want to be Noticed

      The Villain Doesn’t Want to be Noticed Cover
      by STAR While selling taiyaki (fish-shaped pastry), I suddenly found myself possessed by the villain from an adult BL novel.
      KR • Omegaverse • Transmigration
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      Dawnlight Cover
      by Brie No description provided yet.
      Guideverse • KR • Mature • Yaoi
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      TG Ch 0

      TG Ch 0 Cover
      by Canaan Prologue In the world of Espers and Guides, collectively known as Ability Users, there are also ordinary people. Baek Sijin was an ordinary person, but he had a lot to do with Ability Users. This was because he was a doctor who analyzed and supervised the bodies of Ability Users who protected the nation. It was natural for experts to be attached to valuable combatants to supervise them. An ID card waved through Baek Sijin's white gown. There was no energy in his steps as he walked down the…
      Guideverse • KR • Mature • Modern
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      Tesoro Of The Guide

      Tesoro Of The Guide Cover
      by Canaan Baek Sijin, who was appointed as a Diagnostic Examiner at the F12 Center where Esper Ham Geonwu — the savior of his life — was located, eagerly headed to work. However, little did he expect that an unexpected wall awaited him there.
      Guideverse • KR • Mature • Modern • Yaoi
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      TCTCL 2.4

      TCTCL 2.4 Cover
      by Canaan September of the year 564 of the Continental Era ❖ September 9th, a letter from Kael Clavis to Richard Elmyr Conduct a detailed investigation on Ian Wallace. Up to his fourth-degree relatives and also provide detailed weaknesses. – Kael Clavis * P.S. If there is a secluded location near the academy where a human corpse can be concealed without being discovered, recommend it to me. * P.P.S. Dearest friend?…
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      TCTCL 2.3

      TCTCL 2.3 Cover
      by Canaan September of the year 564 of the Continental Era ❖ September 7th, a letter from Euilde Elmyr to Richard Elmyr Dear elder brother, Please forgive me for taking away your time with my trivial worries, especially when you are already busy with household matters and your academic pursuits. However, I feel reluctant to confide in others about my concerns, so I had no choice but to seek advice from you, my esteemed brother. Elder brother, what is friendship? These past few days, I…
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      TCTCL 2.2

      TCTCL 2.2 Cover
      by Canaan September of the year 564 of the Continental Era ❖ September 1st, a letter from Richard Elmyr to Euilde Elmyr To our beloved youngest, Eui, Your kind-hearted nature seems to shine brighter with each passing day. It brings me happiness, but I must admit that I am already feeling jealous of who will take our youngest away. Your ability to extend a helping hand to the marginalized without discrimination deserves nothing but praise. I want to applaud you. Yes, continue to do so.…
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      The Warrior of the Namgung Clan Reincarnated in a Romance Fantasy

      The Warrior of the Namgung Clan Reincarnated in a Romance Fantasy Cover
      by Mei A tale of a martial artist reincarnated into a romance fantasy world and a prince who is suspiciously meek, navigating their way through the ups and downs of academy life and gradually succumbing to first love! 
      KR • School/Campus • Shounen Ai
    • Story

      Deeper and Deeper

      Deeper and Deeper Cover
      by Yannie You are the beginning and the end of the world.
      KR • Mature • Psychological
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      FF Cover
      by Chef Jhi Yeonwoo, who experienced the twists and turns of life at an earlier age than others, was running a small flower shop called ‘Flower Fiance’. He was a dominant Omega like a dominant Alpha, but due to some incident, Jhi Yeonwoo’s life, afflicted with pheromone deficiency, was no different from that of a Beta. One day, while he thought he would never be liked by anyone again. A man appeared in front of Jhi Yeonwoo. With a well-built physique and handsome appearance, he was an Alpha who looked extremely good in a black cashmere coat. “What flower is this?” “That’s a marigold. It’s also commonly known as a marigold. There are several varieties, but what you’re looking at is a calendula.” Even though he seemed unfamiliar with flowers at a glance, he showed interest in the flower language of calendula marigold, which had a negative meaning. “It’s supposed to hurt someone, not excitement.” The man who bought the marigold bouquet touched upon a painful memory that he had momentarily set aside. Jhi Yeonwoo thought it was just a passing encounter, but the man appeared in front of him again after a few hours. “By any chance, does this store offer any benefits for VIPs?” Introducing himself as Choi Muhyuk, the man asked, “Can things like having a meal or a drink be possible?” Dragging Jhi Yeonwoo in with unexpected words and actions…
      KR • Mature • Omegaverse

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